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Kay Fischabch Feb 17
A clear sound of nature
with a faint call of duty
Something inside begins
to become alive

acknowledge being desperate
doesn't suits anyone well
To speak in clear and confident
notes makes every soul coming
to an rest, what the one or other might
be searching for in this world of stress.

Where time is scarcity and coping
with reality can sometimes hurt.
If doesn't taken with careful steps
the feet might walk backwards
or crash straight through your chosen
celestial path, that should bring peace
once this energy depletes. The power
can't keep ones head up all the time, so
trust yourself that you wont let yourself
silly to dwell where pain settles itself
Having a picture of your dream reality
helps yourself, as it knows what to strive for (24/7)

And knowing single steps it here to progress
conscious and efficient.

Know, I really love to trust my unconscious,
my heart beating. The whole world looks golden to me.
You will see, I hope
Feel with me
Faith Power Courage
This is just to summarise
Then there is much more to come.
Balance and trust. Building a foundation
Acquiring every day something new I lost
Starting to understand everything will be alright.

I still got myself and that's all I need
I start to feel comfortable about the fact that
I got much more than yesterday. Feed my mind daily

And one day. It will be complete. To give it to someone else.
Fool's paradise end.
See the Outsiders scared and uncertain what hit the quarter.

A half of em burned tonight. To never cry, lalalalaaa

Need some water daily. Feed my soul with blood. Consciously trust my unconscious to help me.

Grow, ******* heal
Feel it so vividly. Concentrate. Build! Power! Never fall back. I want beauty
Kay Fischabch Jan 11
41 moments of tricky thoughts
41 moments to let go
Rest in Power / Long live the free / The pressure and the weight on mine molded this diamond; nah, it was always here. Time to shine again ...
Kay Fischabch Dec 2018
I gonna be a Superstar, Supermodel, Superunnoticed, Superme, will be alright.
Kay Fischabch Dec 2018
Still in the water.
Atleast not drowning.
Never again.
Amen to you Noval
You know, I float *******
a bit madness
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