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YUKTI Aug 14
I have been wearing the ocean all-day
With the salty water of denied piled up thoughts, unsaid words and unexpressed emotions, painful yet invisible wounds, and endless but dried tears.
I am thrilled about the feeling when the power of this misery will turn these massive tides into a tsunami, ends up everything which is left of me.
Jul 28 · 22
YUKTI Jul 28
Walking in the rain, without an umbrella
Such nights can be Therapy or suffering

For my body, this is the remedy
Every drop soaks my skin, helps me feel.
the serenity of dripping water is like chill runs through my spine.
mazarine color of sky relaxed my heavily breathing body.

For my soul, it is the misery
Amplifying even every tiny pain,
The Rain havoc and its thundering noise
annihilates the existence of the surrounding world.
Screams of my tormented spirit are becoming audible to me.
The scars gifted from this world started bleeding again.
May 9 · 48
feeling hiraeth in me,
having a battle every day for
living in a world where I don't belong,
Life was never as easy as they told,
As the first ray of sun
Touches the earth,
The battle begins
Daily we meant to be covered
In another layer of expectations
Molded by the pressure of society
To be the "perfect piece of art"
All the chaos of competition, force us to be
In our comfort zone,
The feeling hiraeth in me,
having a battle every day!
HIRAETH means homesickness or nostalgia
Apr 25 · 71
YUKTI Apr 25
I still hear your flirting voice
In that train journey
You filthy stranger with a breathtaking smile.

Sitting on my seat on my cellphone screen
I suddenly notice a sharp gaze
Oh, it was you
A boy with black dusky hair, in beachy shirt and shorts.

You felt like "a little sun" to me in between those "cold wintery" people
When you spoke, finally breaking the silence.
Your sugary words, made the surrounding smells like a marshmallow.

Your way of talking is too smart as well as silly
Opens a door to a different crazy world forme.
always a very poised girl was laughing like a cute drunkard,
Is that you or your appearance or your voice that makes me high.

I looked for you
In every new person, I met
But as the moon in the early morning,
You had disappeared.

now with the hope, it will be you,
Let's meet strangers, in another train journey to worth remembering.
a short writeup on train journey
Dec 2019 · 39
YUKTI Dec 2019
Thoughts are running through the mind
Controlling my emotions and actions.

Unexpressed thoughts have a tighter grip over my brain than my own self.

This "not so firm" grip is turning into fire
And is slowly slowly burning my emotions into ashes.

This is exactly what happens when I am not able to write.
Jul 2019 · 137
YUKTI Jul 2019
Yes they are sad and perhaps they make people sad too

Few say stay away from negative people, their influence is a curse

Yeah they are like blade they cut flesh and create wounds

Yeah, their talking is alike saltwater on that nasty wound.

If they pour their heart out, they are attention seekers
They are a failure because they can't help themselves from drowning in their own mind.

But are these people different from me and you?
Jul 2019 · 65
YUKTI Jul 2019
The inertia is killing me

Not only because things didn't turn out as I planned
But I have started losing hope for my peace
Or I shall work more hard before things I hold would get a release.

Will I be ever able to see the road I am walking with this existing fog around me,
Or this blurred vision would decrease all my chance to see?
May 2019 · 528
it's okay
YUKTI May 2019
It's okay to feel sad
Trust me it's not that bad
It means you are healing
Because you started feeling.

It's okay to trace
fingers on your blister
It is evidence of your
strength that you foster.

It's okay to stand single
Being in the crowd can be a tingle
Hate from unknown hurts, its true,
But love from known can destroy you.
May 2019 · 96
thought bubble
YUKTI May 2019
If I could paint my thought bubbles.
They will be full of color no bleaker.

I would use pastels for my dreams
&Some darker strokes of grey for good reality

If I could write my thought bubbles
They will be full of happiness and positivity.

I would write in calligraphy for beautiful destiny
& Highlight things are deserved.

I wish I could built my thought bubble.
Apr 2019 · 193
YUKTI Apr 2019
Sometimes all I want to hear is
Move on baby, we will back you up.

Sometimes all I want to know is
You are here being a rock to cover me up

sometimes all I want to be recalled is
stick around for the rainbow to come after the painful rain.

Sometimes all I want to have a sleep
It can be in bed with roses or a well-decorated coffin.
Mar 2019 · 69
YUKTI Mar 2019
I used to play Holi
I remember when my mum painted my moustache in my sleep and I woke up laughing,
starting like this, ending with fun and tons of laughter and memories!!
Those days were good and stress-free!
Then with childhood, my affection for holy ended.

By the way happy Holi to all !!
Mar 2019 · 93
YUKTI Mar 2019
I met a broken soul with a happy face
A hint of sadness in her is not easy to trace.
Are there any amends for what we did to her
or maybe any pang of grief just gets blur.

Call her brave or coward is nearly bygones
now she left the place where she used to belong.

she now became the last ray before sunset
nearly drift off, when she feels herself like a threat.
Feb 2019 · 103
gap filler
YUKTI Feb 2019
she is like the word everyone
puts in dotted lines in the fill in the blanks..
That word completes the sentence and gives it a meaning,
but remains a gap filler!
Feb 2019 · 459
happy valentine's day
YUKTI Feb 2019
I kept sneezing today
So someone asked "what happen"

"I am allergic to something"


#i guess it's the love, in the air"

Feb 2019 · 60
Loneliness sounds like
YUKTI Feb 2019
Loneliness sounds like -

Something soothing,
Or maybe my favorite songs
Or maybe the silence where I found peace
Or maybe the beat on which I can dance my soul out.
Or just the voice of whom who truly care about me.
Jan 2019 · 126
take me to the moon
YUKTI Jan 2019
Taking my hand, gripping it firmly
make your heart lead me to the moon.
Take me with you in each step having never-ending talks..
More like "You speak I listen"
Or like talks that make less sense

Take me to the moon..

Watching the blurred world clear without our spectacles
is not only what i desire
but also to dance without any music
or you to read my unsaid thoughts
so take me to the moon.

Not only the beautiful dawn while living under the same sky
but also the star and earth
so take me to the moon

Your tiny gesture and small soft nature towards me
Makes my world a fairy tale in few seconds
To change my reality into a fairy tale

Take me to the moon..
Jan 2019 · 135
क्या कभी
YUKTI Jan 2019
आंधियों की आँखों में कही
एक शांत नीला सा आसमाँ देखा है.,
गहरे समुंदर के दिलों में कही
एक सुनहरी सुबह सा आकाश देखा है.

बेशुमार चलती सड़कों पर कोई
अकेला सा इंसान देखा है,
अनंत सितारों से भरे आकाश
में गहरा सा अंधकार देखा है.

अपनी आँखों को मूंद अपने
मस्तिष्क का बनाया हुआ एक संसार सा देखा है,
क्या कभी रेगिस्तान के मुसाफिर का
मृगतृष्णा से मुकम्मल सा प्यार देखा है|
Dec 2018 · 179
YUKTI Dec 2018
My Pen is filled
with ink and feeling,
It helps me to pour
my heart & helps me in Healing.

My heart skips a beat
when the thought came
in my mind like whine,
what if it denied to drop a line.
YUKTI Dec 2018
While I lay quiet still in the dark
Ashes of my cigarette
Spread all around in the ground

While I lay quiet still in the dark
I think that maybe I am that touch
Of wind that destroys the castle of cards.

While I lay quiet still in the dark
Eyes closed and slowly sipping wine
With fingers moving on the rim of the glass.

Nov 2018 · 380
I remained silent
YUKTI Nov 2018
I remained silent
somewhere I had feelings for you
deep inside I know you had someone else
and I being introvert and living in a shell.
Anyway, I remained silent!

you know that I have never stopped talking
I just stopped texting you first
and there was a reason because
I felt I was knocking on a wrong door.
Anyway, I remained silent!

Nov 2018 · 78
YUKTI Nov 2018
All those wounds make my heart porous,
Day by day all feelings are leaking through it.

But today the last drop of emotion left my heart for nothing but to make it hollow!!
Nov 2018 · 353
YUKTI Nov 2018
Agreed that the darkest place is always under the burning lamp.

but, the jubilant feeling one gets by burning
his own self to give away the light is peerless!
YUKTI Oct 2018
In my dream, I wrote a poem on you.

Oh may be

on your perfect smile and the way it simply falls on your pink lips.

Or on your black sparkling eyes, who seem like swimming in water of innocence.

Or on those silent lips whispering some unsaid stories in my ears

Or the way you caught me accidentally staring at you and creating a whole different world in my mind

Or on that perfectly made hair that looks cute on you,
Me running my fingers through.

Or on that only picture of ours we looked super cute, and in all those memories I caught from the only time I get to be as near you as can..

Oh god, In my dream I wrote a poem on you

But I desire to make this dream true, but the ***** for changing this into reality is somewhere missing,
It was only there where the courage to talk to you belongs.
just some romantic stuff:)
Oct 2018 · 54
YUKTI Oct 2018
Today I saw two unknown people dancing together.
to this dancefloor of street..
The atmosphere had something
Somewhat spark or
Love or
Full of enthusiasm
& Purity.
It felt like someone lived a life in few minutes.
The music already died
but the dance didn't.

They seemed crazy and fully away from this world
Their mind was only into the fun they were having.

Guess who are they

Okay! They were an old man and a little child..©yukti
Oct 2018 · 183
i want to run away
YUKTI Oct 2018
I want to run away.
No, not with you
Ah! not with you
But away from all of you.

I want to run away
In this heavy rain
What I will gain
Is this only pain.

I want to run away
From all these lies
Before the time flies
Away in the skies.

I want to run away
To the way of the spark
Away from all the dark
To create a new benchmark.
Sep 2018 · 349
YUKTI Sep 2018
what if I stopped believing in you ??

All your blessings will turn into a curse.
All your sympathy will make me worse.

What if You mold my heart of glass accordingly,

All my life I will remain coward.
All my self-love will be shattered.

What if I will be happy seeing you leaving

All our love will be till the dawn.
All our special bond will be broken down..

What if you would be the toxic water poured over a flower like me.
Sep 2018 · 61
YUKTI Sep 2018
till when I am gonna remain inside a bud
I know the world's influence forces me to be
but God gave me two options
whether to bloom or to die.

I know it is much pain to decide to survive
but how can you see the beautiful corals without a dive?
Aug 2018 · 84
YUKTI Aug 2018
My heartfelt the sudden weight when I saw you
seating inside the car and waving goodbye to me.

I knew that this time had to come,
and believed "I am strong, I'll handle it".

but the awkward silence after you leave,
makes me cry.

yeah, I remember I being rude to you.
all the time.
BUT in return
you always guarded me,
protected me,
supported me,
tried to understand me &
even made me laugh.

but I never even tried to be nice to you,
and it is not because you are not good but
because I don't want to be like you.
I am afraid of being one.. "the nice one"

but today I failed my rude behavior. so yes you are going far.
so bye, and I apologize for being worst sister ever.
#letter #hellopoetry
Aug 2018 · 343
independence is a mirage
YUKTI Aug 2018
Independence is a mirage
If We are watering a dried corsage.

Dead Flowers of color and caste
Eventually dividing us by its blast.

It seems mirage till we reach
And realize what we were seeing is not water but just sand.

Independence is a mirage
Until we stop the following Entourage.

Making our nation our priority
Give our motherland some authority

Then see the perfect change
Till then independence is a mirage
Aug 2018 · 61
YUKTI Aug 2018
It's Not about you forgot to wish me this Friendship day,
it's about you forgot the importance of our bond.

It hurts, it really does.
so, on the so-called day of friendship, I am ending one!!

It's not about I can't text you first Every time,
It's about I can't beg you to stay

so, on the so-called day of friendship, I am ending one!!

Aug 2018 · 62
happy friendship day
YUKTI Aug 2018
I was not knowing that my shadow can walk along,
hand in hand until you came into my life.

Happy friendship day friend.
Jul 2018 · 59
YUKTI Jul 2018
Sometimes you have
no one to tell what
you are feeling inside;


Sometimes you have
everybody but not words
to share your feeling!!
Jul 2018 · 84
YUKTI Jul 2018
After many years of togetherness .
They asked ..
You both are suffering
You both are in pain
You both cry in the night
So why are you guys still together???

I replied after taking a deep breath,
Yes we suffer , but they seemed as beautiful moments which kept us closer

Yes , we are in pain but still our hands are entangled

Yes we cry in the night , but morning starts with kisses .
So I think true love is like this only ,
We have our problems , our issues , our tear stains , but it seems meaning less what the matter is , in the end we are together!!
Romantic work
Jul 2018 · 74
YUKTI Jul 2018

Though I am afraid of height because.. what if I fall!
But since now I am at the peak of mountain I felt a little tall.

The cold breeze firmly toughened the earring I was flaunting,
Whispered "I guess this is the peace you always wanted!".

At the top of the hill
Sun directly saw in my eyes ,
And said
"Hey, tell me everything that made your heart like ice!".
Jun 2018 · 78
YUKTI Jun 2018
My journey towards you
is like a *****.

Everytime I thought to
run away from you
I ended up slipping  
in your arms..❤❤
Random thought..
Your comments are always appreciated.
Jun 2018 · 86
YUKTI Jun 2018
I’m a strong person. But do you know what makes me cry over and over again?

It's when I give my best but life always says
'bad luck,try again'!!
Jun 2018 · 140
YUKTI Jun 2018
So when it gets cold and dark remember,
There can be light and heat by Ember.

Stand and lighten the fireplace,
And let dark memories to erase.

Sit ,have a tea ,this is the moment gou  needs to cherish,
This is the place where you can see yourself flourish.
Jun 2018 · 151
YUKTI Jun 2018
The heaviness you are feeling inside your chest everyday

Is it because of you are swaying on water
Or is because of the water you are holding under your specs.
The weight of water.
Jun 2018 · 114
Describe yourself
YUKTI Jun 2018
I never understood the unsaid words.
I slipped while walking on the street and laughed like a fool.
I talked with myself more than people around me.
I made everyone laugh on my silly jokes
And let them believe I am very funny and happy.
That's what I am
May 2018 · 158
Tell me
YUKTI May 2018
Just tell me who I am to you

Not like a heap of words
But just an epitome

This would be enough,
For me to live.

Just before you are leaving,
Your voice for the last time.

Not like a song with violin
But just a ditty!

This would be enough.
May 2018 · 381
YUKTI May 2018
Like a bird he flies
to achieve his desire
high in the sky.

I stayed stand on the
Keeping his desires in my heart!
Your comments are always appreciated
May 2018 · 246
YUKTI May 2018
I sat on the window in my room
the heavy gusts force the very last leaf of autumn to fall.

I was watching it thinking my life is same as the last leaf,

We both  took it all so silently,
"Each action hurt me like a crushed glass piece all over my hand.
And for that leaf, each action force her to end her life."
We both have wounds not with red blood or scratches but with transparent tears and lifeless soul.

But somehow I had hopes cause the last leaf hasn't fallen yet.

As the time passes, I began to sulk in the crowd,
I started feeling like a cloud keeping storms within me.

And one day I wake up and saw the last leaf of the autumn finally fall.
Your comments are always appreciated.
May 2018 · 282
Flower without petal
YUKTI May 2018
I am a flower without petal desires for the aroma

But he is fragrance paved in a bottle

We both are incomplete without each other.
May 2018 · 184
YUKTI May 2018
I know it was not your mistake that I misunderstood your palsy-walsy as love.
It was not your mistake we met once but got attached very soon.
It was not your mistake I thought I am special for you, cause you were same for everyone.
It wasn't your mistake at all.

It was all mine!
Your comments are always appreciated.
May 2018 · 202
dagger of glare
YUKTI May 2018
I love when you just cross me with a dagger of a glare,
our eyes finally meet
but then the thought of the gloomy world
who never lets us meet forces me to turn myself!
Your comments are always appreciated.
May 2018 · 180
YUKTI May 2018
है परवर्दीगार मुझे फकत सुकून की दो गज जमीन अता फरमा

भटकते हुए बीती जिंदगी , एक पवित्र रोशनी दिखी जैसे तेरा इशारा हो
पड़ा , जीया, दौलत कमाई पर लगा जैसे फिजूल जीवन गुजरा हो

सेवा की, सहारा दिया , अमीरों के साथ बड़ा वक्त जिया
फिर भी दिल ने बेचेनी का कड़वा घुट हर पल पिया

थक कर एक दिन तेरे दर पर लेने जवाब आई
बिछा आसन श्रद्धा से तेरे चरणों मे आँखे बिछाई

महसूस किया कि पा ,ली थी दो गज जमीन जँहा मैं बैठी थी
वो सुकून की परछाई तेरे शरण में रहती थी
May 2018 · 417
Battle with inner me
YUKTI May 2018
I am walking in the hot summer wind
But I am shaking because the flowing tears were chilled.

My heart is running fast
And my head is aghast.

Hands are not free but held in the tight fist
I am afraid of seeing my bleeding wrist.

I feel someone's hand on my forehead
“Wake up sweety it was just a bad dream.”

My head is covered with sweat
But the firm hand of my mum abet.

In The battle with inner me
Days after days she wins
Today is the golden day cause I win..
Your comments are always appreciated.
May 2018 · 407
The time is ripe
YUKTI May 2018
Come on all my common to important ones, get up the time is ripe
My crowned head tears are needed to wipe.

the time is ripe It's the time of Abendrot.
It can be wielded cause Sun is not set yet.

The sun of humanity,
the sky of dignity,
But the sunset is not so far.

Seated in the empty room andJust watching the hours tick by tick tock! tick tock!
This is not why we all are born by the almighty for.

I am your motherland, I always used to  remember my martyr spunky warriors,
That time I saw pain all over because of the foreign attack but deep in heart I felt saved cause my son is there as a barrier.

But my pulse has frozen when I see no Patriotism nowadays.
Ok Not for me but for your real and loved ones
get up, the time is already ripe!
Your comments are always appreciated.
Apr 2018 · 230
FOOD for the SOUL
YUKTI Apr 2018
Someone has stolen my food,
Which I saved and made for my soul.

My soul is starving,
And the mind is crying.

I suddenly started asking for help,
I fell on the floor and yelp.

My soul is dying for the food
And I started feeling guilty for being so rude.

The stolen food was not fruits, vegetables or ice creams,
But they were my wishes desires and dreams.
Your comments are always appreciated.
Apr 2018 · 88
YUKTI Apr 2018
do not make
too many memories
with someone.

Their absence
will eat you
from inside!!
Your comments are always appreciated.
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