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Oct 25 · 175
A Greater Love
I remember the dust stuck in time,
The pink ruffled dress I wore in a sea of black.
I remember the stares and the tears.
But most of all I remember your smile and the love.
I will never forget you.
Though we exist in different worlds.
Not even death is enough to tear apart this bond.
Oct 25 · 47
Vibrancy is a gift
one that can leave you left adrift
such benevolence creates a rift
a mind has made a shift
May 17 · 101
Necessary Cage
A body,
Made to trap my mind.
May 17 · 251
As the last grain hits the glass basin,
I know it was all for nothing.
May 13 · 174
Addicted to Sadness
I'm an addict,
my weak mind succumbed by the allurement of sadness.
A strong emotion with enough power to fill me up with something.
A starved stomach craves the feeling of being full.
And I've never been a picky eater.
May 13 · 375
Garden of Gloom
The grooves of a grave.
The gruesome gurgle of the ground.
May 13 · 181
Staring at my own Grave
Green masks my grotesque face.
Saggy skin, abandoned by life.
May 13 · 262
You're gone
A soul's vacant shell,
under newly upturned soil.
May 12 · 1.7k
You cannot frame the oceans waves.
Forever changing,
vibrant blue -- ever-changing into deeper shades of understanding.
A never changing struggle between the sand and the water.
I am the ocean -- blue.
May 7 · 218
Crazy is Fluid
A glitch, changing certainty into turmoil.
Myriad of thoughts that unhinge doors.
The lines of sanity are blurred,
Bridges are falling, stranding me.
The ice is thinning,
And I'm alone,
Pretending to skate.
May 7 · 160
What is Within
Dripping-- leaving trails of satin misery upon fair skin.
Pools of shallow reflect the monstrosity I've become.
Apr 29 · 70
I Am My Enemy
Mind-- inveigling me into anachronistic thoughts.

Self betrayal, stings the most, and cuts the deepest.
Apr 29 · 65
My Breaking Point
Warm desire.

Just nearly boiled over.
Apr 29 · 74
A seductive appeal.

Leaving it all behind.

Tempting like a mistress.

Being selfish.
Apr 29 · 550
Moon Kisses
Dew drops placate
the hungry grass

Sun--breaking night's serenity
leaving us forgetting ebony

Fire bugs breathing
in star luminance

Moon--who prefers to assuage
lovingly dims the Sun's immanent rage
Apr 29 · 187
Your Words
"Love is leverage."

Now I'm left longing.
Apr 28 · 1.1k
Fake Girl
Mirrors like to lie.
Reflecting a 'girl'.
An image of an old self,
a mannequin.
Apr 28 · 207
Bleeding Out
Knives impaling frail muscles.
Their weight becomes,
Much to cumbersome.
Why must you dissect every blemish upon me?
I am not who I appear to be.
Hereditary nonsense blinds your shallow opinions.

I will not allow myself to be shamed for something I did not create.
My body is deceitful, and vile.
It fools you with the same trickery,
showing you something that means nothing.

They struggle to piece together opinions with so little information.
Two categories.
Labels easy to bestow, and nearly impossible to remove.

Your poor vision makes you cruel.
Apr 28 · 635
Not Beautiful
Might your eyes see me,
they will not shout,
Apr 28 · 109
Porcelain eyes,
Shrapnel like tears.
Apr 28 · 297
Siren's Song
Sweet soothing words,
an attempt to mask
back stabbing deceit.

You watch my life,
stain the carpet red.
Apr 24 · 762
Devil's Exception
All the beauty in the world envies you.
Yet you offer out a hand to any who may need it.
Holy beings dance to your melodies,
songs so soothing they cure a broken heart.
The ground around you sparkles with a myriad of blossoms.
Words so sweet satan himself shows you compassion.
Your silky golden hair eclpises the shine of all precious treasures.
I never knew love could be filled with such certainty.
Apr 24 · 601
A Pearl
A pearl encased in a grotesque shell.
An unknown beauty.
Apr 24 · 335
Mystery Man
Sheathed in golden mist,
mysterious and alluring.
Apr 23 · 776
The Last Page
The inevitable end,
evidence of my souls journey.
Apr 23 · 559
Raven's Coat
Hopes of a future never to come pass.
Cutting of thread leaving a trail of red.
Comforting lies, take on vengeance’s plasse.
Callow certainty leading my bloodshed.

Essence refusing change, oil and water.
Dripping maroon, satisfies my sweet tooth.
Lost track of my goal, now it's a slaughter.
Enciphered desire, immiscible youth.

As I let go sorrow’s waters -- forlorn,
See me with your purest eyes, unerring
Touch of a mother’s hand, I am reborn.
Sins, a raven’s coat, heavens are glaring.

And as I lay my vision ridden red,
How foolish to lead to one’s own bloodshed.
this is my first sonnet (I did it without the iambic pentameter because I'm still learning)
Apr 16 · 317
Cycle of Hate
Poppies grown rosy,
from my comrades souls.
Stained red with their own murderous goals.

Their life force ****** dry, and now it flows,
Into the soil through the meadows.

Crowns of lead bullets adorn many a 'hero's' head.
Many a crying widow and widower longing for the dead.

Young daughters and sons who stand on their fallen's bed.
This is where the everlasting hate is spread.
Apr 13 · 42
Soft oak eyes,
I hear rustling leaves when you meet my gaze.
Magnificent branches wrap around you.
Perched musicians who chirp mesmerizing tunes, ******* me in like a siren's song.
I see you through my purest eyes,
For not to corrupt your pristine haze.
Your beauty is a maze.
I'm lost
Apr 13 · 293
My Heart is a Fireplace
Burning of rage,
Desperately trying to mask
The embers of passion
I can't help but feel.
Apr 13 · 114
Cool autumn breeze,
Crisp like leaves.
Cinnamon hair,
Skin so fair.
Now I am here,
But you're nowhere near.
If only a tear,
Could bring back you dear.
Apr 13 · 169
Thin walls,
My concert hall of sorrow.
Drowning in shallow water,
so undeserving yet needy.

Save me.
Mar 24 · 284
Sugar Crash
Candy wrappers,
Dripping red.
Gum drop purple knees.
Mar 24 · 291
The Bug Collector
Legs more fragile than glass.
You pluck them off one by one.
This is why the other kids keep their distance.
Messy hair and stained white shirts.
The laughing stock of this tiny stage.
Stare at your feet,
Velcro sketchers covered in sand.
Mar 24 · 211
Drown out the laughs with your own internal screams.
Now you wish for that undervalued state of oblivion.
Feb 24 · 341
6 Step Survival
1.Wake up and drag yourself out of your comfort.
2. Put on your persona of the day, channel what you lack until it feels real.
3. Force yourself to speak, you wouldn't want to be left alone.
4. Crawl back into your comfort and waste away in your room.
5. Try to sleep, block out the thoughts, plead with the voices for a moment of silence.
6. Repeat.
Just get through it.
Feb 24 · 393
Define: Love
To be loved is to be stripped down to your core. Until the truth is exposed and you're an open book.
And then be accepted.
Not for the persona you created, or the fake meaningless words you use to impress, not the clothes you wear, the way you part your hair, or anything of the sort.
But to be accepted in your pure state of self truth.
That is love.
accept me
Feb 24 · 175
I feel the pressure of your achievements weighing me down.

A boat cannot sail forward with its anchor in the sand.

I wish to cut the chain and let the anchor sink,

Because the ocean is to big to stay here forever.
Feb 23 · 268
Sometimes they yell,


And I listen,

"Listening is the polite thing to do."
Feb 23 · 99
The Green Velvet Chair
I used to see you,
On the green velvet chair.
You sat beside your ashes,
Legs crossed.

I was scared of you,
No matter how strong my love was,
It was drown out,
By the terror.
I'm sorry
Feb 23 · 190
My person
How ironic,
To write poetry
That speaks of
As if it were a familiar friend.
I write the thoughts to large and complex to store in my head alone.
I have not yet found
'My person.'
But I write as if we have known eachother forever.
In the end there is no one for me.
But until hope is lost,
I write about you.
A person that I haven't met.

My person.
I love you, whoever you are.
Feb 23 · 712
Her perfect smile,
Shines brighter than his.
But he is what everyone expects I want.
He is what everyone expects I need.
But she is so beautiful,
She's everything I desire.
I wonder if she ever sees me
Thinks the same.
Feb 23 · 145
You're scent is best forgotten.
Yet I remember your cinnamon hair,
Everytime the breeze carried the warm smell to my nose I smiled.
Because it meant you were still there with me.
We weren't in love,
Because we are and were,
too young to be having such big emotions.
But I know that whenever I catch the scent of cinnamon on an afternoon autumn breeze.

I will remember you.
Will you remember me?
Feb 23 · 239
My stomach hurdles over these seemly Insignificant tasks.
With every attempted hop I stumble.
Something as simple as washing dishes feels insufferable.
The bubbles don't hug me as they did when I was smaller.
They mock me knowing that I cannot do something so simple.
Life is a river and I'm just a twig along for the treacherous ride.
I'm swept away.
My feet cannot provide me stability, they don't root themselves into the soil like everyone else does,
Feb 23 · 216
Sins that track blood across black and White pages.
Staining everything with deep Burgundy.
These events leave a bitter aftertaste.
The familiar taste of guilt.
But instead of atoning,
You sugarcoat the evil doings,
That you find,
Hard to swallow.
Feb 21 · 594
My Promise
"Become perfect."
My eyes are glazed over
Delicate glass tears blur my vision
I promise."
Feb 16 · 211
Silent Applause
My emotions feel synthetic
Fake feelings from a fake persona that I crafted to please you
If only I could live for myself
But I'm acting in a play
One without an audience
So who am acting for?
In those moments alone where I wail Who am I doing this for?
Constantly reinventing myself
But why?
I wish I could be free of this theatre
I hunger for the curtains to close
For the blazing lights to dim
And to sense the silent applause
Die out.
Feb 16 · 192
When you left
I presumed I would fall back into my abysmal void
But life moves on.
The sun still rises without you next to Me.
The world doesn't wither away.
I'm stronger than you thought
I'm stronger than I thought.
life moves on
Feb 16 · 177
If I could see your true colors would you be a deep maroon or a lime green?
Would we mix and create a beautiful purple or create a muddy puddle that echoes "we don't belong together"
I wish that I could see your colors
then maybe
I could understand
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