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Yemaya 7d
Dear stranger,

when I was crying on a park bench in the rain, why did you offer out an umbrella? Every other stranger had rushed away as if tears were contagious, but you welcomed mine. Why did you go a step further to ask what's wrong? When not even those I know care to ask. We sat there in the rain until my words stopped and the clouds cleared. Why did you reach for my hand when I left? Are you too in need of a listening ear? I have known you for hours yet I feel with you I am safe, you have a stability about you, like a strong shape. Yet a roundness as well, a softness. If I believed in instant love, you would be mine.

With love,
the person crying on the park bench,
Yemaya 7d
Mellifluous red noises
flow out from a violin like arm
with a bow of steel
and a song of death
Yemaya Jun 21
He grabbed my thigh
I removed his hand --- I had to try
he just made his grip fortified
what did I expect --- he's a bad guy
but now my interest is bone-dry
I'm leaving him behind, along with his lies
always visiting with black eyes
always something gone awry
I'm sick of having to pry
you continued to pretend to clarify
your dumb alibis
Yemaya Jun 21
i feel most alone in a room full of people
each with a life that i will never touch
each with a story i will never understand
Yemaya Jun 21
the last time i felt wanted
i was eight
this feeling is haunted
having died many years ago
Yemaya Jun 21
her iris leaked its blue
out the socket
and onto the concrete

dandelions round them
but not one
could wish away
the girls tear
Yemaya Jun 21
She longed for his lips
instead the only thing she kissed
was her seventh cigarette
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