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B Dec 2018
I’m a child of the moon, it knows everything about me. It sees my most vulnerable parts. The parts of me that the sun will never be able to see.
It doesn’t make sense to me, I’m scared of the dark.
But I guess you really do keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.
B Dec 2018
It was like I was two people at the same time.
No one noticed me, no one ever listened.
But at the same time I was the one that couldn’t keep my mouth shut and I was liked by many.
I didn’t really know how to act. Should I scream or suffer in silence?
B Dec 2018
I remember every touch, every word, every kiss, every moment.
I remember our phone calls, our jokes.
I remember everything we did.
I kind of want to forget, but at the same time I don’t.
When I look back now I see every embarrassing thing I did, the memories are haunting me.
Somewhere deep inside of me I wish I never met you....
B Nov 2018
This country.
This city.
This neighborhood.
This house.
This room.
This bed.
I don’t feel like I belong here.
B Nov 2018
I moved 300 miles away from you.
You didn't care about me, until the week before I left.
I meant everything. I went from nothing, to everything. What were you thinking?
You can't **** with my emotions like that. You knew exactly how I felt. But you still did it. Who does that?
The feelings between us may not have been real, but to me they were perfect.
I thought we felt the same, but I ended up crying in the arms of my mother.
B Nov 2018
I want to disappear.
not physically, but mentally.
I don't want anyone to know me.
it would be so easy.
B Oct 2018
she disappeared.
in a second she was gone.
without a word.
without a goodbye.
I knew I would see her again.
goodbye means forever.
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