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Xileblue Apr 2019
As I ascend higher now into the light the ink the surrounds me blackens to night
When will I reach my zenith a high note followed by a somber bass a diamond forged by trouble pasts. You must be stronger now you hear they are not strong enough to do what's feared. A lonely road to walk becomes you. You'll die if you speak I'll die if I stay that time is over now so come and let's pray.
  Apr 2019 Xileblue
I thought the only way to be to **** was

The length of our hairs

Or the width of our torsos

Even the shape of our fingernails

And most of all, the digital weight

Of our entire being

Two decades have passed

And the surest thing I know in this world

Is that I never liked math.
  Apr 2019 Xileblue
Have you looked into the mirror lately?
Or do you only see your reflection
Taunting you in the bath water
Moments before you sink the blade
Deep into your wrists
Oh sad boy
Why do you listen to those songs on repeat?
Why do you spend all your time alone?
Why did you wait for those who would never come?
Oh sad boy
Your eyes they tell me stories
Beautiful and heartbreaking ones too
Sorrowful and soft
Did you ever notice?
That your lovely?
Oh so lovely.
I wish you would have known
Before you climbed into the water
And drowned yourself away.
Xileblue Apr 2019
Demons dance around my bed

Just as they dance inside my head

If soon I do not fall to sleep

They'll dance too close and grab my feet

Down I'll go under my bed

And if I'm lucky I'll soon be dead.
Xileblue Apr 2019
Obsessed with my flesh you seem to be. Ruin seems to follow me. Through these trees I look for you. You're stalking me and I'm stalking you too. Addicted we are to the things we cant have. I cant explain to myself why I want you so bad. You say you cant shake me, black magic I have. But Its love you see that poisons us now. It tugs at our souls and for it we'll drown.
In a drop of you, I lost an ocean of me.
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