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Wesam Tanana Jul 30
So do tell me
My darling
Just where
Have you gone

Why did you leave
It was too soon
I miss you
It's been too long

I'm sorry that I..
Hurt you when
I myself...was hurting
But now I hurt more

I still smell your fragrance
I still hear your voice
But I miss your touch
And it's become too much

Without you here
By my side
I'm all alone
Bleeding inside
Wesam Tanana Jul 17
When the sun sets
Far into the horizon
When the birds fly
Far off into the sky

When the dark night
Takes its' course
When the ships sail
Far into the sea

When all becomes quiet
And alone I am
All by myself
It is you that I see
Wesam Tanana Jul 16
You want to be loved
But I am unavailable
I no longer have it in me
To devote myself

Don't get too close
Beneath this tough skin
I'm broken inside
I don't feel anymore

I'm sorry, you're late
It isn't you, but it's that...
I've been betrayed before
And I haven't recovered

I'm sorry that you love me
Because I feel numb
It isn't you, but it's that...
Love I no longer know

So go ahead and leave
It's too dark here where I am
You deserve more
Leave me here to heal
Wesam Tanana Jul 16
As I looked into the mirror
I wasn't myself anymore
I've come to realize that life
Has beat me down to my core

Once so full of life...and love
Now so down and full of spite
No words to express
Why my chest feels so tight

My friends I once loved
No longer call my phone
I expressed my loyality
But I've been left alone

I don't trust anymore
And I don't want your empathy
Just let me be to myself
Until you see the end of me

They say I've changed a lot
But they don't seem to see
Those that once loved me
Left me here to bleed

I'm tired.
Wesam Tanana Mar 28
I've always been taught
To work for what I need
To give in order to receive
To pray and track my deeds

But often I forget my source
My source of success and strength
It is He who will guide my course
However long the road in length

He is my guide; He is my will
The will to go on longer
To keep me strong and still
Until my faith becomes stronger

Blessed in ways I can't believe
For someone who's been broken
For so long, I'm ready to receive
His guidence and blessings

All blessings from my lord most high
He who is always near when I need
Comfort from every silent cry
Forgive me lord, here I plead

I am in need of You.
Wesam Tanana Mar 27
To all the memories
That I knew would be short lived
To the ones that were
Once my companions

I sit in a room full of others
Yet here I am so alone
Torn with nothing but memories
And a pinch of sadness in my chest
Wesam Tanana Feb 7
I begin on this new journey
Now falling into place
Once so bad, now so great
Moving fast, I cannot keep pace

Once in the distance
Now my reality
What once was rare
Is now a normality

But my heart remains heavy
All so well yet lost in despair
No one to share my joy with
No one that will truly care

How far I've come
Yet here I am alone
Join me on my journey
Because true love
I have never been shown

So take my hand

And join me....
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