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Sage Feb 6
Quiet down. They say. Quiet down.
Quiet children
The adults are talking
we know what we are doing
we are doing horrible things

quiet down they say quiet down
Quiet women
the men are talking
we know what we're doing
we're doing horrible things

quiet down they say quiet down
hold your tongue
bite your lip
don't let them hear you speak
you have no voice here

like the feelings inside your head
you must never let them be heard
quiet down they say
Quiet down
Sage Dec 2018
Trying to remember but everything slipping away
Hurts too good and it's gone by the day
Packing up my only friends
The ones so high
Swallowing my “Good-Bye”
One after the other
like Dominoes in a line
In commitment of crime
Heading out and up
Trying out and giving up
Sage Dec 2018
Dancing over crosswalks
Even when the lights turns green
No direction to go
It's the place we know
Freedom out of cities
Skylines and Counterfeit Stars
Fabricated control and breathing
Steady seasons
Brisk living
Freedom out of cities
All the lights, Changing lights
Dancing over crosswalks
Running through intersections
It’s all the
Freedom out of Cities
Sage Dec 2018
We were apart for a millennia of pain
Then our touch-starved souls
Found one another
And we could finally keep hold
As night horrors raged
It all became cold
And as you came back
It was all I could do
Saved from the Devil’s rack
A millennia with you
goes by faster
Then a millennia alone
Prepared for any disaster
I’m so glad
Our touch-starved souls
Found one another
Sage Dec 2018
You were the safety in my voice
Letting me shout on the rooftops
So when you left
I can no longer trust words

You were a safetynet
Catching me before I fell
So when you left
I collapse on myself

How safe I was in your arms
You were an air around me
So when you left
And now the world around me is so empty
Sage Oct 2018
An alcohol-driven confession
left on silent for years
until it started screaming
A deafening admission
A little liquor
And your finally talking
A medicine for muteness
Sage Oct 2018
He didn’t notice the black hole
The darkened void, pullin her in
deep in the web of stars and planets and life.
He saw it only after the void was left in her place,
How the galaxies were darkened by storm clouds
and her innocence was pulled into the abyss
He saw the galaxy in her expand beyond space,
he saw as the last atoms in her blew out
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