Putting my head down only
To pray through bad times
Temptation and deceit sneakily
Give off negative vibes one more
Day above ground is all the
Motivation needed it's time to
Exceed last years' expectations by
Rising above distractions that linger
Tonight dreams of achievements
Shall keep stress at bay flashbacks
Of when less was in my possession
Will continuously tease thoughts of
Humility solely you have the ability
To make your dreams a reality..
I only talk when there's
Something worth saying
Just the facts no opinions and
All runs well like an undefeated
Team dreams running supreme
With confidence behind them
Don't need a team behind me
Sometimes the struggled journey
Alone makes the victories that
Much sweeter so much to see with
Way more to learn and prosper from..
Miraculously been able to
Power through each and every
Obstacle that was thrown
This way self love and
Determination here I stand
Ready for the next task at hand
The hard times still ready to spew
At any moment remaining vigilant
Even on my days off a prelude to my
Future dreams play out when I look
At the sky chills in the air
Brush on my goosebumps..
I make my own success if
Failure comes from this then
A learning curve not too far
Behind time is of the essence
And it cannot be wasted the key
Is to never remain comfortable
And i'm always restless busy
Planning the next few moves
Grooving each and every day
Through self improvement a lot
To be proud of but not obsessed
About doubt no longer lingering
Inside of my soul rolling through
These obstacles like it's gym class..
Eyes all on me but still I
Perform graciously that's
Major in a world full of never
Ending pressure this life will
Always see a 100% effort as
Long as I'm still on these two
Feet a strong mind to stay
Motivated a strong back to
Carry the workload of the day
And a strong spirit that will not
Allow for giving up unity is essential..
I don't want to be the best
But remembered is what the
Goal is fame stays overrated
Perfection not far behind while
Many still utter about being flawless
We all know that 's foolish misery
Steps in different directions the
Result of the world staying in shape
Who are we to take things for
Granted many people don't get
The chance to develop their talent..
One mistake and you're no
Longer perfect but yes the
Worth still reaches the surface
One reason to not give up is to
Look at those that failed before
That motivated me more and more
Victory ringing in my dreams like
Church bells the more I move time
Presents itself with a different
Perspective rolling with the punches
Because life is my battle to win and
Prosper it makes the stress
Worth fighting through..
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