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G S Jan 21
Loading, reconnecting , but the connection oddly never fails
Our screens, and faith, keeping this relationship alive
The only source we've ever known, our only means of communication
But the love that runs right through these components is underestimated  
Like the rush you send right through me ,when your name comes up on my device
The name that drowns me in a swarm of butterflies every time
The name that convinces me that angels exist

We say the universe can be unkind , for a love like ours is bound to die
These odds are irrefutable ,so I will proudly wait a lifetime if I must
We may be too impressionable, but never too young to love this hard
So I can safely say I love you unconditionally,
since we have it written in the stars

I promise I will never say goodbye

- g.s.
G S Jan 21
Never familiar with pain or heartache until the universe decided it was time that you learn
From the mellow mornings accompanied by the solacing scent of pancakes from the kitchen  
Where a ‘’happy’’ family dynamic used to exist
To hardly being able to make it out of bed in time for lunch
Through your most dreaded midnight breakdowns, you analyzed all misfortune, deep in thought
Restlessness recited its hymns, your demons listened attentively
Vulnerability painted the way you saw the world
Your body, nothing more than a tool owned and used by your affection seeking soul
They feed off of your insecurities and take advantage of your fragility
They’re persuasive with their offer to provide you with the attention he deprived you of
They mislead you on purpose, forcing you to turn a new page in your coping guideline handbook every time
You are left with nothing more than a burning desire for clarity in your own emotional instability
Digging , scouring, attempting to grasp any sense of peace left in you
You are forced to lock away all the pleasant memories
And are simply implemented to accept his choice
There will be no justice, he will never understand  
But you can meet his expectations so you can put your own to rest
Accept the inescapable reality of being abandoned
For you are broken but not destroyed
Your underestimated strength will successfully keep the pieces in place without any glue, or tape, or honey left to crystalize
And soon enough you will realize that the light in those eyes that he has gifted to you, will have never been brighter


— The End —