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It only took a few words
But you managed to rob me
Of all of my pride
Merope Angel Feb 24
Existence is a tragedy
Don't believe me then,
Just wait and see.
There's not going to be much left of me.

I built the bricks then
They toppled over me

Sand castles in tides

Hearts that were never mine

I'll be ok, accept that I'm fine.
But nothing is ok in my life.

Existence is a tragedy
Don't believe me then,
Just wait and see.

I'll go many places but never toward you
Like fresh clay, with wet hands, I'd mold you.
Merope Angel Feb 23
That broken image you find beautiful
Glowing with imperfections
As the insides leave out

Makes you smile
But my creator cries
Merope Angel Feb 20
I love you
Because I know you
Because I know the pain
Because there is no gain
Merope Angel Feb 11
Welcome to Hell
A place I can tell
Is going to leave your spell
For one that just fell

Prepare the torches!
Unhand the weapon
Give me your heart

I’m to be loved.
Merope Angel Feb 4
The walls thicken
Like your voice when you talk about how good I used to be
Like the dust upon the old photos of me
Like my rather diluted speech
I get used to it and forget to flinch
Is this how it goes when you are something like this?
Uncovered wrath, now left with bliss.
I don’t need you
I’m over it
Merope Angel Jan 28
If it’s hard for you to recognize
Let me make it clear for you to realize
See, I don’t lie with my eyes
But my smile I despise

Cuz everything
Makes me unhappy

I just take the punch
And move along

It hits me hard enough
To feel the pain
But still get up

And be “fine again”

Makes me unhappy

I am in pain
And see no way out
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