Met a nasty old man
Said he worked mostly from the can
For the NYPD

Sent him a picture of my vag
Half awake, something mad.
Not the type of thing you’d normally see...

But he’s saving lives
While their doing lines
Paris Hilton
That’s Hawt.

Here’s a cleanly shaven line
To distract you from your day.
And that one guy
Who made you never see young men the same..


Blocked him online.
Without a good bye.
Confused by my own display.
But the picture is painted.
I hope you’re good
I waited

To say

I regretted it.

Like an aborted kid...
Or a dropped lollipop...
Or a nasty old man staring at a picture of me xD forever or awhile!

I love you (ily all)
I hope you’re well.
(And all is well)

;) thank you for your service.
I’m available for all practice frisking needed. Willing to make that selfless sacrifice.
I’m so invaluable
I’m worthless
Don’t put a price on me

You can’t afford this.

I see your apprehensive expression
Negating tension
There’s no way
I’m worth more than you

Saving lives
Or saving time


Wasting lives and
Wasting time


Be yourself...
If no one else.

Still gotta burn in hell or sunbathe in heaven for your actions

Weather told to you by demon, mother, or mouth.

By Self, by burden, by bill...

Complaints adding constraints
But still

You’re in control

I pray for you
For that

Every time I see you pulled over
The blue and red blends to purple

I hope that charge won’t end you up somewhere discharged.

I hope that large won’t make you feel too small...

I’m worthless
Coulda gave it my all

But didn’t know my ass from a hole in the ground.

Now I’m finally sticking it where the sun should probably shine

And I’m wise
And I’m in pain
And I’m not okay

But I’m fine.

I’m worthless.
It’s powerful

You ever heard it?

My value;
It screams.

Like a wasted escape

An oasis sinking into an unknown cave

Under water and forgotten

Keep wet and soaked
And rotten

My skull wastes into what looks like a dried hive dipped in white paint. Filling up with holes as it seperates. Trying to return from where I stole it. Maybe it will find it’s way home someday.

All the way into the stars.

An atom that has been flung too far from home;

I am worthless.
And invaluable.

All the same.
My bf drove really bad in traffic and it felt like torture as my body was flung around the car. My head, organs, and knees all hurt. By the end of it I clutched my head like a beaten child again.
Let your inner~demon smile every once in awhile
He’s only there to protect you
Maybe go insane a couple of days
There in the darkness where he will find you.

Every angel is a demon too.
They don’t seem to remember

The release of endorphins
Slicing through old whims

Of what I’ve gathered
As a defender

And it seems everything 10 years ago is a lie we must relearn now
To grow

So I believe nothing.
And everything.
Love no one.
And everyone.
Always thinking because I’m right as long as I’m not wrong.
And if I make the wrong decision it can change me forever for the worse, can it not?

Spread my broken wing
My Love’s not a fling
It is unspoken for and eternal
Spread my broken wing
Crash into a dream
And stay there for awhile.
He clipped my wings
Then, opening my cage, placed food outside it.
Still warm from his pocket.

If I exited the cage I’d be unable to fly and die in the next days to come.

You left me there for 8 days.

No food or water inside the cage.
Sitting outside alongside safety
I waddled and went insane
I found crumbs beneath my feet

I shoved my beak into small places

I pulled out the feathers of my right wing.

So you’d no longer trim them for me.

I accepted defeat and you closed the cage. Placing some small rations inside it. Just enough to prevent death.

And so has become my life for the past 24 to 36 months, I lose track now of suns and moons.

I feel it is uncared for;
My life.

The stars no longer shoot outside my cage for me to see.  
The always open window baits me.

The porch light creates false light all night and is the only thing I see.

Sometimes I pretend it’s home and imagine flying to it.

Sometimes I try to convince myself.

I’m waiting for my last breath now
As my chest rushes then slows down
I lie at the bottom of the cage and food is losing interest to me. I cradle my only good wing and remember how you used to sing my name.
Just a short story!
No be sad plz</3
Merope Angel Aug 10
The World: I don’t care about you.
Me: I still care for you.

The World: I don’t need you.
Me: I still need you.

The World: I don’t love you
Me: I love you

The World: You don’t even try!
Me: I’m trying.

The World: Just die already.
Me: I am, slowly.

The World: Just give up. Kill yourself already. Honestly, the biggest thing you will leave behind is a carbon footprint. You’re poor, not a college graduate, your family is mixed race. You’re just not well enough for our stature. Weed keep you if you had a use.
Me: I am in great pain, please help me.
The World: No
To those who show love
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