Grip onto something that is meaningless;
Containing no life
with your harshest grip

Now let it go

That is your power
The contract for an agreement to live in the next nine months
I have not signed but my name is in print upon it

I will have to create a miracle within the next coming days
I have nine months to live

Like a citizen

Then I will be homeless.

"Please help!" Can be heard through my tears
But my brothers know not what to say and my mother says take it day by day

Ignoring all the dismay
If I may
Please, just take another breath

In nine months.

I want to draw blood now
And tie a noose now

Too wise and too unimportant

My inner will and outter activities can be used to define to AP High School students what an oxymoron is

But I'm just a *****, this
Is what happens to people put in poverty like me

Unaborted unintentional accident that I am
28 now will I live to see 29?

I have nine months
To be
Nine months to see the truth in me

"But I can't take sh*t in the bathroom without someone standing by in..."

No I won't die

"You can call me an '*******' I'm glad."
After you're a goner your words are so much stronger
Give me some love, please.
Just a little bit for free.
If everyone gave me one kiss
I could live forever
You think we’re ******
Ball point pen
Ball pin
Baby food poisoned and spoon fed into our mouths
Information given without consent
Information taken with deception
You love us, but you want to control each breath
In and out
The ball pin
Is drowning out my stupidity
I’m swallowing whole the reality
I won’t let my lungs fill with lies

About how sharp we’ll never be

Stop ignoring why
You already know what happened
Don’t make me

I may not protect my own face
When stricken
But I’d chew off any
Upon one I love
Peace and love!:)
Merope Angel Oct 6
Forgot why I’ve been crying
Realizing cheeks are wet
Hoping I won’t remember
By the time they are dry.
Merope Angel Oct 4
I once told a baby flame
I loved it
And killed it in the same breath.
Merope Angel Sep 18
Rest In Peace
To the alien man.

Rest In Peace to the alien man who died.

Every bone absorbed now into ***’s Green Earth, Rest In Peace!

Rejected by society and left to die
Rest In Peace!
Passed out on the sidewalk next to a drain
“Probably insane, let it die.”

Is that right?
But he respected me.

He did what 99.98% of people failed to do. Maybe he wasn’t human enough for you.

Rest In Peace old man.
By a fern tree, man.
Rest along society now where the trees and the water flow calmly.  And the night leaves you sweaty palmy. I understand. You were given the upper hand, your family took it from you, every penny. .  .

Then left the crazy man to die in the streets alone.

He found an angel I hear
Chose a dumpster behind her work to die near, ended up waking up and walking to the drain just to hear me sing one last time.

But your body finally let you reside
And the pain finally could subside
So you woke up with a smile and a stride
And carefully made sure not to cut in line
Sure yes I saw you
But nobody sees me*
Am I real baby?
Old man came to me in my sleep, dunno if it’s you but I hope you’re in a deep sleep <3 :’)
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