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She left me no where else to go, I found her body in the cold. The feet were bound, her hands were tied, I thought for sure this child died.

I released her gently from her pain, I picked her up and carried her away. I brought her to my Father, who with a steady hand, motioned I place her back upon the land.

I shook my head, for I didn't understand. This child has died, is this not the plan?

From behind me shook a teetering flutter
For in the room there was another

Identical to the one in my arms
But without cuts, blood, and scars.

She smiled at me, as if not to alarm.
And turned to my Father, who stuck out his hand.

She took it in stride, like light fading away.
Into the night sky I saw her soul slip away.

The body in my hands, stupid-alive.
It wreathed and screamed out,
As if not knowing why.

Father finally saying,
"She cannot die."
You killed my Tupac
You killed my Romeo
You didn't catch the ******
When he finally let me go.

These seeds are what we grow
You watered them,
So what do we know?

Time to go,
Nothing to pack...
Just time to go.
Riverside I.E. West Side Rivas :P (SRY)
you make me want to **** you
its never something that id do
but you keep on almost killing me
blood set loose
so set me free
I see no freedom in the pain
your life is quick and surely vain
I sense your so old you cant cope
I see your life lost with no hope
don't intend everyone
Merope Angel Oct 10
Drill a hole into my skull
Drain my blood into the bowl
Stick my eye with an ice pick
Merope Angel Oct 7
Fold up your pads when you toss 'em in a public restroom please
This is a ******* facility
Not a biological warfare zone
Merope Angel Oct 7
What am I to make of you?

Would you rather I assume not all bees sting?
Not all headless chickens fall?

Did you believe me
Did you hear me
When I stood not with you
And stood tall?

Is my anger to lash out and protect myself a lie?
Tell me why

I am just a dog to you
And you just
A killer to me.
Merope Angel Sep 27
He told me I'm beautiful
As he sliced my flesh from my bone
The carnivorous sharp smile that sparks
I wonder how I'm still here.
You tell I'm beautiful, oh. But you don't know,
The way you took that it from me.
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