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Raven Scherbatsky
24/F    I'm restless. I like long walks in my head and a love that can never happen.
Gladys Mae
22/F/Old Town    Daughter of the Loving God.
Krizhe Ming
Pearl of the Orient    I seek comfort in music, keep sanity thru arts and find sanctuary in writing. So that I can breathe and be alive
20/Non-binary/under the bed    (They/Them) I guess I should write
23/Androgyne    -A lost Soul filled with pensive sadness.
Joanna Charis
23/F/Philippines    Instagram: @joannacharis97 // Saved by Grace // Dancer | Artist | Baker | Poet | My real name is Joanna but you can call me ...
Lone Chimney Sweep
21/F/South Africa    I write to forget, I forget what I've written, such is life, such is time, everything is at its mercy, it is its gift to ...
25/F/canada    painter, poet, and stargazer.
M/South Africa    Cape of Good hope nature reserve The most Southwestern point of Africa
i bleed poetry
22/F/Philippines    All of us bleed in different ways, but i bleed in words and in colors. This is a safe place for feeling ~negative~ feelings and ...
F/Minneapolis    instagram: @emnabeepoetry
31/F/Philippines    🧡 May you find the reason why God did not allow you to settled down.
Pearl of the Orient Sea    All written the works © B.L. All rights reserved.
Marga 梅香
18/F/Philippines    in the rapture of anything but creative ♔ conqueror
Gwyn Biliran
24/F/Manila    "i'm living because i can't die. i don't have anything i want to do; i am in so much pain and loneliness."

— The End —