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We all wish
To one day
Walk amongst the Gods,
The immortals whom
Our world revolves around,
But I ask,
At what price does
Transcendence come?
Do we live as fog,
Able to observe,
But nothing more?
I have no answer.
And for those fortunate
Sons and Daughters,
Welcomed with open arms
And given their own immortality,
Will those they knew
Spend the rest of their lives,
Unsure if they ever existed?
Will the golden letters
On the pages of legend
Strip them of their deeds as mortals?
Wordfreak Jul 6
I stopped today,
Wading in the ripples
As time flowed around me
In all directions.

And I understood.

We are all alone,
Yet together.
Our existence and isolation
Bind us infinitely.
Our experience and ignorance
Bring us empathy and apathy.
Our love brings happiness.
Our hatred brings violence.

We are all together in that
We are all human.
We are the same
For we are unique.
Wordfreak Jun 17
The light burns
As the realization hits.
All things end.
Be it sun or storm,
Wind or rain,
Love or pain.
The only option
Is to persevere.
To shoulder the weight
And march on.
All will do their best
But only the strong will survive
Though none emerge unscathed.
Wordfreak Apr 24
It seems to get harder
To find the right words.
The older I get,
The more my silver tongue corrodes.
I remember days,
Not so long ago,
When I would write anthems,
When I would weave legends of intrigue
And my words would steady
The hopeless,
And help them to fight on.
But I've realized,
I saw only what I wanted to.
I saw an empty library as a battlefield,
And the scattered patrons as soldiers.
I saw myself as an Angel,
When I was nothing but delusional.
My words have touched but a few,
And made no difference.
My legacy is nonexistent.
My words worth only their weight
In well wishes.
Completely worthless.
Wordfreak Apr 16
Dreams are just that.
Meanderings of mind,
Willful yet unconscious distraction.
Something to fill the darker hours
As we float around inside our heads
Falsely fulfilling a fantasy.
Whether romance or ******
Remains to be seen.
There are no heroes,
Just self righteous warriors
Waving their banners
And yelling over each other,
To try to drown out your doubts
About their intentions.
Wordfreak Apr 1
So many
Broken things
In this world,
Bones, hearts, dreams,
Yet we still
Search for love,
Wordfreak Apr 1
And let the dead men lie
As the living have done more
Than their fair share
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