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Lulu 1d
Wet hair, body tangled in towel,
Something to wear. A water pool.

Standing beneath the yellow light,
Outside I see it’s clearly night,
From corner of my eye I see,
Your head is laying comfortably.

Sweet sight of your brown hair,
Sprawled out everywhere.
I want to go give you a kiss,
But then my chance I quickly miss.

You’re with me in another room,
Conversation starts to bloom,
Talking ‘bout things with my mom,
Talking ‘bout things yet to come.
Christmas supper and what to eat,
A salad in our words we meet.

And then I wake up from this dream,
Pondering that little team.
Lulu 1d
A lake of words is hidden,
Deep thoughts delve forever,
A thousand words unspoken,
Drowned. Screaming never.

A thousand words in the lake,
And one bucket to fish them out.
A tall cascading waterfall,
More words won’t be heard about.
Lulu 3d
Does it really matter how long we live?
As long as we live lifetimes in one?
Live and love life while you can.
Lulu 3d
Will people remember me?
I don’t mean after a couple months.
Will they remember this childish girl
Who overthinks and worries?
After a couple years, perhaps I’ll
Fade from their minds.
Will people remember me?
When I won’t see them and they me?
Will we still be close, after a few years?
Every year passing with one text
To say “Happy Birthday”, or not.
Will I be holding on to people that
No longer exist, and to whom,
I no longer exist?
Will anyone care to remember me?
After a few years, no matter how close they may have seemed, all my past friends have clearly forgotten about me. Some, I think, even found stupid reasons not to talk to me anymore. Won’t this be the same with pretty much everyone you meet? The people who stay with you were clearly the ones who truly cared, so care about them too.
Lulu 3d
Quickly now! Your doors are closing!
Three, two, one. Bang, bang, bang.
I told you, the doors are closing.
So run to one and make a choice.
One step two step three step four.
Push mind to the other side already.
Quickly now! Your doors are closing!
Lulu 6d
You’re not afraid of the dark,
You’re afraid of what’s in the dark.

You’re not afraid of heights,
You’re afraid of falling.

You’re not afraid of water,
You’re afraid of drowning.

You’re not afraid of being alone,
You’re afraid of being lonely.

You’re not afraid of dying,
You’re afraid of pain and what’s to come.

You’re not afraid of making a choice,
You’re afraid of making a mistake.
Inspired by my best friend who talked to me about fears once, and how sometimes people think they are afraid of something, but they are really afraid of what that something does, or rather, might do.
Lulu 6d
Fresh from fight,
Spilling plenty water,
Lucky I had thin layers.

Chilling on chair,
Relaxing, getting hotter,
Eyes tired begin to doze.

The nice warm air strokes
My cheeks as I sit and
Start to fall asleep
Under the sun.
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