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WNDL Oct 7
She discarded her beauty
just to look pretty
WNDL Oct 3
Your words are playful
So let me play it one more time
WNDL Sep 23
we had different course
but I chose to follow yours
not to be with you but to guide you
but after reaching the peak of your path
then I will return to mine
for I have fulfilled my hearts wish
my soul was slacking
as it was lacking love
WNDL Sep 16
She is the river and seas
but you are the ocean

She is the hills and valley
but you are the mountain

She is the galaxy and universe
but you are the void

She may have everything
but you are beauty in perfection
WNDL Sep 16
lick my wrist till I drip blood

my soul has been weary

for the sadness I conveyed

so on this one last time

let me be in my eternal slumber
WNDL Sep 13
You are just some plain looking
but don't worry about it
that what makes you stand out
against all those pretty girls
WNDL Sep 9
I'll be

sweetest salt

my love
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