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WNDL Oct 2020
How long does your forever take?
Tommorow or later?
Or even more longer?
WNDL Sep 2020
These waters can make a flower bloom

And yet here I am drowning on it

Thinking would I still bloom from it
WNDL Jul 2020
I wish        

I had

          A wish
WNDL May 2020
I feel like I swallowed the sun from the sky
WNDL May 2020
So much to say
So less to write
It's always like this
When I see you smile
WNDL May 2020
So far so bad
You were the only one,
who made me feel this bad
I hope you're the last heartbreak,
I'll ever have
WNDL May 2020
my tears were the only one who's writing for me
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