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She flew and said she'll comeback
But instead she left herself and forgot to get it back
Gradient sky seen by a ***** eye
Messy minds paired with distant hearts
Under the blinking post of light
My mouth stutters as I speak to you

I was scared that I might hurt you
Misimpressions of words might get you bleed with tears
Your eyes are pretty and I don't want to ruin such beauty
Letters, chocolates, flowers, or kneeling won't do

I'd be bleeding poetry every moment as I see thee
For me—your an art with blank colors
But your eyes and smile makes you
The most colorful being in the universe
If you could read words atleast read mine please
WNDL Apr 7
Every princesses dreamt of every prince
But she a princess doesn't want one
Instead she wanted a man's love
For a man's love is worth more than a royalty
WNDL Apr 6
You smiling
is probably
the nicest
I wish you could smile again
WNDL Apr 5
This poem will be yours truly
My one and only honey
Did your bruises become scars?
As how moon became a star.
Did your tears run dry?
As how rivers die.
Did our memories remembers your eyes?
As how this photographs hang by.
Could you still remember me?
Besides your another guy.
Would you still care to  recollect me?
If he left you with a teary eye.
Then I shall be waiting for that moment with this patience of mine.
I could wait forever even if its the day after 28th of September
Because you are my one and only
Lovely oh dear honey
Yours trully, Simile
I'd stay if you'd say
WNDL Apr 3
I was passing through old memories
And as I remember them, it was with you
Everything was just perfect but heartbreaking
I just kept on crying underneath the blanket
Relying only to myself with regrets

I was so bad all along to you
I mistreated someone who loved me more than myself
I'm truly sorry Luv
I know these tears aren't enough of your efforts

But I thank you for being a part of my journey
I have no words to express my gratitude to you
For a woman that had a such strong will to stay
As a parting gift to you
I'm making these poems just for you
I ended up breaking with her
With endless tears and apology
But we had to part our ways
And I don't have the chains on her
As she is now free as she used to be
WNDL Mar 30
Personality and attitude are just two things for a person
But for a girl?
It's everything
It makes her a woman
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