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Wither Bloodfall Jul 2020
It takes one hand to hold
One body to grow
One soul to feel
One mind for goals
It takes an opinion to take a stand
a voice to set forth command
Two eyes for us to see
the cold and distinct reality
we all live and breathe
bleed the same blood
eat the same food
makes the same mistakes
learn in the same way
lie in the same way
we venture we act
so allow me to ask
Why not treat each other
the same?
To place a simple comparison upon such an overarching problem within the societies around the world. Take the mind of those around you and overall, treat others not as if they're tools for those who desire them but treat them like you treat yourself. Stand in the same shoes and see through the same eyes of the reality that woman intake to daily life.
Jul 2020 · 2.1k
Requiem - A BLM Poem
Wither Bloodfall Jul 2020
In the haze of it's flames
a man laid under Canopies
of  burning light of a siren
cutting through the smoke
as if it was paper.
Their voice, flooded with drought
loss of input
they weren't able to speak
nor breathe
it was suffocating
the texture of the brittle
firm cement, under their cheek
Thus all they had left
was a broken requiem
of a better day.
May 2020 · 168
Wither Bloodfall May 2020
Quaking nightmares
the moment I blink
unable to talk
unable to think
don't believe it
it's what you said
it's all over
it's just in your head.
When people have flashbacks, they feel like waking nightmares, it's as if you're reliving a traumatic event. If you know anyone with Flashbacks, please be kind towards them, at any given moment they can have one.
May 2020 · 238
Wither Bloodfall May 2020
A poet
doesn't make poetry
to feed the imagination
It makes it
to speak like air
In reality, poetry can mean anything to anyone, but in order to make poetry as incredible as your idol, you must stop holding yourself towards those standards. Speak with your heart, not your mind, you're better than any idol out there.
May 2020 · 86
For me, to you.
Wither Bloodfall May 2020
So you peered into my mind
Are you treating this as a joke
Are you here to feast on my imperfections?
Or perhaps you’re searching for my misdirections

They’res nothing there for you
Since the beginning, I’ve been empty
Even the moments I've smiled
They were all augmented

It’s amusing really
What you thought i was
Was probably a lie
Comedy to my ears

Alas i cannot laugh
I cannot chuckle
Not even a giggle
Nor a smile

In this world lies a few things
Seven swords
Broken dreams
And a rose

With each petal that sheds
From the rose, is a moment
Of my self-existence
That has been changed

On the ground there lies
One single monochrome petal
But it’s one you cannot pick up
For once you do

You’ll fade, it’ll fade
From me, from your hands
And once I, once you
Forget it all, remember it’s color
I will see, you’ll be blind to
Why you tried, why i lied

For me, to you.

That color..
Apr 2020 · 233
Darker sides
Wither Bloodfall Apr 2020
Two sides of the same moon
Ever since then, I've been gazing at your light
Yet for some reason
You've never showed me your dark
and that
tore me right apart
how your beauty, within the night
became the last strife of my life.
Apr 2020 · 333
Wither Bloodfall Apr 2020
Flower petals shed like a waxing crescent

Crisp and clear scents of honey

Prance along the edges of the horizon

Such correlation, like a swirling torpedo

Disturbs the flow of alluring fragrances

A slight twist and a **** of consciousness

Brings back the emotions of every petal

Every drop of nectar, every droplet of honey

So sweet and tender, just like your smile

So vulnerable and fragile, just like your smile
Apr 2020 · 312
Wither Bloodfall Apr 2020
That’s all i need to say to make something stop
Why care for the things that once mattered in the past
When the ones that mattered in the past didn’t come to last
Honestly, it ***** to ****
We live this life with no breaks nor shortcuts
Suicide is simply an illogical solution
Doing so would diminish my own resolution
I’m growing tired and brittle
I may not be old but i’m hollow
No, not to be edgy in any matter
I wouldn’t care if you went and bantar
If you view me having the lack to emotion
Somewhat of a form of entertainment
I wouldn’t blame you
I invite you to do it
Know that I’ll give no reinvigoration
For your own amusement.
Apr 2020 · 632
Wither Bloodfall Apr 2020
I will sit upon the throne of disaster
When the time comes, I'll be dethroned
By something
Far greater
and perhaps i'll obtain some meaning in this life of mine
Perhaps i won't
Doesn't matter
For now, as long as the sun is lit
With an elixir of immeasurable fire
I shall bear the heat
of my broken kingdom
I am wrath
I am the tyrant.
Apr 2020 · 160
Blood and Ash
Wither Bloodfall Apr 2020
One night
5 rose
The skies dimmed
The night grows

Crowned soldier
Give command
Thunder roars
Take a stand

Blades swing
Bullets fly
A soundless scream
A faint goodbye

Twin allies
Come forth
Darkness falls
Lose their worth

Being of evil
Pitch black night
Hated child
Gathered blight

White mask
Cracked, stained
Blades clash
Hell rains

Friends and enemies
They all fall
Echoed laughter
A maiden’s calls

Bright moon
Don’t rise
Dark monster
Pierced skies

Another falls
4 tried
Blooded air
Battle cry

Red flower
bright and bold
upon a pillar
heart of gold

Enemies grow
Gods sigh
Warrior in red
Jump and fly

Weapons fall
Forces clash
Sounds of war
Broken, trashed

United as one
Bonds undone
Commanders rise
War bells rung

Teared skies
Memories flow
Black eclipse
White snow

Chaos spreads
Horses mourn
Winged leviathans
Dragons roar

Came too close
Went too far
Hidden trap
Enemies scar

Descend to darkness
Blacken the day
Let all hope
Shatter away

Reforge your own
Come back alive
All that was real
Was left behind

March on
Stay strong
Head held high
Survive the night

Emerge once more
Let out your roar
Shields up
Spread your wings, soar

Ripped from space
Erased from time
Re-fabricate your will
And once more, rise

Take them down
As they stand
Don’t surrender
Fight till it ends

One more opponent
Anger and pain
Cataclysm incarnate
Heaving flame

Brought with a bond
Crafted from stories
Forge a blade
Of memories

Hack them down
Stand by your will
Unalterable fate
Laid shatter and spilt

Once again
The wind dashed
Leaving behind
Blood and ash
Apr 2020 · 215
Wither Bloodfall Apr 2020
Straight from the ashes that burned bright and cold
I’ve risen to the chaos that spawned that day,
My wish upon the stars rising bright and be folds
For the future I've seen will never fade away.
Monsters and enemies swarmed us like black fireflies
As we were stuck within the blazing sun,
Hearing the siren that came from upon the bright sky
We proceed to escape, watching soldiers run.
What yet lies beyond the naked eye’s truth
Will be swift, merciless and sharp,
All the friends I've made within my youth
Has betrayed me, leaving me in the dark.
Heed my request young warrior of the night
Don't be scared or stunned for even a second,
Draw your blade and face against the blight
And rise to the top with soldiers beckoned.
For a fraction of a heartbeat I come to my faith
As the eight maidens sing in unison within the cold,
Reaching out from the darkness of the void, I hesitate
As my lost story begins to shift and unfold.
And as the tainted leaves start to descend and be rotten
Deep within me, an energy comes out untold,
I am the protector of the withered and fallen
I am the true commander of my soul.
Apr 2020 · 384
Self Understanding
Wither Bloodfall Apr 2020
There, I sit alone
In the empty voided room
Pondering what I could’ve done different
My hands were shaking
My mind was breaking
Such momentum could’ve killed a goddess
I look to the right
Nothing was left
I looked to the left
Nothing felt right
Squinting eyes to my surprise
Was the best choice in my entire life
I saw myself
My pale skin and scalp
My black hair and red eyes
That reflection upon the blackened skies
The day I understood myself torn
I was a monster with many forms
Fear me for I am the chaos
Fear me for i am the storm.
Apr 2020 · 240
Wither Bloodfall Apr 2020
You would never know me
Until you endured
Ludicrous hours of gunshots
Bombshells dropping
Soldier wailing
And metal clashing
The isolation that was chain up around me
Engulfing my very existence into a void flooded with filtered silence
Constantly changing, consistently growing
More and more
Till i cried once more
A silent scream
Within a dream
Under a bunker under a war
Where no one thought a child was stored.
You would never know me
For the monster i was born.

— The End —