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Jena Tapia Jan 11
A deadly rose I hold
Thorned with fear
It pierces my hands as I hold
This deadly rose
Black in stem and spotted in woes
It tangles through my fingers and toes
Wrapping itself through my soul
This deadly rose
Beautiful and cold.
Jena Tapia Jan 11
He came near from blood and bones I fear
Stalking through the streets he called to me
I told him to leave but he didn't listen to me
So I gathered my things and left this place
I heard him call my name and ask me to wait
He promised sweet things but I told him not today
He thinks me mad for acting this way
But I saw in my dreams and heard from the dead
Never give in until he sits patiently and offers you nothing you haven't learned within
So I keep moving without hesitation
Waiting for the day when he sits and asks me how it went
I'll say fine or some other line
I'll stop moving and sit for a bit
Ask if he's heard from my kin
I'll admit it's been a long trek and yes I'm tired of this skin
There were days I wanted to sit but couldn't quit.
He'll ask why now I chose to sit
I'll say I've known for some time life is a shadow but till he saw this was my life to live I had to keep on
But I'm glad he's here to welcome me, my old friend.
Death follows and calls my name
But I keep moving till the day he stops calling me home.
Jena Tapia Jan 11
I write tonight.
Nothing great or in pretty lines,
Just a little pain of mine.
Of loss and heaviness.
Some days I can forget
But in wee hours I drop the lies and gaze at the little things.
Love lost, people gone, desires unmet, and the madness of the mundane.

It opens questions so I write.
Often it's to a friend, my never reader
But when it's right I write for someone to see
Perhaps for me and partly for others
For those that need
A reminder that even alone it's never completely so.
I write of a little pain,
With this in mind:
Pain is a drug that runs in my soul and maybe that is why I never let it go.
Jena Tapia Jan 10
I've walked this land
Those streets you see
I've been that way
Those mountains up high
I've roamed the trees
I keep moving
A traveler of this life
Seeking my way
I've taken many roads
But often not the easy way
It's not in my nature you see
I welcome those who journey with me
Whether for part or the whole way
Stay if you please or feel free to leave
It'll be quiet most of the way
For a single day or a life you see
I'll be walking this land
Until the end of days.
Jena Tapia Jan 8
I have given.
Too much?
I wonder
But it is my soul
So let me burn as the wound grows
Let the embers burn and glow
It's the fire of my soul
Let it go
Until I have turned to ash
Let me go
Burn and smoke
And perhaps I'll learn
An honest soul burns so it can grow.
Jena Tapia Jan 7
The hills are cold
Winter grows
Moon light touches snow
As another season goes

This land knows
Of every secret told
And life that's grown
Since it holds every bone

As I crouch down
I place my hand to the frozen ground
Knowing the plants will grow
From seeds sewn

I marvel at this place
A friend of old
Who's always home
Who takes me now and when I'm old

Basking in the sun
Every day it comes
Bathing in the moon
Whether quarter, half or full

I take a breath
And smile
That for now I call this home.
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