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Willow shade Oct 11
Live stream from Gandza bombed by Armenia

Willow shade Sep 29
My homeland!
You have been watching your crippled borders
with wistful looks for gloomy centuries
Soon we will wipe your bloodred tears
after heroic and holy adventures

Yet you are in a deep disappointment
because of the hands lent to the unscrupulous
But never unlearn the destiny ever:
history is always betrayed,
talents are envied,
virtues are misused...
They love politics, not the history,
'Cause they have a historical fear
and it reminds them how they had been abused...
I have found even their "sumptuous" justice
which is carried in their ***** bulky pockets...

My dear,
It is very near,
In Karabakh, the stars will twinkle in a joy
50 million times I will mention your name
and to Jıdır we will be running bare feet.
The echoes will fill the preconceived ears
In Shusha, I will call you,
In Tabriz, we will meet...
Willow shade Jul 23
It is me - Azerbaijan!
The hero of the history
On the shore of The Caspian
living manfully and free!

Many times enemies tried
to destruct and divide
Among three aggressors
we defended our pride

And the 'world community',
full of all shames and pity,
Just tell me a rotten lie
that support my integrity!

Let me hear your cry
for Karabakh, everyone!
Respect the real history!
Will we hear anyone?!

For centuries we were wronged
Will you wait for another?!
The son of my father's killer
Is beating my brother!

We faced through the history
Armenian hypocrisy
Put your hands on your conscience,
just show your democracy!

We condemn the historical aggressive policy of Armenia and the insensitive attitude of the world community.

Karabakh is Azerbaijan.
Stop believing provocative and fictitious history.
Research, respect and support the real history!
Willow shade Mar 7
Miss the heaven of your soul
In memories far away
Will you ever evanesce?!
Will I always feel my way?!

Not having bidden adieu
Left me in purgatory
Ah, I fell in love with you
Like the Pyrrhic victory

Warriors never give in
And their values carry on
I will drive dolours away
Till your voice is clarion

As dreams are effulgent,
Living is no more bitter
Your laughter is echoing
Through the endless Ether

I have the panacea
A true poet never fails
We gain little solaces
Owing to hard travails
Willow shade Feb 26
Oh, I take leave of my senses gently
In front of your image smiling witchily.
Shine bright, shine bright till I recall
Who am I, who are you?
My brain is itchy...

Am I well? Yes, I am.
Am I well?! I am not.
Deadly freezing in your absence,
Yet it is glowing,
Yet it is hot

I am 'a couple of years alive',
You are 'an eternity old'.
You fervidly turn around,
However, the Sun is cold.

Urging to dissolve myself:
The deepest bliss of sadness...
The symptoms are emerging
Of my future madness.

My soul has an itch to hell
And my dreams will come true.
Even maybe it's not me,
But just my devil loves you
Willow shade Oct 2019
Though there is no physical reciprocity
and there are permanent, long distances,
you are becoming inside in an unfamiliar way,
even living myself completely down...

Not too anxious for such paranormal states
since I learned the influences of your stirring...
I know you are just growing inside again
leaving all emptiness silently away...

Leaning on the wet grass dreaming of you,
the sky is spread over before my eyes;
resembling you as receiving me with open arms,
reflecting your hair - as dark as night...

Something was born within, profound and new
as I made my sublime wish beneath shooting stars;
a couple of hearts beating inside in tandem
and I live everything twice upon a life...
Willow shade Jul 2019
Ah, my Sun! You are still shining somewhere
Keeping the secret of lifetime seasons
You give light and reveal the consequences
Inside my dark brain where lie reasons

Take a look and see this abandoned willow
The leaves are shriveled and desperately pale
The nests were blown away by winds of blues
As there will never sing a nightingale

I will become green again and again
It is just a way of deeper growing
Sometimes I need to be pruned  by solitude
Sometimes to be watered by melancholy

...And you really smelled life, sounded meaning
You nourished the seeds for inner peace and rest
My young and evergreen saplings are growing
You will meet me one day in a willow forest
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