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Willow shade Mar 8
Happy holiday, dear.

The shade of willow is in peace.

And for you always shall be.
Willow shade Feb 16
Ah, you never see how my looks freeze
and how they stick to the feelings behind the scenery...
And there are times beyond the imaginary
when you do not search, just come across:
a tiny piece of paradise -
which the value is enormous...
A new paradise I found today,
A harmless and innocent memento:
I have the power to carry it inside
and you are full of leniency...

I get cosmic vibrations at times
feeling the universe testing me
and making arrangements,
the noble angel smiles and whispers:
'never question the grace of destiny'.
We were tried and gifted with what we lacked
and we met our inner selves:
we were hungry to share,
we were for love,
we are for love,
we will be for love, dear...
You will be to relieve,
I will be to live...
To live in the deepest sides of the meaning...

How insanely I miss you...
Willow shade Aug 2021
To feel you for a while, I did my best,
Overcame depression, waiting for the next
Suddenly opened my eyes feeling perplexed:
Standing on my knees in tears, I pray
Did you mention my name, dear, far away?!

The time is really beyond before and afters
Distances turn to a means as we disperse
Your spirit is here; you sound in my laughters
The cigarette is glowing in the ashtray
Did you mention my name, dear, far away?!

Stretched my soul in such a miraculous bond
No constraint anymore and no discord
Just like a butterfly flying in a void
I found the peace here, please, do stay,
Did you mention my name, dear, far away?!

I feel you turning pages with shaky fingers
I feel your heart beating in a rhyming bliss
Papers will reflect you in your red dress
As you touch my letters, it will make my day
Did you mention my name, dear, far away?!
Willow shade Dec 2020
Whirling... Keep it solid there. It is still whirling...
"Often" turned into "sometimes", "sometimes" into "seldom".
Never needed a drug or something else
I can even be drunk on my boredom.

All were devastated just in a blink
within my last existential crisis,
left behind the previous insouciant life
carrying along my painful inner screams.

The last thing I felt was a sudden crack
the one you never definitely cared about
and I pierced you back into the waters
like a tiny golden fish slipping out

You are always welcome, dear,
left for you a door ajar
It has been so long since I visited you
and heartily greeted your elegant car...

Put my faith in the wavy waters
believing someday you will fly through,
the Sun will dazzle my misted eyes
and the sky will turn to blue...

Fly sometimes...
Fly somewhere...
Fly in the end...
Willow shade Nov 2020
Tartar (the city beyond the conflict area) bombed by Armenia

Willow shade Nov 2020
Barda (the city beyond the conflict area) bombed by Armenia

Willow shade Oct 2020
Gandza (the city beyond the conflict area) bombed by Armenia

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