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Will 5d
Wake with me as the sun sets across the tree lined peaks.
Close your eyes when your lids grow weary.
Fall asleep in our tent, as the sun rises through the night.
Our fire burned bright, as we talked about finding love, losing life, and weeks gone by.
Savor every moment in these mountains, because soon enough this world will pass is by.
Will Jun 7
Dancing in the darkness.
Moving in the midnight.
Crying at my lies.
Tragedy grasps at me.
It claws at me.

.ǝɯ ʇɐ sʍɐlɔ ʇI

Am I ok?
Will Jun 7
Those holier than I, ask;
"Why do you not shine as we do? For you, it is darkness that emanates."
A sigh escapes my mouth as I reply
"The light you worship has long abandoned me."
Rumbles, mumbles, hushed and calm, arise from their group as they question my wrongs.
A youthful voice shouts from their ranks, confident, full of perceived grace
"Dear brother that cannot be so, our king would never throw you into realities cruel sea."
These words have been said before, my ears have heard them often.
My mind has grappled with my lack of faith, thoughts have attacked my soul and blamed me for my disgrace.
I utter as the pain clouds my face
"leave me be. I have ended my struggles by riding myself of him."
Saints swarm around my place, praising him and claiming he can heal my soul.
But the plague in me forces them away.
I call on my demons to rescue me, as my feet run faster from those who claim to be angelic and pure.
In the distance ahead a voice calls to me.
The void shrouded in darkness echoes with a deep somber howl.
An end for them is merely a beginning for me.
"Run to me, come forth into my midnight city"
So I went to Him
Will Jun 4
Like a cosmic whip, lightning crackles across the night sky.
It’s electricity illuminating the dire landscape that passes by outside.
Glancing out the window, eyes squinting at the glorious storm growing near.
Pressing the gas pedal down, heart racing as the vehicle jolts forward.
Like a comet flying through space, the car ripped through the torrential downpour.
Speeding through the dark void, raindrops colide with the window, like projectiles from above.
Though the inside of their vehicle was dry, the driver's eyes were flooded with tears.
Wiping them away with a brush of their hand, car speeding forward.
Resolved to follow the lightning, but not to see it’s glow once more.
It was to chase the thunder, that deep booming foe who always felt so near.
That is who we all chase, the invisible enemy who instills immense fear.
Will Jun 4
Colorful lights flash across the room.
Eyelids shutter, shielding eyes from the blinding wonder.
The beams shine too bright, so hands are raised in protection.
Legs buckle beneath.
Souls call out in heavenly speech.
But paradise is far from their reach.
All that awaits is the endless abyss beneath.
Will Jun 4
They seem motionless to us, floating there in space.
Shining far from our blue home they move apart, just at a slower rate.
Do falling stars feel the gravity that pulls on them?
Can shooting stars find a home within the universe's ongoing breadth?
Or are all stars slow dancing along, listening to some lonely song.
Thought about dancing, then I looked up into the night sky.
Will May 25
Sad songs bring me to a special place within my soul.
Every haunted note sung shatters my outlook on what the future holds.
A stream of moody chords could cause salt and liquid to blend, tears flowing onto my pillow and bed.
Melodies cursed to possess my very core.
My heart aches with every lonely lullaby that echoes into my fragile ears.
Brain signals fire left and right, confused at what tragedy has caused me to feel so low.
Has he lost someone dear?
Is he coping with some unknown fear?
Does he wonder if his own death is near?
Maybe some of those ring true, but sometimes it is for no sane reason at all.
Some days I long for the love I once had, so I play a song that once brought joy to a world not yet sad.
Those cheesy pop songs, folk tunes, and haunting notes are now played for one reason; I miss the heartache I had from someone I loved.
Because even if they chose to leave me, at least the songs we had can remind me of the pain that came.
I would rather feel the pain of their betrayal over and over again than feel nothing at all.
They left me with nothing, so what could remain?
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