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Nov 2019 · 205
My favorite words
Maddie Nov 2019
love you so much
“I love you more”
Oh yeah?
Prove it
Right now
Nov 2019 · 889
Wake up next to you 0.2
Maddie Nov 2019
I wanna wake up next to you
In the middle of the night
Breath you in
Watch you sleep
Wipe a tear from my eye
Because I remember
That you’re  mine
Nov 2019 · 393
Wake up next to you
Maddie Nov 2019
I wanna wake up next to you
Up early in the morning
Run my hand through your hair
Kiss you on the cheek
Waking up just enough to roll over
So we can hold each other close
Forget about the rest of the world
And fall gently back to sleep
Nov 2019 · 148
Maddie Nov 2019
It kills me every time I drop you off
Just don’t get out of the car
I want to protect you
Get you out of that toxic place
It feels so comfortable
Feels like a home
Until it’s just you alone

I love your mom
But how could she just leave you like that
Not forever
But even a day is long enough
With the beast that dwells within the house
A parasite
Draining the energy
Draining the happiness
Filling the hole with fear
With the desire to escape
But you have to love him
He’s your monster
He created you

But that isn’t love
Love doesn’t cause you to cry and shake
Love doesn’t make you want to run away and never stop
But I’m love
But I’m here
So stay
Stay away from there
Stay in my arms

After this crazy
After this storm
We will get away
I’ll hold you up
You’ll hold me close
Escape a broken family so we can start our own
Nov 2019 · 231
Band boy
Maddie Nov 2019
Tootle toot boy
Why don’t you take those strong hands
And hold me tight?
You marched right into my life
Now why don’t you just be the drum major
Over my beat-beating heart?
Nov 2019 · 482
Maddie Nov 2019
It’s all good
Until it’s not
My face falls
The world falls
Can’t hear
Can’t think
Can’t speak
Can’t breath
But you see it

You run
Before I can
But not away, no
You run to me

Please don’t ask
Don’t ask if I’m okay
Please don’t ask me

You don’t.
You tell me.
Look me in the eye.
Tell me everything is alright.
And hold me tight.
For the first time
The first Time I knew
I knew everything was.

You did what no one else could
The impossible
Thank you
Nov 2019 · 130
Maddie Nov 2019
It’s all good
Until it’s not
My face falls
The world falls
Can’t hear
Can’t think
Can’t speak
Can’t breath
But you see it

Oh no.
Panic and embarrassment
But I don’t care about him
I care about me
I need to get out
I need to get out
I need to get out
Be safe
Be calm

You need to MOVE
move your feet loser
Before you lose it
No no no
Don’t cry here
oh. You have nowhere to go?
What a shame
I tried to help
Sep 2019 · 183
Maddie Sep 2019

Those eyes
Those eyes
Those eyes
Your eyes

I know I say it all the time
But how could I not?
I’m just so glad I can look into them
I’m so glad they’re mine
Well, yours,
But just-

Your eyes
Like stars in the sky
Diamonds in the night
Deep blue oceans
Defy me
There’s no gravity
When I look into those eyes
They haunt me
All I ever see

Your eyes
There when I close mine
On my mind
All the time
Never stops
But I don’t want it to

Time goes by
just a blink of an eye
Your eye
But don’t blink,
I might miss a second
A second of seeing them again

I miss
Even when I’m right there
I miss
Even when I can see them
I miss
The way the center,
A mysterious black void,
Where no time exists
I miss the way they widen
Growing as your heart beats faster
I miss the love in them as they meet mine
I miss the way they soften as you lean in for the kiss
I miss the stories they spill with just one look
One glance
One beautiful gaze
Beautiful eyes
Your beautiful eyes

How could I miss them
When they are matching mine
Meeting mine
Looking deep into mine?
Darling I don’t know
But maybe I don’t want to

Your eyes
Steel traps
Sitting for the ****
Predator and prey
I’m trapped
No escape this time
Or ever
Never lose sight of those eyes
Don’t let me go
I don’t want to leave them

Those gorgeous eyes
Sep 2019 · 284
Don’t let me finish
Maddie Sep 2019
I love
The way you kiss me
When I’m in the middle of saying something
There’s not a day I won’t miss
Those interruptions

I can’t remember
What I was saying before
But it doesn’t matter
I would forget anyway
Sep 2019 · 269
Maddie Sep 2019
How is it
When you’re lost
I can’t be there?
And why does it make me so angry?
So hurt
It touches me physically
Head throbbing
Stomach lurching
The bellyache of despondency and guilt.

Contact or combat?
You shouldn’t have to fight for your life or your rights
You need to be free
Come be here
Be with me
You’ll be safe I promise
Just lay in my arms and sleep

Peace when we’re alone
Nobody else in this whole world
Just me and your eyes
Those beautiful eyes
And your smile
Those lips
Those soft lips
And your hands holding mine
Head to head
Heart to heart
The beat like drums on fire
But a million butterfly wings just the same

How is it that for you I feel all the emotions
When I can’t even feel them for myself?
Day and day I spend as one empty canvas
Dead batteries
But suddenly
You talk and my brain lights up
Sparks an explosions of color
Say anything
Say everything

Your words paint me a blue sky
A lightning storm
A tsunami
A crackling fire
Leaves on the trees
Birds on the branches
Take that oak and build me a house of color
Take me in and never let me go

Because of you I know it all
Each emotion hits so brutal and raw
Or calming
The waves crash on the sand
Or the wind blows through my hair so swiftly as I breath in the taste of paradise

Don’t take this wrong
You don’t make me mad
You give me vital emotions of life
I could never be mad
Not at something that shows me the beautiful thoughts
Ugly, strangling, happy, sad, overwhelming, beautiful
Because these are the living emotions
And I lived without them for so long
Sep 2019 · 217
Maddie Sep 2019
There is a taste on your lips, so great, I’d die
There is an ocean in your eyes, so deep, I’d dive
Never go back to the shore
Float in those beautiful things forever
I need more

You look me in the eye
I feel shy
But I don’t back down
I just close them
Lean in
Until I feel your soft lips against mine

What a monumental moment
What a magical feeling
Why are there wars when there could be love?
Sparks fly
There’s no time
Please let this last forever

Softly music plays
When our lips touch
A melody
A whole **** symphony
Sep 2019 · 129
Maddie Sep 2019
Your fear and pain brings me anger
A beast
I never knew I had it in me
I want scream
To kick a wall
Punch a hole through this mess
Rip open a void
A black hole through this sickening situation
So Time stops
This feeling stops
I want to make your hurt stop
Sep 2019 · 714
Maddie Sep 2019
How the hell could you hate being
In your own skin
When you’re so

What’s image anyway
When all I imagine
Is how gorgeous you are
Sep 2019 · 356
The Eminem one
Maddie Sep 2019
You tell me

“You’re my heart and I’m your armor”

What a

How magnetic
How poetic
How incredible

Here’s a little Eminem for ya

“My body aches when I ain’t with you, I have zero strength. There’s no limit on how far I would go, no boundaries, no lengths.”
Sep 2019 · 172
The first one
Maddie Sep 2019
Your lips they taste like June
Your eyes are a rocket to the moon
More like the sea
Infinite and deep

I don’t believe that you’re from Earth
you’re from the sky,
past what we see of space,
From the heavens babe

You think you’re obsolete
I think you’re an angel
You could be
Fiery flames and all

That hair
Soft as snow
Bright as the sun
More Beautiful than anything
Then again, it belongs to you

High off your kiss
Just like absinthe
I crave more
Over and over
Magic of the moment
Or maybe it’s just you

I just want to be with you
Along for the ride
By your side
Whenever your soul takes you
I crave to follow
Mine embraces yours
Welcoming every single bit

I want the future
I need it
That house with the view
White fence family
Birds whistling the tune of our hearts
Our love
Our days
Our history
I crave to make more

Hold onto me
Each bear hug, squeeze, each grasp
A security blanket
The pain and anxiety fades away
A blank canvas ready for a painted heart
Smooth, but drawn on with a brittle battered brush
Maybe even broken
But no matter, it’s my favorite one
My only one
I see through the damage and look only for the color it strokes

Tape only works half the time
Comfort only applies pressure
But with love we can begin to heal
The wounds
A scratch or total break
The pain will fade
Only the past
Forced to fade away by the foundation for the future

Hold me
For each warm hug powers my day
Hold me
For the days without it are the worst days
Hold me
For with each embrace I can breath again
Eternally forced under the water
Under the pressure
Under the current, holding my breath


But no worries
If you don’t I completely understand
That’s fine
I’m fine
It’s all fine

But without you I’m not

If only the words that roll off my tongue
Or more my fingers
Could truly express the feelings
The thoughts
The love
I’m in love.

“The girl from Latin”
That’s what you say to me
“The girl that made my day better with a look”
You forget I was looking at you
“Never would’ve thought”
You smile to yourself
Well I never would’ve thought anyone
Anyone would think of me in such a way
I’m that girl
That girl
That’s what I was?
Is that me?
Couldn’t be
I believe you’ve made a mistake

I make your heart flutter?
Well honey
Just the thought of you is a migration of monarchs
The color of butterfly wings beat my heart
What a beautiful feeling

I love you

What a beautiful phrase
Every drop that falls from your mouth is beautiful
To me every drop forms a waterfall as it makes it’s way out
Soaking my soul

As life rushes past
Each moment faster than last
But somehow
It must be you

All the highs
All the lows
All the needles
You put it aside for me
But it’s your life
It’s mine now too
Each meal
Each alert
Each injection
It’s on my mind too

My love for you
Is stronger than bricks
Has more value than gold
A lock with no key
You are the key
Perfectly fitting in a stubborn lock
Rusted but sturdy

The key fits
The door opens
A dark forest
Infinitely wide with no clear path
But through the darkness
Through brush and tangled vines
Through hopelessness and desire to turn back
A light can barely be seen

But you followed
Did not give up
Reached the edge
And through denseness concealment and intimidation
You found the light
The gold
The eternal brilliance
Something hidden
Yet more alluring and brilliant than anything before it
You found my soul
Hidden among the hideous
Thank you.

<3 > ^ v

— The End —