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Mar 2020 · 307
Rone Selim Mar 2020
In the night we are born
To the same light we disappear
Into million pieces of dust..

Everything in between,
is to feel and soak in

To learn and unlearn

To create and unfold

To rise and fall

To give and receive

In a spiral we swirl

Just to return

To finally,
shatter all the pieces,
across the collective sea

And this is my oath;
From each piece

We will watch a wildflower
bloom in the open void!

Once a dust of star,
now a space of life. ❤️
A spike of emotions
Jul 2018 · 345
Rone Selim Jul 2018
Tears come falling down
Decisions are already made,
but are any of them right?
Oh morality is what i seek
But the dagger of self blame yields further beyond any other weapon
It cuts you deep
We have choices,
but rarely speak the language of our heart's true desires
What if?
What if my choice was different,
what if your choice was different?
It doesn't matter what cards we are given, it matters what you choose to do with them
Living life with folds around the eyes, yet again it was always a matter of choice
Aint it sad?
We don't recognize
the sound of our soul
Its usually almost non existent
But we recognize everything else, that's not ME so easily
My tears come falling down,
I wished I could choose differently
And now the pain of never knowing,
will always be with me
Until I live, this sorrow will weep..
May 2018 · 390
Rone Selim May 2018
You swirl around,
as you make your way
to the ground
Never come back as same one
But together you become one,
as you gently cover the land
Light up the entire field, the entire hill,
the whole forest and
freeze the entire ocean
Even the trees try catch you to stay,
they don't want to be left astray
Your beauty is unique,
but it's not only your physique

You choose where you fall
Then some would never witness your sight,
but in the depths of their mind they just might

You are the inspiration for our dreams,
This creation of nature,
so perfect with all its imperfections
The nutrition for our hopes

You bring warmth in the midst of cold,
So soft, yet so bold
So tiny, yet together so huge

You are Snowflake.
One day i looked out the window and watched how a single snowflake makes it's way to the ground. I imagined being that snowflake, the things i would experience..
Feb 2018 · 416
When Im Gone
Rone Selim Feb 2018
Dare to Live
Give Thanks Always
Live Your Dreams
Believe in Yourself
Push push push!
Dont give up!
Be the Student
Be the Teacher
Follow your instincts
Know your Worth
Stay humble Now
Understand to Give
Understand to Receive
The Small Things..
Pursue your Dreams
Time is Linear
I'm with you
I trust you
Yes you can!
You are Loved
You're not Alone
Give Love Wholeheartedly
Live, Laugh and Love
Nothing is impossible
Don't forget, SMILE!
I Love You

And lastly;

See you soon❤️
This might not be a poem.. But its something I'd like to leave behind for my beautiful and incredible children. Using 3 words sentences to sum it all..
I would like them to know that they taught me what True Love is, that they will always have me and my love by their side. How thankful i am for them, they are the best thing that ever happened to me. How proud they make me feel. I want them to live fully, to know that i believe in them, that they can accomplish ANYTHING in this world! To never ever give up and to always stay positive and happy. I will eternally be there with you, Sagr&Astera❤️

And why I emphasize the word Love in this, is because that's all life is really about.

I want to challenge you all writers to sum everything up you want to leave behind to your loved ones,  using only 3 words sentences.
Feb 2018 · 337
If Only
Rone Selim Feb 2018
Cold tongue, pierces like a knife through

Cold hands, blood on them too

Cold heart, no limits to ones evil acts

But if only you had a cold mind too,
maybe you wouldn't be the master in your twisted game of two
Many would have been saved from you..
To all the victims that have suffered unspeakable lengths of evil/malicious intentions, acts and manipulation from someone else, in more ways than one.
Feb 2018 · 290
Spark of Hope
Rone Selim Feb 2018
He asked me the question that
I've avoided asking myself
Fearful of my emotions,
so I steer my thoughts elsewhere
Diverted myself towards a different road for so long

But there it was in the stillness of night,
where all the distractions had faded away, that specific moment where the only thing that exists in you is sincerity
In that serene moment the question became inevitable
So comes in; A memory,
a distant feeling that feels so familiar
So the windows open and let out only a drop amongst the billions and more that had been shed inside silently,
every time the question was avoided
Dreadful of this sadness,
I so desperately tried and tried to numb
All this time, thinking I had to sacrifice my one only true passion in life

He catches the drop and smiles;
"but you see, you are the master of your own freedom"
It was in that and there;
The memory sparked
and was uncovered from its
tight dusty bandages
The only person or thing to have ever truly stood in my way is I and only me.

So in my tearful epiphany, I finally answer:
Unfulfilled potential
Feb 2018 · 416
Authenticity ☆
Rone Selim Feb 2018
We get so lost in this another world,
that is becoming our reality,
actually it has already started.
And it's scaring me.
Humankind has lost a sense of self, nothing is real anymore
and when nothing's real,
everything feels worthless.
Everything we constantly keep aiming for... but for what?

Did you ever stop and ask yourself;
what are you doing?
Why are you doing this and what for?
What is real?
Is it your smile or your words?

Im frightened that this other world may be the end of us.
We will reach the bottom line aiming for the top, perfection.
There will be very little left of authenticity, if none..
Feb 2018 · 2.1k
The Embodiment of Vitality
Rone Selim Feb 2018
She represented freedom
With her humble clothes
her burning red hair,
have i ever witnessed something so pure

She smiled with her eyes closed
as she danced just for herself
She was not dependent on the crowd's applauses
She only moved for the heart's desire and love of the folk music
She had captured gazes,
without a single look.
The witness of her radiance gave hope, but she was oblivious to her affect on the people

As with every valiant step she took,
her subtle curls were tenderly
shown affection by
the cool breeze of the night
She had known the woods better than anyone in the town
As if she had not walked alone,
which only made her light radiate ever so bright.
She wore mud as her shoes
and used the howling voices
of dusk as her armor

It makes you question;
if the moon was created just for her eyes, they seemed to get brighter
and shiny every lluna plena.
I closed my eyes one night and i had visions of this girl.. The whole scenario was too beautiful not to be penned down.
It speaks of the potential, integrity, strength, greatness, a sense of freedom and justice in us. May you keep the light on your torch forever.
Feb 2018 · 696
Earth Poem
Rone Selim Feb 2018
I am walking on a land
so full of wonders,
I get to eat its fruits and water so holy,
I too become holy
Lucky am I to have eyes,
to witness its dreamy trees and plants,
to feel the sun kissing my soul with it's rays of light

Stepping on this green land beneath my feet, I am healed
The breeze of air gently touching my hair
The smell of the beautiful natural surrounding, I can't get enough of
My ears are blessed everyday with the sound of birds

Truly magical is the beauty of nature, why can't you see?
I am swimming in paradise
and I am not the only one,
miraculous is the Mother Earth,
because it lets all creatures to swim
in this eternal bliss ♡
I wrote this when I was 18.
It was a beautiful summer day and we were visiting a local arboretum. I saw so many different kinds of flowers, plants, trees I've ever seen in my life that time.
As i was walking the long evergreen paths,
i realized how much beauty there truly is all around us. All the gifts of life that we have taken for granted. My eyes opened and it was nourishing my soul. I started to appreciate all that i see, all that ever was given to me.
Feb 2018 · 3.2k
Rone Selim Feb 2018
Let me escape in to the night,
Dance with the Northern Lights
Flow in the universe
without shape or form,
i miss the magic
i miss the mystery
in the everlasting unknown
You know that feeling, when you would just like to escape from the everyday mundane tasks. When you have gotten use to everything around you, so nothing really amazes you anymore, because you're exhausted.. And you'd like to just take a second and close your eyes, reimagine and recreate the way you see everything, just be still and flow with the stream of your core. The place that's unknown.
Feb 2018 · 319
Thorns of a rose
Rone Selim Feb 2018
Have my heart, have my soul
I shall not give it up a thorn
And even if i may be
questioning myself love me
or love me not
I am not defined by this rose
Tall shall we both stand
What you do not understand
Is that we both are fragile
As it spikes your fingertips
In the lonely night the blood drips

— The End —