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Rone Selim Mar 2020
In the night we are born
To the same light we disappear
Into million pieces of dust..

Everything in between,
is to feel and soak in

To learn and unlearn

To create and unfold

To rise and fall

To give and receive

In a spiral we swirl

Just to return

To finally,
shatter all the pieces,
across the collective sea

And this is my oath;
From each piece

We will watch a wildflower
bloom in the open void!

Once a dust of star,
now a space of life. ❤️
A spike of emotions
  Aug 2019 Rone Selim
The Dedpoet
Where are you poet?
You poetess?
I search and become everything:

A pen of the sun's fire
Writing on a slab of jade,
I come face to face with all poets,
The roots of their soul dividing
Themselves dissolving into words
Writing the passionate fire sitting
On pillars of clouds,
A thousand moons surrounding them
Each like some serpent god,
They write the darkness like
Guardians of the night,
A stallar vertigo into the words,
They become like flowers
Of the Resurrection and in a lightning
Flash I am on a terrace of gold
Watching over a field of flora
And the storm's of April's pains
Comes to them each as a moon
In the sorrowing takes each word
And swallows them into verses,
They are the testament of wounds.

And still even more,
All are alone in the abyss they all share,
One man stands tall and says,
"Alone with everybody!"
He smiles as each poet places themselves
In a whirlpool of time,
They find a moment invisible
And make it a mirror,
It reflects forevermore the broken
Images of their past, they piece
Themselves upon a verse of shadows,
A verse is born and a piece of them
Stays in the past.

Suddenly there are those who live,
They are reborn from the womb!
They see daylight in the sorrows
And find happiness in clusters,
A perfect memory where the man
Loved the woman, her touch is like
An immortal fire burning into the focus,
His touch is a cascade of rose petals
On her naked body......

The young poets gather,
The defeat the circular days,
Fantastically naive and flamboyant,
Their moments flare like a sun's
Lost kisses on  magnetosphere's outer
The procession of new pain
Fills the paper as they write an ancient
Language unbeknownst to them,
Their blood to papyrus, Sanskrit's
Unified language.

I see the poet's in their middle years,
Strong flavors mixed with heavy grief,
The clandar Is splattered in blood
While their dream sails away in paper boats
Sinking in the sea of forgotten hope,
They sculpt words of deep guts
That penetrate my spirit,
Time becomes a race against their pens,
Their fire blue into the jade
And life is lived on a string of theorise,
They become enlivened in the children,
Enormous mouthfuls of hope
Arisen from soils of regret,
And the perfect words ripen
Like a midsummer's harvest,
They spontaneously eat the fruit
Of life's labors and digest words
With seeds for the planting of more.

I turn my face in my search and see
The years turn golden,
These are the poets with life full
In experience and they write like
Youth writes, but written already
With eyes of indecipherable experience,
Their wounds are closed but written
In fresh blood, I could not understand!
They burn and are not consumed,
Their words are eternal in
Endless galleries of Picasso like
Verses, the words penetrate
Leaving me hopeful and confused.
I wonder if I would ever write
The light and the darkened like
They that balance both....

I find all poets in the middle of forever,
I see their walls of frightful memory,
Their home for tomorrow's bloom,
The self knowledge turning in
On itself and becoming wisdom,
They drown themselves in clarity,
Cling to audacious hope,
Remembering the nocturnal nightmare
Of the past, they are endlessly broken,
Always fixing themselves in words.
And I wrote a poem for them in
My mind:
        Poets, you little gods,
        The fire of life in your pen,
        You write the existence
        Forevermore on a slab of jade;
       I see the souls and angels
       Reading a book of every poem,
       I see God reading to understand
       His strange and wondrous creation
       Called the poet.
For all of you poets.
Rone Selim Jul 2018
Tears come falling down
Decisions are already made,
but are any of them right?
Oh morality is what i seek
But the dagger of self blame yields further beyond any other weapon
It cuts you deep
We have choices,
but rarely speak the language of our heart's true desires
What if?
What if my choice was different,
what if your choice was different?
It doesn't matter what cards we are given, it matters what you choose to do with them
Living life with folds around the eyes, yet again it was always a matter of choice
Aint it sad?
We don't recognize
the sound of our soul
Its usually almost non existent
But we recognize everything else, that's not ME so easily
My tears come falling down,
I wished I could choose differently
And now the pain of never knowing,
will always be with me
Until I live, this sorrow will weep..
Rone Selim May 2018
You swirl around,
as you make your way
to the ground
Never come back as same one
But together you become one,
as you gently cover the land
Light up the entire field, the entire hill,
the whole forest and
freeze the entire ocean
Even the trees try catch you to stay,
they don't want to be left astray
Your beauty is unique,
but it's not only your physique

You choose where you fall
Then some would never witness your sight,
but in the depths of their mind they just might

You are the inspiration for our dreams,
This creation of nature,
so perfect with all its imperfections
The nutrition for our hopes

You bring warmth in the midst of cold,
So soft, yet so bold
So tiny, yet together so huge

You are Snowflake.
One day i looked out the window and watched how a single snowflake makes it's way to the ground. I imagined being that snowflake, the things i would experience..
Rone Selim Feb 2018
Dare to Live
Give Thanks Always
Live Your Dreams
Believe in Yourself
Push push push!
Dont give up!
Be the Student
Be the Teacher
Follow your instincts
Know your Worth
Stay humble Now
Understand to Give
Understand to Receive
The Small Things..
Pursue your Dreams
Time is Linear
I'm with you
I trust you
Yes you can!
You are Loved
You're not Alone
Give Love Wholeheartedly
Live, Laugh and Love
Nothing is impossible
Don't forget, SMILE!
I Love You

And lastly;

See you soon❤️
This might not be a poem.. But its something I'd like to leave behind for my beautiful and incredible children. Using 3 words sentences to sum it all..
I would like them to know that they taught me what True Love is, that they will always have me and my love by their side. How thankful i am for them, they are the best thing that ever happened to me. How proud they make me feel. I want them to live fully, to know that i believe in them, that they can accomplish ANYTHING in this world! To never ever give up and to always stay positive and happy. I will eternally be there with you, Sagr&Astera❤️

And why I emphasize the word Love in this, is because that's all life is really about.

I want to challenge you all writers to sum everything up you want to leave behind to your loved ones,  using only 3 words sentences.
Rone Selim Feb 2018
Cold tongue, pierces like a knife through

Cold hands, blood on them too

Cold heart, no limits to ones evil acts

But if only you had a cold mind too,
maybe you wouldn't be the master in your twisted game of two
Many would have been saved from you..
To all the victims that have suffered unspeakable lengths of evil/malicious intentions, acts and manipulation from someone else, in more ways than one.
  Feb 2018 Rone Selim
Willy Shakysphere
This is not going to be a poem. Please bear with me as I try to explain something important to me. I am getting responses (Hello Poetry email) from children. I want for the Hello Poetry community to pull together and find a solution. Some of these kids are expressing to me that they do not have anyone that cares about them.

Since my NDE I can tell you that this is not unusual for me. On my property I have all sorts of animals that regularly congregate in my yard. Many different species, sometimes animals who you would think are dangerous to one another can often be seen together on my property. I’ll leave it at that other than to say that many of these wild animals have become my friends. They innately trust me and I trust them. Everything from bears, coyotes, deer, turkeys, hawks, eagles, turtles, snakes, rabbits, lizards, squirrels, and raccoons can often be seen in my yard or on my porches. You are going to say that I feed them. I do not. My property is very small but it backs up to a property that is leased and protected by the Army Corp of Engineers. I only mention this because I do believe that humans are sometimes curious about me too. Maybe this is why these children are writing to me.

I respond to these kids and tell them that it is inappropriate for me to talk to them. As one user pointed out to me, a child has a completely different mindset than an adult has. A child is a precious thing and so impressionable.  Like some of the animals that appear in my life, sometimes I help them in some way. If their injured I either help them myself or get them medical attention. If something in their environment threatens anyone of these animals I try to mitigate the threat.  That’s not said to put a feather in my cap. It’s just how I view life now. So now we come to these kids. Just like my animal friends, I feel concern for these kids. I have seen some of the writing about there being a writer on this forum who is not being a good steward when it comes to the children on this site. In the hopes to promote a better stewardship and responsibility toward the children on this site I propose that we pool our resources together and make a concerted effort to provide a safe haven for these kids. What I would like to see is a few of you woman step forward and offer to mediate for us guys who receive email from a child. Someone that we can forward the info of the child to so that a motherly individual can take part in gently leading these children into a safe or safer mode of communication.  I’m sure that I am not the only one that they are emailing. It could be that a few are not even kids. I don’t know. But like the animals that sometimes are curious enough to come to my hand when I reach out to them, there’s just something in me that I cannot turn away or ignore these kids. I need help. Maybe you guys could organize a plan for communicating with some of these kids. It just is not safe for them to be writing to complete strangers.
Email me if you feel compelled to help or if this is happening to you as well. Here’s an example of one of the correspondences that I’ve had…

A….redacted  15h
Follow me on Instagram please ? || @..... redacted
***** Shakysphere  14h
Hi and thanks for the invite but I don’t chat with kids. Have a great day and please be careful talking to strangers.
A…redacted  14h
Okay ; sorry for disturbing. You
***** Shakysphere  13h
Not a problem. Just be careful on the web.
A….redacted  13h
Got you - thanks for looking out for me not many people care about me

The above is a 14 year old.  
They say it takes a community to raise a child. I’ve raised two mostly by myself.  Any suggestions or ideas on how we as a community can reach out to these kids and help them and protect them would be appreciated.
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