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At night when i lay my head down to sleep,
all my thoughts turn to you,
my heart starts to pound,
and i remember every word you said,
every place you touched,
the way you looked at me and told me you loved me,
the way you kissed me so softly,
making everything that was so wrong so right,
and as i start to drift off to sleep,
my last thoughts are of wishing that tomorrow was just as perfect as today.
The sky was grey and pouring.
It reminded me of you.
Although it looked sad,
It was still so beautiful.
Tonight I realized that
you weren't the one
who wrecked me,
ruined me,
or destroyed me.

It was me.

Because only I
have the power to
do that to myself.

                                        I destroyed myself
                                        by loving you.

— The End —