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I tug on your arm,
You don’t turn around anymore.
How many times
are you going to smash your face
before you realize
you can't walk through
a closed door?
Let’s be strangers not friends
That way we don’t have to be intimate
That way we won’t worry about betrayal
That way we won’t have expectations
And won’t face disappointment
There’ll be no commitments
And no reason to be loyal
If we become friends we’ll get hurt
Imagine if we go further
So let’s be strangers, no intros necessary
Just wanted to write in reverse
For every shade
     of green you see
For every wave
       you catch in the sea

*I hope you remember me.
I love you sweetheart
Your gentel touch
My dreams come true
And my heart beats
Loving you​...
True Love
Everybody's complaining about lockdown
But my feelings were already on lockdown long ago
And now they're on stand-by
a poem every day

i'm catching up with the notes, but life is asking a lot. i'm constantly tired, and very busy with school. i'll try to post when i can, but that's probably just gonna be when i feel like it.
i miss you
                            although you weren't really mine
A poem every day
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