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Nov 2018 · 268
Weljay Nov 2018
Trust is an ephemeral thing
built upon facades oh so feeble
and ever-changing people

Trust is a fragile thing
put upon capricious beliefs
and ever-shifting feelings.
Trust. To trust is hard.
Nov 2018 · 105
To trust
Weljay Nov 2018
is to put a dagger in other people's able hands
hoping they won't slit your throat
when come daylight's end.
its been long
Sep 2018 · 163
Weljay Sep 2018
forgive my propensity
to write incessantly
'bout this woman dear to me
for I just cannot resist
her essence that subsists,
that encompasses my entirety
my unconscious
it compels me
to write her, a poetry.
Sep 2018 · 126
Haiku #7
Weljay Sep 2018
by you; deeper do I fall
willingly, my love.
Sep 2018 · 690
Weljay Sep 2018
The way that my heart is collapsing
is making me breatheless
The feeling of not being able to do anything,
leaving me helpless.               

'Cause I have no right to be jealous
No right to demand
Painfully watching in the sidelines
While you be happy with another man
I know its my fault
I'm just afraid to lose you bad
Afraid to lose
What I never had.
so i was checking my drafts and saw this one. this was written during April.
Jul 2018 · 134
believe me
Weljay Jul 2018
you have no idea
how hard I try to make you feel
the things you do not see.
Jul 2018 · 294
Weljay Jul 2018
I have always preferred
my relationships
chill and breezy
God Lord!
You ignite
millions of storms
in me.
Jul 2018 · 5.1k
That moment when...
Weljay Jul 2018
having you stuck on my mind
is an understatement
in every crack and crevices I find
you there, always present

you permeate in every thought
like literally in all that I think
threatening to fill my mind
so I incarnate you through ink

writing poems during library
when I should be philosophizing Saussure
but don't worry I can cope
I can handle this, be sure

I've drawn you in pencil
heck, even in paint
but alas, my skills are not enough
to depict the beauty you contain

but don't think you're a distraction
you're more of a motivation
like serene blue skies to a young bird's eyes
you are what inspires me to greater motions

oh girl,
I'm chest deep in thoughts of you
but tell me, my love
do you think of me too?
I am spellbound.
Jul 2018 · 223
I Think of You
Weljay Jul 2018
morning breaks from the window seams
with you as my waking though
like dew that covers the morning grass
a gift the yester night has brought

a weary walk towards the bathroom
to take a shower with water freezing
but then again the thought of you
provides me warmth, a hot and sultry feeling

all through out the day you dance
in the boud'ry of my mind
and in all passing thoughts I chance
lo,there is always you, I find.

oh, as the day approaches its end
the moon pulls his regalia across the sky
and by the beauty of the stars, awed am I
but I see them shy against the beauty of your smile.
I am entranced by you.
Jul 2018 · 86
In arguments
Weljay Jul 2018
search for the truth is the guise
upon which Pride
stealthily hides.
tis like fuel.
Jul 2018 · 119
Weljay Jul 2018
Love hurts, maim, can ****
yet, we breath it still.
i'm not healing.
Jun 2018 · 112
Weljay Jun 2018
Sit still my soul
Feel the last gasp of change
As it leaves your throat

Sit still my soul
Feel the tears of pain
Disappear as it flow

Sit still my soul
Feel the warmth of the sun,
Of the day that is new

Sit still my soul
You are not alone
I am here with you.
Words do not heal they only pierce.
Jun 2018 · 107
My love for you
Weljay Jun 2018
is a poetry
a limerick
a tragedy
That ends with you not sure of your love for me.
May 2018 · 2.0k
Weljay May 2018
mahirap magmahal nga taong hindi sigurado
yung wala kang mahawakan kundi kanyang mga pangako
na hindi diretso,
puro lang talinghaga
mga hiling lamang sa mga tala.
May 2018 · 82
Your ambiguity
Weljay May 2018
is the darkness
holding daggers
while promising
it is flowers
May 2018 · 90
Weljay May 2018
I love you
like a rocky cliff loves the ocean
how my emotions
causes erosion
you always take a part of me
'til there's nothing left of my entirety
yet still
like a rocky cliff loves the ocean
I love you
Apr 2018 · 848
10:47 pm
Weljay Apr 2018
Death dangling from nimble fingers
Warmth ephemeral from cold delivered
Murky decisions waft as smoky regrets
Wishing it would burn out with the cigarette.

Another night pass like a stranger on the street
Never looking back, apathetic as it fleets  
Troubled mind tryin' to answer questions born out of fear
Trying to wrap around a conundrum
Afraid of what the truth will bear.
Long time no write.
Mar 2018 · 125
writer's block
Weljay Mar 2018

spilt ink

some poems

some poems

caged in
the mind

words that
a graveyard for thoughts and creativity.
Mar 2018 · 132
Weljay Mar 2018
I have cried you a river
baptized you in that water

I made you my religion
yet you're distant; oblivious

your silence is deafening
yet here I am still hoping
unrequitedly loving.
to you from a friend. Just a friend.
Mar 2018 · 111
Weljay Mar 2018
are a mystery
amidst the sea
dogmatic bigotry
been reading a lot of doctrinal stuffs lately and some of these words keep hitting me up so I decided to use it in a poem.
Weljay Jan 2018
Flat stones skipping rippling water
reminiscing old memories
now that I am older

I remember climbing narra trees
with friends full of jollity
reminiscing old memories

I remember me feeling carefree
swimming through turquoise river currents
with friends full of jollity

I remember every moment
like the laughter-filled walk home after
swimming through turquoise river currents

Oh! the life I used to live is
still as good as i remember
like the laughter-filled walk home after.

As I now stand on the same river
flat stones skipping rippling water
still as good as I remember
now that I am older.
We visited our hometown, and re-experienced the things we used to do and it was so memorable that I just needed to make a poem out of it.
Jan 2018 · 201
Hung ups
Weljay Jan 2018
I have always wondered
how your kisses
never touched my soul

now i pondered
that your love
for me was never whole.
Finals and broken relationships. great just great
Jan 2018 · 562
Haiku #6: Hurt
Weljay Jan 2018
I admit my fault
jumping into her heart when
its already full
of sharp broken things.
Jan 2018 · 236
Weljay Jan 2018
the halls today are filled
of walking husks of people
heavy mutter clutter the air
all are looking feeble

textbook-laden brains
lips a-coffee stained
eyes manic to the brim
composure wearing thin

stress-filled laughters
litter conversations,
every word carry the burden
of hard sleepless nights

some are carefree
but most are buried inside the library
a last ditch effort to arm the cavalry
as the enemy nears the periphery

the bell rings loud
the masses resort to silence,
the death toll rang
all around the campus

as the door came crashing down
you can almost hear
the desperate souls' silent cries
as "FINALS" enter with a smile.
apology for the jumbled verses
for this was born as my brain traverses
between panic to dilemma
from philosophies to subpoenas
from economy to mitochondrias
from pen to paper
this poem I cater.

I just needed to let go of some steam. cause **** I'm so stressed right now.
Jan 2018 · 163
Weljay Jan 2018
the moment you walked out the door
was the setting of the sun in my horizon
the sound of the clock ticking onto hours
was the stars exploding from the distance
gone is my world.
gone is my universe.
gone is the girl.
gone into the silence.
they say you can never hear oblivion
but i can hear it ringing inside the room
gnawing to the cavities of her existence
once was one with mine
now nothingness presides
Jan 2018 · 124
Weljay Jan 2018
the pen weigh heavier on my hand
as the words struggle to be free
from the confines of my thoughts,
to escape my reveries.
been gone for awhile.
Jan 2018 · 208
Weljay Jan 2018
I'm in a mess lately
but don't worry
its a good kind of mess
I hope. Probably.

I have been unraveling
pulling the strings
breaking myself apart

tearing down the foundations
I have built my old life

gone with the worn down facades
farewell to the faded walls
to the ghosts that haunt the halls
Oh I say to you

and upon its remains
I will build anew.
Nov 2017 · 594
Weljay Nov 2017
1 a.m in the morning
walking the streets
basking under tangerine lights
not minding time as it fleets

the cold morning wind
punctures my skin
a smile plays on my lips
savoring the sensation it brings

I inhale the silence,
embrace the softness of the morning
a warm piquant feeling
seeping through me

I feel the cadence of my footsteps
the symmetry of the streetlights
I even felt the rhythm
in the flickering of the store signs

and oh! how the stars shine in the moment
millions above lustrously burning
in the sky
now my heart
as they permeate my being

1 a.m in the morning
while walking the streets
I have found peace
in the city that never sleeps.
I stand rooted to the ground
afraid to lose this this trice that I have found
trying to preserve in stillness
the nonpareil that is peace.

it was a feeling that i never believed that i could ever find here in the city or anywhere actually.
Nov 2017 · 206
the small hours
Weljay Nov 2017
i treasure
1 to 4 a.m
the quiet and calm hours of the morning

the only hours of the day
that wants nothing from me
the only time that I am free.
thereafter obligations start to weigh me down.
Nov 2017 · 377
Weljay Nov 2017
Baby, you're a poetry
full of passion
and emotion
and elegance

a piece that fills me with ecstasy
full of fiery sensuality
as hot
as the midsummer sun

your lips is an oasis
slake away my thirst

strip away your inhibition
strip it down into words

show me what is inside
show me your prose and lines

let me loose on your body
on your skin supple, divine

let me relish every words
discover every parts
with my tongue

Baby, if you are a poetry
let me sing your entirety
let me be your willing bard.
she ignites me.
Nov 2017 · 229
Playing it safe
Weljay Nov 2017
I have always been the one
to never take the risks
one to play it safe
to snuggle where it fits

when time gave me
an opportunity to grab
Alas! afraid to lose
what i do not even have
I did not take it

I have always been the one
to take the safer bends
now, I'm stuck
just being her friend.
well, I didn't  lose something but nor did I gain, ******!
Nov 2017 · 173
Still friends
Weljay Nov 2017
The greatest what-if
between you and me
stands dearer still
than what we have in reality
See, I never had the strength.
Oct 2017 · 204
She is
Weljay Oct 2017
a woman, intricately drawn
by trembling hands
she was born
into existence
on a blank paper
a clean slate
a beauty to her creator
but in this world
beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
beauty depends upon the axioms
of the paper society.
beautiful. I side with her creator.
Oct 2017 · 279
Weljay Oct 2017
Don’t worry, I just love to reminisce
Time will come all of these will be erased
Like the season that always changes
My memories will be replaced
By better ones, I hope
By better ones, I pray

Like the paint that used to cover
The place we used to meet

Like the heart-rending sonata
now on its closing beat

Like the coffee on the table
Slowly diminishing its heat

These painful memories
One day will recede
Winnowed down by time
To small and smaller residues
These painful memories
Weathered down to humus
Where blossoms
The cosmos of change.
the cosmos is a very serene flower.
Oct 2017 · 545
"I love you too"
Weljay Oct 2017
conquering his fears
he told her he loved her
but she didn't answer, she didn't need to

for her lips upon his,
her hazelnut gaze
was loud and clear
Oct 2017 · 2.7k
Factum est
Weljay Oct 2017
mea culpa
mea culpa
mea maxima culpa

hear the song of the innocent

hung upon the cross
for the crime he has not commit

forced to plead guilty
by the precepts of society

whilst the crooked
stood at the base
shedding crocodile tears
eyes holding silent leers

feigning innocence
instigating chaos
taking into their advantage
dividedness, our ignorance.

here, the song of the innocent
nears its end
with his last, a doleful verse

"It is done"
not necessarily catholic but true enough I draw much of the inspiration from it.
Oct 2017 · 203
Hsun Tzu
Weljay Oct 2017
conscious self-deception
to cater to one's emotion.
Oct 2017 · 161
Weljay Oct 2017
Woe to the country
once full of pulcher and life
torn by ideals and strife

woe to the bullet
gunshots gnawing through flesh
seeking for the life supposed to take

woe to the soldier
nursing death
desolate of the horrors he has mete

woe to the army
marching steadfast
clung upon by ghosts of foes and comrades past

woe to the child
walking towards home
but sees only wreckage; broken dreams

woe to the families
braving the seas
yonder hope for safety

woe to the lives
upon what exactly?

woe to us
can we not hear their cries?
or is it indifference?

woe to mankind
woe to you, oh man!
what have you become?

**What have we become?
the devil leers.
Oct 2017 · 278
Weljay Oct 2017
Here in the open my body I lay
gazing upon somber tumult of gray
clouds in spectacular ashen display

I pity them giants, they are likened with sadness
little do people know that they cry out of gladness

they dance out of mirth
tranquil downpour to the earth

I pity them giants, people only notice the stroke of sunlight
in their abate

they rejoice to know that thereafter a rainbow will follow
the end of their woe

I pity them giants, they are remembered for their might
not for the serenity and vivacity they provide

I pity them giants
for they are destined to fall
to fragment into droplets
to lose life to give life for all.

in the open they start to fall.
a rainy evening to us all.
Oct 2017 · 116
Weljay Oct 2017
as the golden torch
falls into the abyss
millions of sparks rise
to light the path for the amiss.
Guide me,
Oct 2017 · 169
Before its gone
Weljay Oct 2017
Tonight is a beauty
tomorrow is a possibility
and as the sun's rays
scissor its way through the night sky
I'll live in this moment of You and I.
...and now its gone...

I wrote this piece a long time ago and I figured maybe its time to let it go.
Oct 2017 · 108
Florid to Gray
Weljay Oct 2017
Alas! my beloved
in flux,

You were never meant to stay.
Weljay Oct 2017
Walking down memory lane
I come upon miles of shattered pieces
t’was your heart
t’was my wrong doing

I continued walking
upon the detritus
of what was once was
that are now fragments

sharp glimpse
of hurt
of betrayal
caustic; perforating

but lo, I continued walking
walking down memory lane
knowing I deserve the pain.
for not being brave enough to tell you the things I should've.
Oct 2017 · 148
Young Love
Weljay Oct 2017
I treasure every morning
with us lounging in the terrace
limbs intertwined under a blanket
your warmth is my warmth

i treasure the taste of coffee
shared with every kiss
i always preferred mine decaf because cheesy it may be
your smile is already enough to wake me

i treasure life
for if not for it
there would never be an I
to love such a wonderful you

i treasure you
every curve, every feature
even those that are rough around the edges
because even real diamonds are never perfect.
Sep 2017 · 324
Tick Tock
Weljay Sep 2017
the bitterest most painful cry of all
is the cry of regret
especially when Time makes you recall
the things you haven't mete
Kisses. Hugs. some of the things we lament
for time is now all spent.
goes the clock.
Sep 2017 · 128
Weljay Sep 2017
then time took you away
leaving nothing but broken things
our promises. our future.
continuation to 31.
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