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 Sep 2018 Wick
Debanjana Saha
Feed it with a smile
Early morning
blossom fresh walk
Pause and wait for while
You miss something?
Yes, you miss yourself
being happy all by your own.

Take a deep breath
Jump into the ocean
of loving oneself
Make more art
Immerge into books
nourish your soul
Read through
the struggles of people
Finding you ashore
You are not alone.

Find yourself free
Minimize what you don't need
And fill it up with what you need.
Abandon the turmoil
of heart and mind
Life is too short to be caged inside
Speak up
do what you need to do.

Cry, smile and laugh out loud.
Make sure you take
'You' with you
When figuring out life, we tend to forget everything and keep chasing every other thing. Let's pause and decide what can we do to change our life and do something go for others.
 Sep 2018 Wick
Mary Frances
What I feel for you
is uncomplicated.
I love you.
No buts.
No ifs.
No reasons.
No matter how hard I try to look for reasons why I love, I can't find any. It seems like what I feel is free flowing. And I like how it turned out.
 Sep 2018 Wick
Edmund black
Remember jumping
on your bed as a kid ?
Today I did just that
for a whole two minutes
and thirty two seconds
with all my thitrty-two years
Six foot two inches
hundred ninety-five pounds
of my awesome self
Felt really great
Brought back
a lot of fun memories
It is a must
Once in a blue moon
You must allow yourself
To feel like a child
all over again
Sit on a swing and try
To remember how fun it was
when you were a child
I pledge it’ll bring a
Smile to your face
We all go
through difficult
seasons under the sky
if it’s meant to be
it’ll be
just let it be
Positively affirm yourself
feed yourself with joy
and goodness
and feel like a kid again
 Sep 2018 Wick
New horizons
 Sep 2018 Wick
Trapped in a cage with golden bars of light
Of ancient habit and direful duties;
Below the water crashed into the bight,
The whispering waves baiting with beauties.

But her shadow lurked around the coast,
Dashing her to the beach like drifting wood.
Preventing her from what she wanted the most
To reach new shores from where she stood.

She wanted to travel and sail the open sea
Beyond the shingle, seaweed and shells
Closer to the horizon where the birds flew free
Or to the arenaceous ground in diving bells.

And coming back to where she started
She found her seaside changed since she has parted.
Or did the widening horizon change her perceiving?
For returning was not the same as never leaving.
Dedicated to all those wandering souls who like to seek new horizons, who love travelling and experiencing the world with all its wonderful facets.
 Sep 2018 Wick
Ariana Bagley
I love him
I tell myself
I know that
We will be together forever
I don’t believe that
We could be separated
My thoughts tell me that
He’s the love of my life
Sometimes my heart lies and says
I could live an eternity
Without him
Like my friends say
“We’re perfect for each other”
And you can’t tell me
He’s not the one.

Now read from bottom to top.
 Sep 2018 Wick
CJ Sutherland
There are times in life
You are silent
The words are working
Until the day
Can set them
The deeper the issues
The long
I’m not ready
I’m here
Breathing, hurting
Taking a pause
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