Ww 1d
Paper filled with words
Not enough to contain
All this emotions
All this pain.
Pen with ink
Not black enough
To paint
All of my thoughts.
So shallow
It cant hold
The unfathomability
Of what i want to tell

If i could i'll replace
The paper with tears and voices
Ink with blood
And the poem with my body
To reach you till it aches
Until it breaks.
'cause i' m already breaking anyway.
Ww Nov 15
Trust is an ephemeral thing
built upon facades oh so feeble
and ever-changing people

Trust is a fragile thing
put upon capricious beliefs
and ever-shifting feelings.
Trust. To trust is hard.
Ww Nov 15
is to put a dagger in other people's able hands
hoping they won't slit your throat
when come daylight's end.
its been long
Ww Sep 13
: I did believe me. Heck, I still do. I know you said you feel the same
  way to me too but I don't think you've realized that that's not true.
Ww Sep 13
: we grew tired, I guess
  puffed the last smoke
  from from our burnt down cigarettes.
Ww Sep 13
:broken embers
waning from the fire
we used to be.
sitting at the opposite sides of the bed
  Sep 5 Ww
Mr Quiet
To every sad songs,
To every sappy poems,
To every sentimental quotes,
Will you think of me?
And when you post those stories with all those heartbreaking words,
Will I think of me?

Have I ever made you happy?
And when I think that I've made you laugh and smile,
Are you just lying to me?
Because if I'm the reason why you're always breaking,
Please just tell me,
I am truly sorry.

You say you're a bad liar but then what does that make me?
A fool that wants to believe,
That you really are fine, that you really are clean.
You say you've already told me all your secrets,
But tell me honestly,
Do you really love me?
You told me so many times that you love me,
But do you love me?
Do you trust me?

To be honest, no words can explain the way I love you,
Have I ever I told you?
You're the only person I ever said "I love you" to.
I'd rather see you leave me so you can be happy,
Rather than you being sad with me,
I'd rather see you happy,
Than say you love me.
When You Used To Call Me Mine
Part 11/14
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