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Wick 2d
tiredness, nowadays
never goes away

it sways
the thoughts that grow in my brain,
it lingers
like drizzle, whispering after sonorous rain

the tiredness
oh it never goes away
it accumulates
it reverberates
it stays.
until one decays.
Wick Mar 23
but i cannot be
for i am not free
i am shackled
by people's expectations, the responsibility
to make them happy
to make them feel not hurt
even in times when i feel like dirt.
Even when i'm down,
i cannot be me
because, only as dirt can i help them grow
to help them heal
to make them feel loved and appreciated
for their need for validation to be constantly satiated
only as dirt, can i help them bloom
to be the person they need to be.
Son. Lover. Brother. Friend.
i am always another
but i am never me.
Wick Jul 2020
If parallel worlds are true, will these thoughts that plague me
be there too?
Wick May 2020
I found a genie in a bottle
While was gardening
I rubbed it three times
but it wont do a thing
So I asked through the bottle
Why nothing's happening
it answered
"nah bro, I shan't go out, were in quarantine"
Wick May 2020
back then, I thought she loved me
that's why she wont meet my eyes

but now, i know better
she was just afraid I'd see through her lies.
Wick Apr 2020
The colors that i'll use
To paint our story
Are those that'll never fade.
Wick Apr 2020
we lost our car today
we put it up for assume
'cause we hit a hard patch
and were not able to pay
but hey
surprisingly were okay
mom cooked some good food
and ****, we love her beef broccoli sauté
its as they say
sometimes in life, things just doesnt go the way
you want it be
but time will come
we'll be more than okay
me and my family.
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