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Wick Jul 18
If parallel worlds are true, will these thoughts that plague me
be there too?
Wick May 3
I found a genie in a bottle
While was gardening
I rubbed it three times
but it wont do a thing
So I asked through the bottle
Why nothing's happening
it answered
"nah bro, I shan't go out, were in quarantine"
Wick May 3
back then, I thought she loved me
that's why she wont meet my eyes

but now, i know better
she was just afraid I'd see through her lies.
Wick Apr 30
The colors that i'll use
To paint our story
Are those that'll never fade.
Wick Apr 18
we lost our car today
we put it up for assume
'cause we hit a hard patch
and were not able to pay
but hey
surprisingly were okay
mom cooked some good food
and ****, we love her beef broccoli sauté
its as they say
sometimes in life, things just doesnt go the way
you want it be
but time will come
we'll be more than okay
me and my family.
Wick Apr 18
i've let go of the pen
that used to be inseparable to me
as i let go of the reason
for most of my poetries

                                          but now a year later
                                     a year older, more mature
                                                       ­                           i've let go of the pain
                           bid goodbye to the woes brought by her uncertainty
                                                     ­                         i've let go of the person
                                                          ­                for real this time, happily
it took some time to heal but here i am again. I'm back!
Wick Nov 2018
Trust is an ephemeral thing
built upon facades oh so feeble
and ever-changing people

Trust is a fragile thing
put upon capricious beliefs
and ever-shifting feelings.
Trust. To trust is hard.
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