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Fall Aug 5
Amour et Vérité, mots singuliers, mais étant intrinsèquement pluriels

Cherchons le sens, l'origine, la profondeurs de nos chers mots

Non, non, non, je refuse de t'user car il n'y a point une fin pour toi

Langues, vaste tel l'eau que possède ces océans

Libre comme si elle glissait sur le bleuâtre gaz qui protège du photon courant

Rieurs des caprices de ses petits écrivains et poetes

Oh désolé , mais tes enfants sont morts

T'ennuie tu ma chère langue ?

Je suis désolé car le monde te refuse

Léchons les marmoneurs , mais refusons les mots qui cherche les artists

I hate " mumble rappers" self proclaiming themselves as artists. Sorry but you are not as long as you can pronounce words correctly.
Fall Nov 2018
Couleurs en lambeaux du à trois jours

Ça pique , ça chatouille , elle arrive , je la sens , pas bien...

Ses pas sont vert , porte la music tel une mélodie qui ne connait limite

Les petits coup de , l'oeil devinent la vie , ram ou rav

Ma peur , mots , ne se manifeste auprès d'elle , chaque fois

Elle se retourne , que regarder , que penser , figé , respiré , demande

Comment va tu ? Non , trop formel , tu a prit tes soins ? Trop personnel ...

Parler , il le faut , parle la , elle se retourne , je me tourne ... Non

Sa voix est faible , ses chants plus possible , yeux sur mien

Arrete , mots , sortis ,
" je t'attendais",  " j'étais venu te voir , la porte était fermé "

" Désolé " , Elle sourit , pour moi ,
moi .
This is a french test work for an english collection of poetey that I am going to release . This will be thé only one in french  for french lovers . There is going to be some sort of chapitres to the story . It's name will be 96' ,it is based on a lovestory  . It is thé love beetween Ram and Janu . Thanks everyone
Fall Nov 2018
Forced and rash , it is raw and powerful like a geyser . Strangely ... Calm to the heart

More wild , Water spreding like an oil on a beautiful lys , she was there , my flower

Morpheus is heartless , face is still erupting , eyes are dreaming as mind is wandering

Madness , am I your new toy , envy might be jealous , I can't play long , anger is the seeker

Touch , a simple one , meanings World to me , soul wants her near , senses demand her back

Flame desert , sweet one as the lead on a road , crusty and cracked , the brown sugar is tasty

Another one came and took it , the flower , surprise is ... it leaves voids , unfilled ones

Still taking away ? Life is all I have ...

You came for that Maëlys ........
Fall Nov 2018
Sneaky strategist waiting for the pouncing , ***** sloth singing to zeus's

Light neighing the beatings , flashs blaming the rain's brow rising ,

snails playing to the silver morning , while birds loving their secret lovlings

Raining claims the one drying , asking what is the large Darkness flying

Drops slowing , my feet wobbling , eyes opening , seven ones smiling

Blood dripping , blades retracting , mind begining , words aren't forming

Fights are stopping , clarity overtaking , regret homecoming , tears falling

Home going , welcoming is maybe not waiting ...
Fall Nov 2018
Born by the feet of the godness ,
I loved her and protect her,
Cursed I am called

Born by the head of my mother ,
He got her bénédiction and left her ,
Blessed he is said


Sithai , no word could describe ,
I brought her to my cavern to get her love ,
Yet her Heart yearned for him

I promised everything she might desire
the Sky ,the Moon , the Earth
She wanted him back
She prayed , devote , loving , peacful ,
She asked for him , nothing else
I watched and marveled  

Uncorrruptible , unexpecting , faithful love

I wanted her as mine , not her body , Heart , that pure and loving one,
I wished to be the one to call it my home

I wished to print on this beautiful soul a part of mine , I wish to be hers , I just wish ....
Oh , here he is , judging and doubtful ,
Questioning her purity and virginity ,
He refuse to see her tears or the bleeding heart

****** fate , spiteful existence am I ?Hoping for a unfuitful love
Desiring a forbidden fruit

Shall be it , destiny or mighty smither,
Bring your mighty thunder
I will receive with open arms

But , I shall leave my mark ,
Her Mind ,
with a chaste kiss on her head

Balade on my heart , trying to take my love for her , to late Ram , I already left my mark

Ravanan must die , so be it , a blade shan't take it , heart , burning for Sithai is it ,
Ten , Thousand , Infinite need it

Oh , why cry , shedding tears for ravanan , we both don't deserve you ,
Nobody does , fadding , my time is near


I am sorry , I shouldn't have taken you against your will , male stupidity , I wish .... , No , I am happy enough ...

Sithai may remember me , she could think about this ravanan , so selfish to the end as males are ...
This is a poem that i have on mind since a few months , i can't bring into words the unexpecting love of ravanan to it . I am working in it . Maybe , i can deliver this masterpiece in near future
Fall Nov 2018
Tombes , more to count than to sit at ,
Marcel Joséphine , weird name ;
Silence , eerily feeling which reminds us of it , pity that the almighty feels all of us , poor lord indeed
Old ones with lys , kids near them , family then , playing , grieving , singing , saddening
Vanilla , awful smell , rooting corpse in sunny Season , no milka anymore , nice Sun though
Leaves , dancing to Eole's humming , his music of his air , freedom , do they know their treasure
Thousand birds crying , light neighing , rain falls if not heaven's wrath , paining my earings
Steps , slow , sorrowful , slits , so grim reaper , smile , some soul shan't seen sad but happy
Jaa ne !
Fall Nov 2018
Attend , sa reponse peut être Non ...
Patience , ta chance sera là Non ?

J'hésite , Je , je pourrais pas le faire ,
Arrete , tu peux le faire !

Une seconde , ca va marcher ?
Stop , ca va aller !

Si , si ça ce passait differament ?
Ben , c'est plus marrant !

Aucune , aucune chance que ça marche ,
Faux , tu a le destin dans ta
manche !

Je ... Je .. Je .
Réfléchis après , fait d'abord !

Je ... Vais .. .
French version of a writing in my mind
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