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Talking to crickets through the stillness of my mind,
walking next to high vibration fields,
they enter silence
hearing these vague steps

so I stop
and become,
to hear how this pulsing keeps
left and right of me in everlasting conversation's beat.
Wenn der Strom ausfällt,
ficken oder Liebe machen?

Schlecht gehen
im Geschlecht,
irgendwie macht man es der Dualität nie recht.

Doch wenn das Licht aus geht,
wer ist da noch
und wärmt in der Dunkelheit,
viel zu bekannt
um benannt zu werden?

Wenn der Strom ausfällt,
ficken oder Liebe machen?

Nur ein Wort
und ich bin dort.

Reiß all die Angst aus dir heraus,
zeig dir, dass es anders geht

oder streichle dich zur Selbsterkennung
wo dein Herz dich von alleine in die richtige Richtung weht

Nur ein Wort
der Öffnung,
dass du mich brauchst.

"Ich bin dankbar,
dass du schon so lange vor meiner Türe stehst
und einfach nicht gehst.

Ficken oder Liebe machen?
He ate flowers.

this mentally challenged boy
from the countryside
I used to watch him
in the fields
when I visited my grandparents
as a kid
He was like an exotic thing
a wild beast chasing
static pray
They had no chance,
the flowers
he would assault them
with a killer's smile, frothing,
and would grab
and tear and rip them from
the stem and
would eat them

Nobody knew why
and the only explanation given
was that he was insane

then the men and women
who saw him would
scream at him
to stop and he would raise
his head and watch them
like a deer surprised by
Then he would spit the colorful
froth from his big mouth
and would run home
hopping and leaping like a horse
through the tall grass

He was mostly inoffensive,
this flower eating boy
but they all told me to stay away
from him and would
always chase him away when
he got too close

Time passed and I moved to the
city and went to school there
and stopped visiting the
countryside and its wonders
I got busy
and my busy life drove away the
magic and mystery of childhood

The flower eating boy is now but
a memory
neither good
nor bad
just strange, interesting

He doesn't eat flowers anymore
because he doesn't live in the
countryside anymore
No, from what I've heard
he's in some mental facility and it was
his last flowery meal that sent him there

I don't know,
maybe if they hanged signs with
"Don't wear flowers in your hair!"
around the village and the fields
that little girl would've been saved
and the village would still have its
magic beast.
Carry me away
into dreamlands where I can
stay alive in flight.

A mind at rest is
the best to me in swinging
as arms falling in

slow feather friction,
hair in suspense, what's coming?
Harp or violin?

Lying there in rose streams,
bare as pure white composition
of fibres, feeling the choice of colors
your voice leads in.

Standing there at the mouth of the river,
fulfilled with appreciation for being blessed at this station,
your glowing eyes let all of these river plants quiver.

Flamingo steps,
graceful wraps for hurtful emotion,
bringing beauty out of held back motion
you come closer to this ocean leg,
the melody set through an aura so divine,
to define

letting go of the maze
in filling all the lost routes with curious wonder juice,
a voice will whisper tenderly
whenever doubt is reaching out
"My heart allows to blossom all of my hidden and forgotten sprouts,
cause I am worth of joyful living."

Mouth to mouth we meet
through every pore
which speaks.

My heart blossom
pours trust
into this place of confidence
under dust

and these tree circles on fingertip skin
touch you endlessly,
floating flumes with seeds,
as if you'd be of glass,
deep dark violin,
for that this light of yours
gets out and in.

Moaning free
as symphony,
beautiful beginning

  1d White Lion
society and
most people
  in general
    disappoint me.

it's not their fault,
      mostly not.

the way some
   treat animals,
      other humans,
        just how they
disrespect life....
    other than their own
      of course.

i don't ****
   i don't hurt anything
and i...
   i have a difficult time
in understanding those
     that can.

as i said.
   it's not your fault,
well, mostly not.

  i just expect more
     from humans that
on the outside at least,
      appear to be like me.

but i guess
   that's why our insides
       our insides.
they are like
  a secret.

    for some....
a very **** secret.
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