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274 · May 25
Winning Hand
Whitavius May 25
... If my relationship was a game of cards...

Five cards hit the table
Right there in front of me
Like fortunes' greatest table
The game of the century!

She's my Lady-Luck incarnate
Its all Aces with her
Companion, Lover, and Mate
Together, our fate to master.

Though when we met
None of this was planned
Now its an all-in bet
And she's my winning hand!
206 · Jul 5
Love's "Hello"
Whitavius Jul 5
One heart meets another.
They begin beating together in time
   That sense so new
   So many things to do
In perfect rhythm... Perfect rhyme...

One mind encounters another.
They begin to search and explore
   Thoughts, ideas and proclivity
   Perspective, opinion and tendency
Similarities and differences to adore.

One person touches another.
Electrifying each person inside
   A feeling for the ages
   Defying the wisest sages
Deep within the soul now resides.

Two meet and verily become one.
Never too late... Never too soon
   A love is created
   In every way related
in this moment, perfect... atune..
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141 · Jul 5
Fonnet Kasey
Whitavius Jul 5
My girl has a way about her
Especially when she's genuinely happy
A perky little grin and playful purr
Her words are all cheerful melody...

I love her like this
It's so utterly satisfying to hear
I hope it's something I never miss
Whether she's afar or quite near...

This is how she should be forever
Laughing and smiling with glee
This I make my everlasting endeavor
Her joy is the very height of beauty!

My girls has a way about her …
And I intend to keep it that way!
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126 · Jul 5
Why is this different?
Whitavius Jul 5
It's different because it has to be
Not jut another person! Same enterprise.
We can't do the same old thing anymore
I think we're both in for surprise!

No more easy seduction
No practiced methods of appeal.
Fare well to rehearsed romance
If this is to be real...

We must now step outside ourselves
Becoming ourselves at the same time.
We both know what this means
Identity together, yet individually prime.

There can be no "trying" like before
We're going to have to simply BE.
Affectations will only ruin us
We both must want this genuinely.

Our sameness can be advantage or danger
A welcomed yet enforced kind of honesty.
Because this will really have to be different
If there is to be any you and me...
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123 · May 23
Beneath the Surface
Whitavius May 23
I love to flirt and dance with suicide
Counting death, as if I’ve already died
It’s a fantasy date with destiny
The thrill of that last and final ride….

I’ve gone over the edge… I think
Into a melancholy void I sink
Where flights of imagination take over
Memories and projections, with no apparent link …

Do I long for the end? Sure…
But allas, there is no cure …
Death being but a transitional doorway
Into another state, not necessarily pure…

I cannot shed this sadness
Nor it’s selfendulgent madness
Its all adding up to imbecility
And an attitude of crassness!

Ah! More time spent in morbid revery
Emotional Back-sliding and mental mortality
But never you mind!
The worst catalyst is any sympathy ….
122 · Jun 29
Variables of Love
Whitavius Jun 29
Because someone doesn’t love like you
Does it mean that they’re not true?
Should different loves ever compare?
Whom would judge which is fair…

To impose rules in love of to demand
Destroys its potential to expand
Love has wonderful holistic ability
For new ideas and endless possibility…

Relationships evolve together – separately each
Each person having much the other to teach
It takes two whole people willing to become
Parts of each other, as one whole SUM.

Love doesn’t have to “change” with vicissitude
Though it should adapt to it with aptitude
Life is constant alteration and flux
Understanding this seems to be the crux…

Love how you love
And you be you
Let them be them
And love you too…
107 · Jul 5
Simple Self-Sonet
Whitavius Jul 5
O Self! Why feel thus conflicted?
Hast thou such hypocricy
To consider thyself outside the predicted?
O thou ego of utter aristocracy...

O Self-righteous self in me
Blinded art thou so intense?
What extent thou can't see
Your anger makes no sense!

O my, my, my... EGO...
What makes it so different for you?
Accusations of attrosity, wrong and woe
Yet the very same thing, you yourself do!

An adaptable morality indeed
Ethics subject to personal need...
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91 · Jul 5
Dramatized Encounter
Whitavius Jul 5
Happy and content -> Nudged out of wack.
On the right path -> Diverted off-track.
Whole and complete -> convinced of lack.

Laughing imbicility -> Fatalistic and sad.
Understandingly forgiving -> impossibly mad.
Totally good -> enjoyable bad.

Zest for life -> inviting suicide.
No remorse -> regretfully tried.
Never always -> honestly lied.

Timid fear -> Daring and bold.
Genuine character -> hypocritically cold.
Religiously devout -> soul's been sold.

Musically inclined -> can't keep a beat.
Social butterfly -> never want to meet.
Sour face -> smiling so sweet.

Always the same -> subject to change.
Seeking normality -> incredibly strange.
Demandingly certain -> just to re-arrange

… Remind you of anyone?...
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84 · May 23
Whitavius May 23
Back and forth, Side to Side
Round and round and round
As my pendulum swings, it tells me things
What was lost shall be found.

So tell me now, tell me true
What is what, and who is who
Yes or no, the answer to show
Where to go, and what to do....
80 · Jul 22
Closer at a Distance
Whitavius Jul 22
Closer to you, than at a distance
Familiar attraction, with no resistance
Close yet away, and come what may
Believe this LOVE, with ever-persistence

Intamacy unknown, with pure anticipation
Hyper-lustful cravings, wild temptation
A realm alone, and all our own
Transcending the most exalted imagination!

Playful affection, young love to renew
Such rejuvenating feeling, pure and true
Happy with our choice, and to hear it in your voice
Makes me feel like a love-bird, "coo coo coo..."

Oh there may be tough times ahead
Especially given the lives we've both led
dreams of you shall get me through
Thoughts of life, home, and a loving bed...

Kasey I promise:

Within each other shall we so heal
Ourselves once more, shall we both feel
Free and clear, no more fear my dear
If only for once, we do this fore eral.
56 · May 23
Whitavius May 23
Though I feel darkness does encroach
Much anxious anticipation looming
One idea can be held with certainty
As safe as possible in assuming ...

'Tis the sweat picture of you
My lovely little sprite
Kept within my heart
Both day and night

Which holsters my resolve
And inspires my soul
As each though of you
The corners of my mouth upward pull...

Such a deep connection
So easily made
Taking no time to form
In no extent shall fade
'Tis this feeling
Loves saving grace
Which comes to me in thoughts
Of your gorgeous smiling face!
44 · Jul 5
Just a Minute...
Whitavius Jul 5
A whole lot can happen in a second
Entire lives forever altered … and
The whole world is changed
every single minute…

Can you count the seconds
Of a baby's first breath?
Can you measure the interval
Transition between life and death?

How long does it take to die?
Caught off-guard by accident...
Or for total change of heart and mind,
By some unexpected, life-changing event?

How long is the "moment of victory"
Compared to the "hour of defeat?"
Both are decided in an instant
How much destiny is changed in a heart-beat?

Take the time you need...
Value your time indeed...
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13 · Jun 1
Protest May 31st 2020
Whitavius Jun 1
Protest May 31st 2020
By Herbert Baker

Tragedy impacts all, entirely and whole across the world in every place. Needless deaths hurts, heart and soul we must realize one human race!

Can you see yourself in everyone? Have you tried to look? How each looks should never stun were all pages in humanities book.

Limit no perspective by color code everyone can contribute just the same  and walk together, along life’s road. Unity to promote, and hatred to tame
Stand together, protest! But peacefully please for violence distroys, while love frees.
11 · Jun 27
Whitavius Jun 27
I was trying to loose myself
When you found me!
Trying to run away from myself
Not to look, not to see.

Then there was you
And there you remained
Just without yes closer within
When skies were sunny, or chaos rained.

We saw each others’ treachery
Laughing together at its similarity
A morally questionable reflection
Strengthened with dark clarity!

Dangerous truth in such familiarity
Undeniably belonging to me and you ...
Such a wonderfully disturbing impression
It’s like looking at myself when I see you
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— The End —