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Ria Oct 2018
Never felt this way for nobody
Scared of being played
I just want ya arms
Lips body on mines
Feel our bodies intertwine
No more fights no more lies
No more lonely crying nights
Holding ya daughter hearing her say is daddy alright ( ? ]
No more tear drops falling from my eyes
Sunny skies
Flowers blooming in site
Birds chirping feeling alive
Falling from a cloud looking into ya honey brown eyes
Curly short hair all soft when i rubb on ya head while ya head makes me close my eyes
Bite my lips
While my juices fill up inside
You turn me on Joshua Wright
Make me feel butterflies
I'll climb mountains and surf hurricanes to be by ya side as long as you FCKEN ride
Ride with me rider ride
Please dont leave my side
Make sure everythings better than alright
Oct 2018 · 83
Ria Oct 2018
I feel so hurt
Feel like trash thrown away
Dont feel like the sun shines the same
Waking up early sleeping late not enough sleep in a day
Broken into pieces
Puzzles that never seem to fit
Why is this happening to me
Look at this
You dont want me at all
Ya actions say it all
I feel like i just might fall
I swear i fight with myself
Lying battling inner demons
Biting for some odd reason
Tail gating thoughts of you with some one else
My mind lost in thought
Ya daughter smiling wide
Grinning from ear to ear
Not a muthafcken care in the world
I must stand tall strong and stay invloved
Make sure my feelings are dissolved
Act like everything is resolved
Fake the happiness even tho im broke
Awoke from happiness is now a fcken joke
Sep 2018 · 96
Ria Sep 2018
I remember when we first began
You was there every single day
Staying by my side
Little did I know you was gonna be my ride or die
Everyday I came outta high school sad and mopey
You came to my crib with a rollie
We lit it and smoked and also joked
I noticed that you wasnt getting any messages or calls
All of your attention was on me I was so appalled
From kisses to becoming ya misses
Long talks with long tokes
Getting high to ease the pain and slowly it went away and you were there for everything
I let you sweep me off my feet and  claimed you as mines
Best friends slowly intertwined
Sweet love our very first time
You started off with a massage and then we started to grind
6 years in and you're still on my mind
Fresh in my brain like it hasnt been some time
Love so sweet
Looking at your face makes my heart beat faster times 10
Still feel the butterflies while your kissing on my neckline
Sep 2018 · 100
Girl of Gold
Ria Sep 2018
***** so good you wanna drown in it
Smarts and the looks yeah she got all of it
Type of chick that wakes you up with good head
Makes sure you eating home cooked meals everyday man
Got you looking healthy
Takes care of you
Works too , brings that bread
A lot of bread , a lot of bread
Faithful and loyal
Never betray ya soul
You got you a girl of gold
Hold her close , never let her fcken go
Be careful you might overdose
Don't get to comfy
Lose everything you had
Lose a blessing
Perfect little Queen ready
Fck it up & lose it all
Don't be mad, don't be mad
Don't be mad
Sep 2018 · 100
Ria Sep 2018
Might as well and be alone
Fck with no one your on your own
No one needs to be let in
Disappointments when reality sinks
Love is nothing close from real
Working hard to never feel
I don't want to go through this love shxt again
Bedazzle me and make me understand
Understand happy shxt not love that shxt isnt bliss
Fck ya feelings and just call me miss
Nothing real just casual ****** feels
I don't want a wife or a husband
I just need some fcken
Never been the type to pipe and leave
Broken damage can change things real quickly
I might just be talking shxt
A ******* might be what I just might need
Humans make shxt to fcken complicated
To much emotions and attachments
Can we just flow and forget everything

I been in to much shxt to give you a reaction . .
Aug 2018 · 269
Ria Aug 2018
I agree theirs two worlds
The world you let others see
And the one you write
The shame you feel , you hide it away
The hurt and pain closed and locked up with a key
The things you feel but do not say
You eyes reveal . .
What you really feel
Glossy from so much pain
Stronger you are yet you hide behind this facade
No one can feel your pain
But through you words you let people in . .
Inside of your brain as mixxy and crazy as it is
I write and speak my mind without saying it out loud
I conceal my face feeling a disgrace
*** is she another one of those girls who got fcked over and fell on her face
Was in the top of the world and lost her grace ?
So much gossip but I can't relate
Don't want to hear anyone say my name
Close my eyes and make others looking in go away
Far away from the truth of my words
Go away from the sorrows I will say
Go away far far away . .
What will they think . .
Aug 2018 · 87
Ria Aug 2018
The way things are processing in my fcken brain
Anger and pain
So much pain
You would have thought I was shot
critical condition
Why can I be with the one person I wanna be
Sleepless nights
Tear drops down my eyes
Cars and lights are outside
Life is passing me by
Happiness when will you arise
When is it my time
When can I be alright
If depression was a class
I excel +A
Everyday and night you're on mind
No other humans exist
What humans
Who are you
What where and why
Leave me alone I don't got no time
Time for who-rahs and lies
One day I see things being different
Genuine smiles , happiness all around
You by my side hand in hand
Legs against my thighs
Slow breathing and sighs
Wonderful nights and mornings to follow
Everything feels right no more sleepy hollow
My heart flutters at the thought of one day things being better than okay
Jumping over obstacles and making us sane .
Aug 2018 · 85
Ria Aug 2018
Just bullshxt
Why do I feel so bad
So sad
Glad I let go
But so hurt
Broken damage
With no worth
Yet you're the one who lost out
I ain't perfect
Or ain't got shxt figured
But I would think your brain would be bigger
The shxt you do made you lose me boo
I wonder if I'm still on ya brain
Me not responding to ya phone calls is making you insane ?
Is it bad that I wanna cause you pain
Break ya face & whoever's by ya side telling you everything's gonna be okay . .
Fck everything and everyone in my way  
I will proceed to maintain
Maintain this smile
Maintain this facade
Fck ya life and everything you did
How can I fcken burn inside with pain
Bleeding inside and mask on
No one can invade
No one's allow
Me myself and I
And I'm making me proud !
Taking life by the horns and doing it well
Worried about me and mines even tho I still cry
Manage to wake up and smile in my baby's face
& Pretend like everything's okay
Trying harder everyday to make myself comfortable in my own space

One day I'll get better I'm just taking my own pace
Slowly but surely you will be ERASED
Aug 2018 · 900
Ria Aug 2018
Tired of the lies
Tired of the weakness I feel inside
So many years
So much time
Effort to just get fcked
Wouldn't it be my luck
Lucky enough to fall in love with my best friend
Took me three years to let you in
Didn't immediately allow the love to flow
Scared to lose a friend
But ended up gaining a lover
3 years together and you made me a mother
Beautiful daughter
Smart as fck
Then you started fcken up
The lies just to get what you want
What was the purpose
Of making me happy to play me like a game
Being in love wasn't enough in your brain
I'm tired of the mistrust and hurt
I don't think I will ever love again
But why did you do this to me , my best friend ?
Why does it feel like I belong in your arms but you hurt me and drive me insane ?
Why does it feel like regardless of all the games when we touch we are meant to stay ?
No one attracts me in any which way
But I'm letting go of all ties
I never want to get hurt with all the lies
Time heals all they tell me
All the same
How can you forget someone who impacted your life in so many dramatic ways . . .
Staying strong and never looking back cause what the heart wants hurts me real bad . .
Aug 2018 · 527
Ria Aug 2018
Why do I still fcken care
I see you in my dreams
I see you everywhere
Your eyes , your lips pink
Your caramel skin
Oh how you know me so well
You spit a couple of words and touch my skin
And my skin fcken burns
Full of passion and desire
I lose it all completely
You kiss my body like you admire every piece of it
From my forehead to my toes
Slowly working your way around me with your nose
Kissing me slightly
Something inside me wakes up
With every bit of your soft touch
How can forgetting you be something I was willing to do from the jump
This feeling I feel I never felt before
No one was irreplaceable
Everyone was easily discard
But with you . . . I believe I'm still in love .  .
Aug 2018 · 127
Not good at naming poems
Ria Aug 2018
I was hurt
It wasn't nothing new
Something I should be use to
something I should be already use too
I ignore the signs and lies
And just stare into your honey brown eyes
Mesmerized I give in
Letting your sweet kisses poison me
Oh how you've frozen me
I'm stuck on the past yet currently in the present
I'm stuck on the future with white picketed fences . . .

— The End —