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A while back i asked you a question
You’re answer never came
I guess i scared you a bit
I guess it was a sort of weird question
But know here i stand
Covered in blood
Weeping in sadness
Yet you dont see
You’re killing me
My identity is unknown
Now i know you know
Who’s behind this show
But i have to say even if you know
You dont
You dont know me
If only
You could see
The real me
That came out of nowhere
I like chips
But not for the reason you think
Chips are our thing
And i miss them
Sometimes it’s really hard to be calm
With voices yelling at you
Inside and out
With people telling you things
Telling you how to act
Telling you how to feel
It really makes it hard to stay calm

Thats another thing they tell you
Chill! It’s fine!
But you know
You know
Its not

So if i show up one day
And I’m completely fine
I don’t care about anything
And I'm just overall cool
Know that i lost a fight
With myself
And you won’t see me tomorrow
Sometimes i wonder
Where are you now
After all those things you did
Do you even remember
Oh well
I’ll live with the scars
I’ll live with the feelings
I just wish you could feel as i did
That first night
When you changed my life
You can probably guess what they did.
sleep is scarce
now that i have said
those things
to you
i cannot explain
I'm scared
of you
The way you make me feel
I should go  
Steal your heart  
Keep it just out of reach
Take it away if you find it  
Just so you know  
How I felt
When I met you
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