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In the End, It will all fit together.
 Nov 6 What4221
Dry dusty bones
worn-out resolve
I take comfort in
I’ve already lost
nothing further
can be taken
the rest is
Traveler Tim
 Nov 2 What4221
My journey finally came to its bitter end
I fell to the ground and deteriorated
I slipped deep into restfulness of soul
Surprisingly up from my after pile
A beautiful fungus forms
My wormed over residual self
From the ashes reborn
This is my new breath!
Order out of my Chaos
Traveler Tim
 Oct 15 What4221
JL Smith
It's been said,
If you love something
Let it go

So you did
And I'm free,

But I'll return

You love me

© JL Smith
 Oct 15 What4221
 Oct 15 What4221
Twirling, taunting,
Fluttering, flaunting,
Silver with optimism,
Wishing on a star.

Sitting in the park this evening watching the sun go down behind the nor’west arch.

‘Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.’
- Marcus Aurelius, Meditations
 Oct 15 What4221
Nala Alfira
why do we born
to be weak
to be owned
to recover alone

why do we taught
not to say no
not to be heard
not to be complete
 Oct 12 What4221
Jez Farmer
If I ask you would you give me some time
A brief moment shared in rhythm and rhyme
I will not ask for any more than that
Just the merest glimpse of sweet paradise
Inhaling your sweet scent of civet cat
Aroma feeding my inner desire
Just a moment of lust shared between us
Ignites the spark of eternity’s fire
The supreme love of Vulcan and Venus
Again, I ask for a moment in time
The question hidden in casual chitchat
My words lost, disguised grains of wild rice
Will your heart see all this that I desire
The dark love within romantic snugness
Form: Ivorian Sonnet
 Sep 21 What4221
We, the rescued,
From whose hollow bones death had begun to whittle his flutes,
And on whose sinews he had already stroked his bow-
Our bodies continue to lament
With their mutilated music.
We, the rescued,
The nooses wound for our necks still dangle
Before us in the blue air-
Hourglasses still fill with our dripping blood.
We, the rescued,
The worms of fear still feed on us.
Our constellation is buried in dust.
We, the rescued,
Beg you:
Show us your sun, but gradually.
Lead us from star to star, step by step.
Be gentle when you teach us to live again.
Lest the song of a bird,
Or a pail being filled at the well,
Let our badly sealed pain burst forth again
And carry us away  -
We beg you:
Do not show us an angry dog, not yet -
It could be, it could be
That we will dissolve into dust
Dissolve into dust before your eyes.
For what binds our fabric together?
We whose breath vacated us,
Whose soul fled to Him out of that midnight
Long before our bodies were rescued
Into the arc of the moment.
We, the rescued,
We press your hand
We look into your eye-
But all that binds us together now is leave-taking.
The leave-taking in the dust
Binds us together with you

**Nelly Sachs
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