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What4221 Mar 9
A hint of promise
Carved life into stone
Pulling at the air around it

Catch it in your calloused hands

It pours free
Drifts in the air
Sugar sweet whispers

We burn it in fires
To get rid of the other percent
Bathe in the steam carried on lost wind

And your eyes watch as the flame burns
And the river flows above it
Pushing and pulling

We cut and create
Make and destroy
Clear the frigid air

And yellow blooms somewhere in the dark
Words flow soft on poisoned thoughts
We believe

Show them how it works
Show them how it hurts

This is our life

This is our pain.
What4221 Mar 5
Turn and leave
And turn and leave
And turn and


strange scarred monster
standing in the dust
lit by your taillights.

I hate degrees
Because they always take you away from me

Turn and leave
And walk away
Drive away
Fly away

I'm sorry I'm not whole
I'm sorry I can't give you a full person
I'm sorry the puzzle you tried to put back together is missing a piece

I'm Sorry

monster shuffling and staring
at anything but your face
dirt ground
caged in
left behind.

I tried to complete it
Magazine clippings
Old photographs
Sweet desserts
And toy cars
None of them would fit
I'm that jagged

Just space

wishing at stars
howling at the moon
you'll never hear
the monster is doomed.

I'm sorry

I'm sorry I'm a monster

(and you turn

                                         and you leave)
What4221 Mar 5
i had to google the right color heart to send you
just so you didnt get the wrong idea
yellow for friendship


I keep wishing I could send red
(Starts with R- like Reciprocated)
What4221 Mar 2
Sometimes the earth breathes
It takes in air as tornadoes and hurricanes
Coughing up tsunamis and floods
In the electric static shock of the atmosphere
Lightning cuts through the clouds yelling

The earth holds its breath
It waits in calm stillness
Silent and waiting for something
As people breathe above it
Creating their own storms
Their own natural disasters

The earth gasps for air through smoke choked skies
And it drinks in green slime
And polluted water.

Moving through space
Gasping and sputtering
Pushing and pulling


Mars was supposed to be the red planet
But ours is covered in blood

It’s hard to breathe.

Gasping and shaking
We make storms and live through them
And walk and drag and pull
With broken bones
With blinded eyes
With scars and pain
Bruises and fear.



The earth sleeps sometimes
It snores in gentle rumbles of faraway thunder
As people live above it

As plants push through to sunlight
And food arrives at another starving place
The earth sleeps as it heals
Through natural disasters.

As the scars left by wars fade
And the people sing
And the sky clears
As we take our time
As we walk instead of drag
Instead of crawl

As our broken bones mend
And the blood is washed clean.

Green bursting from gray ash
Pink and white delicate flowers
Buds on trees.

Another hole dug in the ground
But this time it is roots being lowered into it
Not a coffin.

The earth sleeps
And the people heal
And fix
And build
And plant
And live.

We clean after the storms we have lived through
Strolling through space
Pulling up life from death.

What4221 Feb 25
There is safety in anonymity
The press of the crowd
A faceless voice yelling in a sea of noise.

It’s chaotic
Rushing, tearing, pulling
Red is the color of rioting.

Unidentified criminal
Slinking back in red shadows
Safety in hiding.

Reluctance against the pull and flow
But eventually
Everyone lets go.

We drift
On a sea of red.
What4221 Feb 24
The words slip too clumsily off your tongue,
Your heart sings the wrong song,
You offer a hand too late,
You forget to offer one at all.

Your actions are the opposite of your intentions,
You breathe in misunderstandings,
You can't find the way you thought you were going.

You feel the weight on your shoulders
The emptiness of your heart.

Take a day
Or a week
Or a month
Or a year
Or a decade.

Let it all build up
If you feel you have to.

But make sure
Before it all gets too much
To look in the mirror
And say

I forgive you.
What4221 Feb 23
Someday we'll see past the ice
Someday I'll see past the fear in your eyes
The sun will shine again.

Somewhere there is home
Somewhere we don't have to roam
With someone
We'll be safe in the sun.

Let's find home
Let's find the sun
I want to see again
I want to breathe again.
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