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N Schulte Dec 2020
The day the family leaves the grandparents house.... 14 all the way back down to two

I hate leaving... I hate having to say goodbye. I hate having to drive away and leave people behind. I hate the end of Christmas.... I hate putting away decorations. I hate the end of Christmas break. I hate going back to normal... I hate when Christmas presents aren’t as special as when you first opened them...
N Schulte May 2019
Teach the kids
Teach them to spell, read, and write

Teach the kids
Teach them to add, subtract, multiply, and divide

Forward, Back, Left, and Right
Teach the kids
How to move and where to go

Teach the kids
How to act and what to do

Red, Green, Yellow
Teach the kids
When to stop, go, and slow their pace

Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-control
Teach the kids
How to love every person of every gender and every race
N Schulte Sep 2020
hatred and anger are only
the absence of love
and can be diminished by
the abundance of love
July 12, 2020
Inspired by Wuthering Heights by Emily Brönte
N Schulte Apr 2020
<                             Friend                             (i)
                                        ­                        (Hey)>
<(Hey, hows it going?)
                                             (Pretty good, I’ve)
                                             (been writing a   )
                                             (lot of poetry...  )>
<(. . .)
One I didn’t send....
(I’m actually not)
(doing so well...)
N Schulte Feb 2020
The dog in the cage
The puppy in the cage
Scared and scarred
Whimpering and bleeding
Wanting to run free
Collapsed on the wire
Shallow breathing
Eyes closing
Tail wagging as he sees a light
Tail stilling
Breathing ceasing
Lonely heart finally tranquil
Innocent, broken soul finally at rest
Because all dogs go to heaven
N Schulte Mar 2019
A lonesome swordsman
Stands on a hill
Watching the village
Where nothing is still

No quiet moment
No crowdless street
No content beings
Nothing unaccounted for

Except the man
On the hill
For he knows one thing
That will

One pair of eyes unseeing
One pair of legs not moving
One pair of hands, useless
One heart not beating

The devil-reaper
On the hill
Looks to one broken home
And finds his ****
Thanks for reading!
N Schulte Sep 2020
if sadness was a color . . .
if despair was a shape . . .
what a
universe it would create!
A Marvel(loss) Universe
N Schulte Apr 2019
A ship sailed
Across the  sea
Looking for it’s final resting place
Looking for peace

The ship sailed
Masts unfurled
While in the waves
It was hurled

Another ship sailed
Across the lake
Looking for it’s final resting place
Hoping for it’s last trip to take

The ship sailed
Gently accelerating
While the lake
Was unmoving

A third ship sailed
Across the bay
Looking for it’s final resting place
Waiting for the end of day

The ship sailed
Proud, was it’s crew
While the sun set
And  the night was new
I tried to create a peaceful poem. Hope you like it! Thanks for reading!
N Schulte Aug 2020
A poet is a castle
Having been built from stone
Seemingly impenetrable
With a moat around it’s walls

A poet builds these walls
To protect what’s within
The moat is filled with creatures
That will destroy whatever tries to come in

But castles are not perfect
The stone can crumble with age
The things within the castle will quarrel
The boiling *** will overflow

And when this happens
A poet writes about the anguish
That they have captured
The pain that they protect

They do not let anyone in their castle
Because they do not want them to get hurt
But castles, no matter how strong they seem,
In the end, will burn
N Schulte Jan 26
the flower in the
field was swaying in the wind
a patient flower

Flower was taken
placed into a vase to be
admired by passers

Flower slowly dying
yet willing to wilt for us
yearning for our love

she is beautiful
and she, dying beautifully,
has given joy to me
N Schulte Jun 17
sticky sticky
dripping honey

the words spill out
of your mouth so often

at first i felt
the butterflies

but now i feel
kinda sick inside

i dont know why
i dont like you less

i just feel like
im swimming

in sticky sticky
dripping honey

far too sweet
for a girl like me
N Schulte Feb 2019
She stands
The Belle of the Ball,
She looks you in the eye
you don't know why
but there she is
Your Bella The Ball
I really want love.... XD I don't know why I wrote it from the man's perspective, but hey! It's poetry!
N Schulte Feb 2019
You'll be there
I hope
Don't leave me
Come with me
I hope you will
Don't leave,
Lonely without you
It is
You were
Be there
Be there, Someone needs you. You might not know it now but someone does. Maybe you need someone.
N Schulte May 2019
.   U    B
B              B
     E     L

Perfectly round

         U    B
     B              B
          E     L

Sparkling in the sun
                                                 U    B
                                           B              B
                                                ­E     L
Floating on the breeze
    U           B
     B                       B

N Schulte Sep 2020
build up the walls!
for love leaves ruins
N Schulte Sep 2020
sometimes a castle holds a damsel in distress
but this castle holds a fair maiden's heart.
its purpose is to guard it against
the foolishness and destruction of love
but castles are merely stone
and love seeps through the cracks
N Schulte May 2020
Crazy, yet relatable...
does anyone else remember the times
that they've pasted a smile on their face?
Hid their pain so well that
the superficial smile was all others saw?
Purple fur to cover a withering heart
Hope was all but lost
Yet you kept on smiling?
You don't want to let others down
So you drown yourself in fake happiness
Your cheeks hurt from the strain
And you're just hoping that you can fake it until its real
You don't share your hurt with others so
you won't bring them down with you
And all the while you are slowly
disappearing until there is nothing left.
its okay to stop smiling...
its okay to not be okay
N Schulte Apr 2019
There for each other
Thick and thin
They always show up
No matter where you’ve been
They help you when the going gets tough
She is who I look up to
She can always cheer me up
When I’m feeling blue
Built-in best friends
Inspired by my cousin, Hannah. She challenged me to write a poem about her. Thanks for reading!
N Schulte Jan 2019
Death comes to us all.
It tells US to make the call.
Will you jump the bridge?

Death can be our friend
Helping escape the real world
Descend into dark

If you believe that, he,
Yahweh is the one true God
Then ascend to light
3 Haiku poems combined. Thanks for reading my thoughts.
N Schulte Apr 2020
Pronoun that is used to point out or address another being

Past tense verb that means something is somehow changed, usually for the worse

Possessive pronoun that means something belongs to me in some way

Noun which describes the building block for all relationships
The ‘you’ is plural.
We are working on it though....
N Schulte Jan 2019
Full of fun
Dolphins play beneath the sun
The waves and tides are their playgrounds
To talk they use their clickety sounds
They sound a warning or a call to play
As they jump into a wave
Look to the ocean this morning
I promise you, it won't be boring
As you just might see a dolphin today
Or catch a glimpse as one swims away
Has anyone ever seen a dolphin when they visited a beach? This was actually one of my first poems. It was written when I had a poetry-writing contest with my sister. (I won. XD) Thanks for reading
N Schulte Jan 2020
I thought I was drowning in your love
but it turns out
I was drowning in our fears
our fears of not being accepted
we tried to accept each other
we were clinging to each other like the other was our lifeboat
but neither of us were kicking to keep us afloat
N Schulte Apr 2020
Do you ever feel like you’re the one
Who always starts the conversation?
Like you’re the one people only hang out with because they are bored?
Do you ever find yourself wondering what part you play in your favorite person’s life?
Do you ever wonder if you’re just a placeholder??

I do...
                                                                   I do...
Time to put my happy mask back on
N Schulte May 2019
Why does everyone else laugh at the jokes,
That I find not funny?

Why does no one else laugh at the things,
That I find to be funny?

Why does everyone else seem to have a perfect life,
While I do not?

Why does everyone else seem to be so happy,
When I'm trying not to cry?

Why does everyone make everything seem so easy
When I stumble over my words?

Why does everyone else seem to have everything
While I'm still searching for happiness?

Why does everyone seem to be loved,
While I crave the feeling?
I will say, I have found happiness in the Lord, I just am still searching for the happiness provided by an unrelated beloved and I am loved by my family, I'm just not sure about my friends.
N Schulte Jul 2019
From the sky comes rain
'Screech!' calls the bird
Swish goes the snake's tail
Whoosh goes the wind
Rain falls on bowing autumn leaves
leaves fall to the ground
A near silent splash
announces the arrival of rain and leaves
to the watery ground
Challenged to write something with onomatopoeia.
N Schulte Apr 2019
Such a small word
Such a powerful feeling
Of the unknown
Of never healing
Of evil
Of failing

Of death
Of what may or may not be
Of life
Of the loss of friends and family
Of being alone
Of strife

Of stereotypes
Of losing pace
Of pain
Of hate
Of everything or nothing
Of losing this race
N Schulte Jun 2019
Waves washing over
You blocking out all the sound
Floating on the water

Hoping to drown out all of
Reality’s noise
Telling you ‘You’re worth nothing’

Floating on a sea
Of despair, yearning for change
From this way of life
Sorry I haven’t posted as much. I’ve been busy. Thanks for reading!
N Schulte Apr 2019
In the water of life
Can you swim?
Or will you
Can you fly?
Or will you
N Schulte Aug 2020
Hurt from
Hurting people

My fingers are weak
From holding on to you
My arm has been held over this ledge
for way to long
My muscles are straining
They are about to break
N Schulte Apr 2020
I used to have long hair
That was before I really cared
About what people thought of me

I cut my hair
It’s really short

I care about what people think now
And I really want love

All the girls I see have long hair
All the long haired girls have boyfriends

I have short hair
But I want to grow it out again
The thing is... I look better with short hair, but I don’t want to look good... I want to feel good. I want to feel loved.
N Schulte Apr 2019
Happiness is a feeling
Way down deep inside
It can be hard to get
And it's very hard to hide

For some it's hard to grasp
And when asked “Do you have it?” they lie
Some lie to much and get all sick inside
Some may even want to die

Enough of the sad
There is so much good
Would you give it out
If you could?

The world is full of people
Some who won’t share
The world is also full of people
Who care
Thanks for reading!
N Schulte Sep 2020
like heat and cold
alone they destroy
but together they
are neutralized
July 12, 2020
Based off of Wuthering Heights by Emily Brönte
N Schulte Dec 2020
Everyone talks about how
Hell will be a pit of fire
I think the opposite
For fire is warmth and light

Hell will be cold
Cold on this earth is only
The abscence of heat
Hell will be truly cold

Nothing to warm you
Nothing to give you light
You’ll be frozen in terror
Unable to take flight

Stuck in the moment where you realize
There is no hope here
And you can’t close your eyes
To make it disappear
N Schulte May 2019
Standing In  Front
Of the Mirror
Body like an
to all  
except hers
for beauty
Wishing and
Hoping to be loved
N Schulte Oct 2020
You know you’re grown
When your monsters change
They don’t lurk in closets
And hide underneath beds
Now they stand in the hallways
Bunched up, whispering
Now, they point and gossip
Spreading rumors
You’re not afraid to walk
Upstairs at your grandma’s anymore
You’re not afraid to turn off the lights
Instead, you’re afraid of the rush
to get to the classroom
You’re afraid to go to lunch
You’re afraid to talk to them
So, how you know
When you’re grown
Is when your monsters change
Part 1 in my new series, How Do You Know?
N Schulte Dec 2020
When we think of grandparents,
We think of smiling faces
Warm hugs
Sometimes slow or in a wheelchair
But they are always there to listen

But one day they won’t listen
They want to but
they can’t
Their ears aren’t working as well anymore
You have to shout when you’re five feet away

They won’t hear your words
But they’ll see your face, the sadness
The frustration
They’ll know that they are getting old
And when they know it, you know it and it hurts
Pt. 2
N Schulte Apr 2019
I ain't one of your everyday girls
I don't like diamonds or pearls
I don't do dresses or gowns
I don't do unicorns or crowns
I don't do a prince waiting in a castle
I don't do mornings without a hassle

I ain't one of your everyday girls
I don't do anything to my curls
I do a t-shirt and jeans
I am not a queen, by any means
I don't believe in anything generic and ordinary
I can make people wary

For, I like to create my own galaxies
I like places with good abnormalities
I think kindness is essential
I think everyone needs to be prudential
As my essence to you unfurls
You know, I ain't one of your everyday girls
When I say generic and ordinary, I mean where you do what everyone else is doing. You don't have to go with the flow when you don't like it. Create your own creek off of the river of life!
N Schulte Jul 2019
One day the sky will no longer be blue
One day most life will fade
One day we will stand in cities of ashes
One day we will regret everything that we ever did wrong
One day we will all suffer loss
One day we will see no more in this world

Until that day,
I wait
I hope
I dream
I think
I believe

Some say you must
Do this
Do that
Be that
Think that
Believe that
To survive in the next life

I believe so,
Some believe in
And much more

I believe in the first
You may believe in the second
Or third
Or fourth
Or fifth
Or sixth

I don’t mean to discriminate
Or judge
I am just saying what I believe
Isn’t that what we do everyday?
You believe
I believe
We believe

Even if we are wrong
We will not know
Until our last day
And most everything will become clear
Depending on what you believe

Because of your beliefs and appearance
And my beliefs and appearance
We are treated differently
I believe
We are human

I believe
I know
I am human
You are human
They are human

Whatever goes on in your mind
We are all made up of bones, muscles, flesh, and blood
We all have brains, hearts, lungs
We all have skin, no matter the color

I believe we should treat each other
As we would want to be treated
Because we are all human
No matter of disabilities
No matter of color
No matter of sickness
No matter of belief
Took about 45 minutes of a car ride to write this one. Came out as nonsense, but I coaxed it into a poem form.
N Schulte Mar 2019
When love is all you need,
why not love me?
I am not your lover
Though I may be your bestie
I am not kin to your father or mother
Yet we are related
I am not your friend
But I can be your enemy
I am not your teacher
Though I can be your student
I am not your God
Though I can be your idol

Who am I?

If love is all you need,
Why not love me?

I am you
Your body is a perfect image of God. Don't harm it please! Thanks for reading!
N Schulte Apr 2020
i wonder what a noose around my throat would feel like

i wonder what the pills in my mouth would taste like

i wonder what the razor against my skin would feel like

which one would hurt the least?
which one would be quickest?
which one would make it easier for those i’ll leave behind?

i wonder how long it would take for them to go through my things

i wonder how long they would cry for me

i wonder how long it would take for them to forget me

when will be long enough?
will it be years? weeks? days?
what amount of time will make it easier for those i’ll leave behind?

i wonder if my life will amount to something

i wonder if anyone will remember me as a stranger

i wonder if i have the courage to end myself

i guess we’ll find out
N Schulte Apr 2019
Be a happy being
Do not be sad or lonely
Think I have a choice?

Because I do not
I wish I did because then
I wouldn’t be hurt
N Schulte May 2019
You wave and smile
So excited for summer with all your friends

I will wave back
Unready for a summer filled with memories

You walk away
Excited for the new school next year and the people you will meet

I stand, watching
Unready for the new school year of learning alone

You're going to a big school where you will be a nobody
And you are ready

I'm going home to be a nobody in a big world
I'm not ready
I homeschooled all my life except for the 7th and 8th grade. I really enjoyed my time being around friends for the whole day (most of the time). Definitely opened my eyes to the power of friendship. They are all going to different schools and I chose to go back home. I'm just scared of being forgotten.
N Schulte Jun 2019
The irony:
The speaking deaf
Are not heard
At vacation with family. Every year we end up in groups. My sis and cousin. My two guy cousins and my sis. My mom, dad, and younger sisters. Then me. I float around in the groups. They either can’t hear me over others or they are ignoring me. It’s easier to believe the latter bc sometimes I know I’m shouting.
N Schulte May 2019
It's finally hitting me.
I told myself it was all lies
But now I know
I might never see you again
My heart is
S.  H.   A.  T.   T.  E.   R.  E.  D
Into a million pieces
Almost as many as
the memories we shared
I don't want it to end.
8th grade has come to an end. I have enjoyed my time with the 25 crazy kids in my class. We had so much fun and shared many memories. Our signature 'quote' is 'Love You, No ****!'. I just want to say that to them wherever they are and whatever they are doing. Love y'all no **** and have a great summer!!
N Schulte Apr 2019
I hate this

I hate this

I hate this

I hate this

I want it to end
I originally had the last line as 'I want to die' but I am not a suicidal person. Thank you for reading!
N Schulte May 2019
I would be               |\/\/|
                                 a Queen
For you

Regal and

Kind and

               but craving of you

I would be
a                    | recluse |
for you

I would live
               behind closed doors with you
                          /   \
                        /       \
we could      /           \
                  [Hide away]

Be ourselves
              with nobody
                          to judge us

I would be
for you

Show you a me
                 that no one has seen before
because no one was looking

Loyal and

But you would have
                      to take the bad
                                  with the good

Selfish and proud

Quiet and LOUD

           and so much more

But believe me
When I say
I would try my BEST
to be what you want me to be
'Cause I would be
                                            Anything For You
Dear My Future Love,
      Just waiting. Will you look for me?
                                                          - Nettie
N Schulte Jan 26
i made a friend
in an online chat room
too bad i'll never talk to him again

he said he liked the way
i worded things
he said the way i said 'EPIC'
was adorable... it made me blush...
i don't know why

i laughed at his jokes
as we spoke about ghosts
and the rolling hills of england
N Schulte Apr 2019
Can I just leave?
Can I? Please?
I   Just Want   to GO ---->
I don’t know where,
I guess Anywhere, except here
I Just         Want to GO ---->
I could be a celebrity,
I could be a nobody, and not be me
Just    Let Me   be   FREE
Out of this broken family
I love being four of three, but I need to leave
Let   Me   Go And      Be ME
N Schulte May 2020
a             b             c             d             e             f             g             h
happy|sad|      happy |sad    | happy | happy |sad |happy
i             j             k             l             m             n             o             p
happy|sad|    sad|    happy|  sad|    happy|      sad|     sad
q             r             s             t             u             v             w             x
sad|   sad|       sad|        sad| happy|    sad|        happy|    sad
y             z  
sad| happy

Everybody's letters would be different.... what do yours look like?
N Schulte Jan 2019
Life is a story
That may remain untold
My life is a tale
I hope will unfold
A life filled with good
A myth centuries old

Or a fable filled with strife
A life filled with drama
Where nothing is right
A fairytale uncontrolled
Life can be a story
I don't even know what happened. I wanted to write a poem and this flowed from my fingers. Thanks for reading.
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