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2.5k · Jan 2019
N Schulte Jan 2019
Which do you hear?
I hear none
I was born completely deaf in both ears. I am lucky enough to have a family who can afford cochlear implants. Others are not so lucky.
2.0k · May 2019
N Schulte May 2019
Running through the jungle
Bounding over fallen trees
Trying to escape

When will we leave them alone?

Staring at the moon
Golden eyes shining
Ears flicking at every unknown sound

When will we leave them alone?

Pacing in a wire trap
Roaring out of pain
Bleeding, just for men's gain

When will we leave them alone?
My friend wanted me to write a poem about tigers.
1.7k · Apr 2019
Take the Stairs
N Schulte Apr 2019
Do you ever feel
Do you ever think
Fight that feeling
And take the
                  ­  rs
                      to the top floor.
i wanted to try something new. Hope you like it and can read it! :D
1.2k · Apr 2019
The Warrior Of Wind
N Schulte Apr 2019
The Warrior of Wind
Stands on a cloud and looks down
from the big, blue sky

She towers over all
Waiting for the day when she
Can reveal herself

For now, she must hide
Until the Lord comes down
From the big, blue sky

Then when that day comes
She will soar across the sky
Bringing gusts of wind

She can't wait to fill
The destiny chosen for
Her, Warrior of Wind
5 Haiku poems combined. I'm not sure if there is a Warrior of the Wind, but if there is this is how I imagine her. Standing on a cloud, watching the world and waiting for the Last Day.
885 · May 2019
I Would Be Anything For You
N Schulte May 2019
I would be               |\/\/|
                                 a Queen
For you

Regal and

Kind and

               but craving of you

I would be
a                    | recluse |
for you

I would live
               behind closed doors with you
                          /   \
                        /       \
we could      /           \
                  [Hide away]

Be ourselves
              with nobody
                          to judge us

I would be
for you

Show you a me
                 that no one has seen before
because no one was looking

Loyal and

But you would have
                      to take the bad
                                  with the good

Selfish and proud

Quiet and LOUD

           and so much more

But believe me
When I say
I would try my BEST
to be what you want me to be
'Cause I would be
                                            Anything For You
Dear My Future Love,
      Just waiting. Will you look for me?
                                                          - Nettie
817 · Jan 2020
The Wizard
N Schulte Jan 2020
We’re off to see the wizard
The wonderful wizard of Oz
The one with courage, a brain, a heart, and a solution
The powerful wizard of Oz
The man, no being!, who has these wonderful things
The wonderful wizard of oz
You walk into his room
The wonderful room in Oz
You ask your questions
Oh wonderful wizard of Oz!!
Will you give me what I need? What I crave?
Please oh wondrous magician of Oz!
‘Why of course’ he says
For he is the wonderful wizard of Oz
‘You need a brain? Courage? A heart? A home?
Asks the inquisitive wizened man of Oz
‘Take mine and go, for I have no need of them
I want to fly away from this confining land of Oz
Take everything I have and let me float away
The man in the sky from Oz
Waving from above the clouds
In a wondrous balloon above Oz
You’ve been off to see the wizard
The wonderful wizard of Oz
And you’ve found, that he is a lost man
The hopeless man from oz
Twilight Breaking Dawn, page 329, Title of chapter 17
N Schulte Mar 2019
When love is all you need,
why not love me?
I am not your lover
Though I may be your bestie
I am not kin to your father or mother
Yet we are related
I am not your friend
But I can be your enemy
I am not your teacher
Though I can be your student
I am not your God
Though I can be your idol

Who am I?

If love is all you need,
Why not love me?

I am you
Your body is a perfect image of God. Don't harm it please! Thanks for reading!
598 · May 2020
N Schulte May 2020
a             b             c             d             e             f             g             h
happy|sad|      happy |sad    | happy | happy |sad |happy
i             j             k             l             m             n             o             p
happy|sad|    sad|    happy|  sad|    happy|      sad|     sad
q             r             s             t             u             v             w             x
sad|   sad|       sad|        sad| happy|    sad|        happy|    sad
y             z  
sad| happy

Everybody's letters would be different.... what do yours look like?
516 · Apr 2019
N Schulte Apr 2019
Such a small word
Such a powerful feeling
Of the unknown
Of never healing
Of evil
Of failing

Of death
Of what may or may not be
Of life
Of the loss of friends and family
Of being alone
Of strife

Of stereotypes
Of losing pace
Of pain
Of hate
Of everything or nothing
Of losing this race
478 · Mar 2019
The Invisible Boy
N Schulte Mar 2019
Someone lives inside my head
The Invisible Boy
He consumes my thoughts when I lay in bed
He is my emotion
and my best friend
Upon his shoulders he carries a ton
Yet only a child
He wonders and marvels
at the wild
things, He thinks of those who have no home
He thinks of those
who think they are alone
He thinks of those who seem happy
He thinks of those
who are just acting
He loves and lives inside my mind
He thinks of what will happen
to mankind
On that fateful day, The Last One
The skies will darken and a light will shine
When God will send his only son
to finish what he started, The WAR will then be won!
and no more
will we need the sun. Until that day
He thinks only of joy
He wonders and marvels
Even though he is The Invisible Boy
I have been wanting to make so many versions of this poem. I want to make it an epic one day! Who knows if it ever will happen. The Invisible Boy who lives in me.
463 · Jun 2019
N Schulte Jun 2019
The irony:
The speaking deaf
Are not heard
At vacation with family. Every year we end up in groups. My sis and cousin. My two guy cousins and my sis. My mom, dad, and younger sisters. Then me. I float around in the groups. They either can’t hear me over others or they are ignoring me. It’s easier to believe the latter bc sometimes I know I’m shouting.
443 · May 2019
N Schulte May 2019
.   U    B
B              B
     E     L

Perfectly round

         U    B
     B              B
          E     L

Sparkling in the sun
                                                 U    B
                                           B              B
                                                ­E     L
Floating on the breeze
    U           B
     B                       B

435 · Apr 2020
A Cry For Help
N Schulte Apr 2020
<                             Friend                             (i)
                                        ­                        (Hey)>
<(Hey, hows it going?)
                                             (Pretty good, I’ve)
                                             (been writing a   )
                                             (lot of poetry...  )>
<(. . .)
One I didn’t send....
(I’m actually not)
(doing so well...)
389 · Jun 29
time will heal
N Schulte Jun 29
you cant see the teeth marks...

they're hiding under my watch
381 · Apr 2020
N Schulte Apr 2020
I used to have long hair
That was before I really cared
About what people thought of me

I cut my hair
It’s really short

I care about what people think now
And I really want love

All the girls I see have long hair
All the long haired girls have boyfriends

I have short hair
But I want to grow it out again
The thing is... I look better with short hair, but I don’t want to look good... I want to feel good. I want to feel loved.
364 · Jul 2019
I Believe
N Schulte Jul 2019
One day the sky will no longer be blue
One day most life will fade
One day we will stand in cities of ashes
One day we will regret everything that we ever did wrong
One day we will all suffer loss
One day we will see no more in this world

Until that day,
I wait
I hope
I dream
I think
I believe

Some say you must
Do this
Do that
Be that
Think that
Believe that
To survive in the next life

I believe so,
Some believe in
And much more

I believe in the first
You may believe in the second
Or third
Or fourth
Or fifth
Or sixth

I don’t mean to discriminate
Or judge
I am just saying what I believe
Isn’t that what we do everyday?
You believe
I believe
We believe

Even if we are wrong
We will not know
Until our last day
And most everything will become clear
Depending on what you believe

Because of your beliefs and appearance
And my beliefs and appearance
We are treated differently
I believe
We are human

I believe
I know
I am human
You are human
They are human

Whatever goes on in your mind
We are all made up of bones, muscles, flesh, and blood
We all have brains, hearts, lungs
We all have skin, no matter the color

I believe we should treat each other
As we would want to be treated
Because we are all human
No matter of disabilities
No matter of color
No matter of sickness
No matter of belief
Took about 45 minutes of a car ride to write this one. Came out as nonsense, but I coaxed it into a poem form.
347 · May 2019
Wake Up
N Schulte May 2019
I'm so tired
Can I just go to sleep?
Just           a      k
          w                   e       up
to a new morn
and new problems
while the old remain undisturbed
346 · Apr 2020
Men of the Earth
N Schulte Apr 2020
The man from the sea
Salty, wind-blown hair
Wood-worn hands from the ships
Eyes to see land along the horizon
Mouth to sing with the voices of the waves
Rocking, iron legs, made for the sea

The man from the trees
Tangled, leaf-filled hair
Calloused hands from climbing
Eyes to see disguises in the branches
Mouth to sing with the melodies of the birds
Jumping, strong legs, made for the trees

The man from the sands
Sandy, dried-out hair
Nimble hands from the ropes and silky sand
Eyes to see amidst the light from the sun
Mouth to sing with the cat-calls of the burning winds
Moving, steady legs, made for the sands

The man from the grasses
Sweaty, sun-scorched hair
Paper-cut hands from weaving through the blades
Eyes to see danger amidst the weeds
Mouth to sing with the whispers of the rustling stalks
Skipping, quick legs, made for the grasses

The man from the river
Dripping, slicked-back hair
Smooth hands from the flowing water
Eyes to see fish amongst the rocks
Mouth to sing with the sound of flowing water
Slow-moving, quiet legs, made for the river

The man from the mountain
Thick, shadow-covered hair
Hard hands from the heavy stones
Eyes to see distantly from the mountaintop
Mouth to sing with the tumbling rocks
Trodding, stout legs, made for the mountain

The man from the ice
Frozen, ice-cold hair
Blue hands from the frostbite
Eyes to see places where the surface is thin
Mouth to sing with the crackling of the frozen ground
Tip-toeing, careful legs, made for the ice
Which one are you??
N Schulte Mar 2019
A lonesome swordsman
Stands on a hill
Watching the village
Where nothing is still

No quiet moment
No crowdless street
No content beings
Nothing unaccounted for

Except the man
On the hill
For he knows one thing
That will

One pair of eyes unseeing
One pair of legs not moving
One pair of hands, useless
One heart not beating

The devil-reaper
On the hill
Looks to one broken home
And finds his ****
Thanks for reading!
312 · May 2019
It's finally hitting me
N Schulte May 2019
It's finally hitting me.
I told myself it was all lies
But now I know
I might never see you again
My heart is
S.  H.   A.  T.   T.  E.   R.  E.  D
Into a million pieces
Almost as many as
the memories we shared
I don't want it to end.
8th grade has come to an end. I have enjoyed my time with the 25 crazy kids in my class. We had so much fun and shared many memories. Our signature 'quote' is 'Love You, No ****!'. I just want to say that to them wherever they are and whatever they are doing. Love y'all no **** and have a great summer!!
273 · Jan 2019
N Schulte Jan 2019
Death comes to us all.
It tells US to make the call.
Will you jump the bridge?

Death can be our friend
Helping escape the real world
Descend into dark

If you believe that, he,
Yahweh is the one true God
Then ascend to light
3 Haiku poems combined. Thanks for reading my thoughts.
272 · Jan 2019
N Schulte Jan 2019
Full of fun
Dolphins play beneath the sun
The waves and tides are their playgrounds
To talk they use their clickety sounds
They sound a warning or a call to play
As they jump into a wave
Look to the ocean this morning
I promise you, it won't be boring
As you just might see a dolphin today
Or catch a glimpse as one swims away
Has anyone ever seen a dolphin when they visited a beach? This was actually one of my first poems. It was written when I had a poetry-writing contest with my sister. (I won. XD) Thanks for reading
269 · Jan 2019
N Schulte Jan 2019
vast, open, wide
not sure of what dangers it could hide
but also beneath the waves
there are treasures a person craves
the sand dollars, coral, and shells
and the captivating fish that lurk in the swells
but also the landscape and picturesque views
that wait for me and you
when we walk across that silky sand
and feel between out toes the feel of the land
how God made it, perfect without harm
but don't forget all his little charm
the seagulls that swoop over out heads
and the splashes that lull us when we lay in our beds
oh, to think how you, a tiny person,
could stand beside this vast ocean
This was also one of my first poems. I wrote this poem on the balcony of my family's condo when we were at Panama City Beach, FL. I love my annual trips with my family.
N Schulte Jul 2019
From the sky comes rain
'Screech!' calls the bird
Swish goes the snake's tail
Whoosh goes the wind
Rain falls on bowing autumn leaves
leaves fall to the ground
A near silent splash
announces the arrival of rain and leaves
to the watery ground
Challenged to write something with onomatopoeia.
259 · Apr 2019
N Schulte Apr 2019
The robin in the tree
Says with a chirp-cherrie
Spread your wings
And fly young things!
Thanks for reading!
N Schulte Oct 2020
You know you’re grown
When your monsters change
They don’t lurk in closets
And hide underneath beds
Now they stand in the hallways
Bunched up, whispering
Now, they point and gossip
Spreading rumors
You’re not afraid to walk
Upstairs at your grandma’s anymore
You’re not afraid to turn off the lights
Instead, you’re afraid of the rush
to get to the classroom
You’re afraid to go to lunch
You’re afraid to talk to them
So, how you know
When you’re grown
Is when your monsters change
Part 1 in my new series, How Do You Know?
257 · Apr 2020
The Cry Was Heard
N Schulte Apr 2020
<                              Friend                            (i)
   (Cool! I didn’t know)
   (that you wrote.        )
<(poetry!!!!!!                 )

                                               (Yea, you want)
                                                (to read some?)>

*warm fuzzy noises and a ray of hope*
243 · May 2019
Everyone Else
N Schulte May 2019
Why does everyone else laugh at the jokes,
That I find not funny?

Why does no one else laugh at the things,
That I find to be funny?

Why does everyone else seem to have a perfect life,
While I do not?

Why does everyone else seem to be so happy,
When I'm trying not to cry?

Why does everyone make everything seem so easy
When I stumble over my words?

Why does everyone else seem to have everything
While I'm still searching for happiness?

Why does everyone seem to be loved,
While I crave the feeling?
I will say, I have found happiness in the Lord, I just am still searching for the happiness provided by an unrelated beloved and I am loved by my family, I'm just not sure about my friends.
237 · Dec 2020
One day
N Schulte Dec 2020
One day I’m gonna live by myself
In a cabin on a mountain
I’ll be the loneliest f**ker you ever did see
And I’ll dance with ghosts
230 · Mar 2019
Name In The Comments!
N Schulte Mar 2019
The tall thin blades
Lived a man
He rejoiced
When spring was
And all the children came out to play
He weeped
When the grass died
And all life withered away
I couldn't come up with a name for this poem. I wrote it when I was outside. Such amazing worlds you can come up with!
N Schulte May 2019
Two                      Men
Two                     Sides
One                     Goal
Protect                Home
Screams              Heard
Tears­                    Falling
Men                      Dying
Flags ­                   Waving
The                       Trenches

Bombs                  Exploding
Two                   ­    Men
Have                     Courage
Venturing             Across
No-Man's           Land
Meeting                in
             the middle
               To save
                In need
Walking                 Back
Resuming              War
Their                      Treaty
­Soon                       Forgotten
By                           All
But                          The
Two                         Men
Inspired by the movie 'War Horse.'
N Schulte Jul 2019
Because she cared for me

To me and mommy
He was different
To her thinking space and brain
He held a gun


He lied
He hurt
He screamed
To me,
I loved him though it was
The definition of tough love:
I’ve seen a lot of ‘Can you write a story using simple words of an experience through a child’s eyes that was a heinous act of an adult?’ questions on Quora. Decided to try a poem using the same mindset. Thanks for reading
213 · May 2020
N Schulte May 2020
Red for the blood of your father and mother
Orange for the warmth of love
Yellow for the stars that shine for you
Green for your growth
Blue for the tears of joy and sadness
Purple for the riches of wisdom
Pink for the peacefulness of age
Black for the life beyond
Inspired by 'Yellow' by Coldplay
206 · Apr 2019
A Poem Of Three Ships
N Schulte Apr 2019
A ship sailed
Across the  sea
Looking for it’s final resting place
Looking for peace

The ship sailed
Masts unfurled
While in the waves
It was hurled

Another ship sailed
Across the lake
Looking for it’s final resting place
Hoping for it’s last trip to take

The ship sailed
Gently accelerating
While the lake
Was unmoving

A third ship sailed
Across the bay
Looking for it’s final resting place
Waiting for the end of day

The ship sailed
Proud, was it’s crew
While the sun set
And  the night was new
I tried to create a peaceful poem. Hope you like it! Thanks for reading!
202 · Jun 2019
N Schulte Jun 2019
Waves washing over
You blocking out all the sound
Floating on the water

Hoping to drown out all of
Reality’s noise
Telling you ‘You’re worth nothing’

Floating on a sea
Of despair, yearning for change
From this way of life
Sorry I haven’t posted as much. I’ve been busy. Thanks for reading!
202 · Oct 2019
Stay Silent Oh Ye Voices
N Schulte Oct 2019
Stay silent oh ye voices
In my head
Lay down your sharp words
And let me lie alone
Keep the quiet peace
Oh let my chains break
Keep this away
This silent prison in which I’m wasting
Let my festering wounds heal
Let my pain cease
I may yell at the voices
Yet they shall not hear my cries
I will yell at the voices
Please let me lie alone
Stay silent all ye voices
Before you wear me to my bones
Stay silent oh ye voices
Before I’m six feet below
199 · Jan 2019
N Schulte Jan 2019
Words can move mountains
Or so they say
I believe it
Do you?
Words can start a life
Or end it
Words can make someone happy
Words can make someone hurt
Words are the most powerful thing
They express love and emotion
They express thoughts
Words are my world
I speak
Only to hear other's words
I want to make a change
I want the world to be a better place
My love can be expressed with my words. My thoughts and feelings flow through my words, from my vocal chords or my fingers. Thanks for reading
199 · Apr 2019
Til Dawn
N Schulte Apr 2019
You left me standing in the rain
What did I do to deserve this pain?
On the wet concrete
My tears dropped, my heart plummeted 10,000 feet
My coat wrapped around my soaked figure
My eyes trained on the last picture
I ever took with you
Nothing I could do
My love and the image, ruined
Dissolving in the sky’s fluid
Pick up my pace
Run out of your embrace
Into another, better, being
Someone who will help me see
Someone who won’t leave me falling
Who will not leave me weeping
Thanks to Silencer for the name!
I have never been in any relationship but I trust my instincts on how I think it must feel to be let down.
194 · Apr 2019
N Schulte Apr 2019
Why is life hard?
Why is this world scarred?
Why can we not see the stars?
Why are many behind bars?
Why do so many die?
Why do so many lie?
How long does it take,
to learn from a mistake?
What is with this life?

Why is life so unfair?
Why do many critique what you wear?
Why do many pretend you aren’t there?
Why does no one seem to care?
Why do so many cry?
Why do so many die?
How long will it rain,
Until we see the sun again?
What is with this life?
This came to me after reading the Librarian Of Auschwitz. The story of Dita Kraus is an inspiring and heartbreaking tale. The scene with the flurry of black snow, the cloud of ashes of the fellow prisoners, moved me the most in the book. Please read it and open your heart to compassion and love. Thanks for reading.
192 · Apr 2019
N Schulte Apr 2019
There for each other
Thick and thin
They always show up
No matter where you’ve been
They help you when the going gets tough
She is who I look up to
She can always cheer me up
When I’m feeling blue
Built-in best friends
Inspired by my cousin, Hannah. She challenged me to write a poem about her. Thanks for reading!
186 · Apr 2019
The Sun
N Schulte Apr 2019
The Sun peeks through the
openings of a tree’s leaves
Giving life to all
182 · May 2019
The Last I'll See of You
N Schulte May 2019
School is ending
Summer looms
You never knew

My soul sighs
My being weeps
My heart aches
For it is the last I'll see of you

The last bell will ring
Every student will rejoice
But you still never knew

Exams will be taken up
Pencils will be thrown away
People go home to relax
And it is the last I'll see of you

I loved you in secret
Watching you from the back of the classroom
And you never knew

Probably never to see me again
I'll remember your laugh and all your jokes
And your gait as you walked away
The last I'll see of you
I wish I had at least one person who liked me. XD
I'm such a hopeless romantic.
180 · Jan 2020
The Train
N Schulte Jan 2020
The girl looked out the window and watched the world go by.
The train kept laboring as she watched the world go by.
~~chug chug chug chug chug chug~~
She lifted her hand to the window.
She felt the cool surface and spread her hand on it.
She closed her eyes and remembered…

Once upon a time…
Not long ago,
She had been innocent, without a care in the world.
Little did that little one know
What would unfold

She came back with a gasp as a tear slid down her cheek.
She felt the vibration as the train toiled on.
~~chug chug chug chug chug chug~~
She wiped her cheek with her fingertips and looked at her lap.
She grasped the hem of her dress to keep from shaking
As her gaze wandered to her shoes and she remembered.

Once upon a time…
Not long ago,
She had been in a shop, the best shoe store in town
Hand in hand with her mother and father
Skipping along, innocently

When the memory ended
She quickly looked up and watched a man reading the paper
~~chug chug flip chug chug sip~~
She watched with youthful curiosity and forgot her worries.
Though she knew, when the spell wore off, they would come back.
“Back” she thought as she remembered.

Once upon a time…
Not that long ago
She had been walking, walking through the snow
With her mother and father in boxes above her head
Lumbering along, numb to the world

This time she laid her head on the window watching the world go by.
She opened her teary eyes and looked at the sky
~~chug (sigh) flip chug (sky) sip~~
She looked at the ceiling of the train car and tried counting sheep
Anything to sleep
Anything to forget
179 · Feb 2019
Bella The Ball
N Schulte Feb 2019
She stands
The Belle of the Ball,
She looks you in the eye
you don't know why
but there she is
Your Bella The Ball
I really want love.... XD I don't know why I wrote it from the man's perspective, but hey! It's poetry!
179 · May 2019
N Schulte May 2019
With a sigh, the sun
Descends below the earth and
Waits for the new morn.
Haiku. Sorry I haven't been posting lately, I have been busy.
178 · May 2019
N Schulte May 2019
You run
It chases
176 · Sep 2020
The Journey of the Moon
N Schulte Sep 2020
Once upon a time
A star fell in love with a star
He could see the other in the distance
But they could never touch
They could only see the other’s light
The first star was not satisfied
He watched the other star from a distance
But he could not get any closer
Then he made a deal with the devil
for a chance to get closer
But he sold his warmth
He sold his own light
And became a planet
The star loved him more for this
But she still could not touch him

So she made a deal with the same devil
To give him some of her light and warmth
And a chance for them to get closer
But this deal came with a price
And the devil doesn’t play very nice
The planet was moved closer
But the devil placed a rock in between
Told them to keep it warm
The star shone bright on one side
The planet reflected the suns rays on the other
The planet was not as cold
But he was lonely
For he could see the sun
But she was just out of reach
And she could see him

The planet in between took pity on the lovers
And made them an offer
That if the once-star would become the planet’s slave
They’d someday have no responsibility
To the him and the beings on it
So He became a moon
Tied to the planet revolving his star
The moon would travel around the rock
To come between his love and his master
And he’d bask in her rays
And theyd be happy for just a moment in time
But eventually
The moon will be called back
To the lonely
Dark place behind his master
Where he can only catch a glimpse of his sun
Around the curves of a rock
173 · Feb 2019
Be There (Reversible Poem)
N Schulte Feb 2019
You'll be there
I hope
Don't leave me
Come with me
I hope you will
Don't leave,
Lonely without you
It is
You were
Be there
Be there, Someone needs you. You might not know it now but someone does. Maybe you need someone.
168 · Jan 2019
Life (Reversible Poem)
N Schulte Jan 2019
Life is a story
That may remain untold
My life is a tale
I hope will unfold
A life filled with good
A myth centuries old

Or a fable filled with strife
A life filled with drama
Where nothing is right
A fairytale uncontrolled
Life can be a story
I don't even know what happened. I wanted to write a poem and this flowed from my fingers. Thanks for reading.
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