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N Schulte Jan 26
the flower in the
field was swaying in the wind
a patient flower

Flower was taken
placed into a vase to be
admired by passers

Flower slowly dying
yet willing to wilt for us
yearning for our love

she is beautiful
and she, dying beautifully,
has given joy to me
N Schulte Dec 2020
Loneliness when you’re surrounded by people
But nobody understands you would be worse
Then if you were the only person left on earth
N Schulte Dec 2020
One day I’m gonna live by myself
In a cabin on a mountain
I’ll be the loneliest f**ker you ever did see
And I’ll dance with ghosts
N Schulte Dec 2020
Everyone talks about how
Hell will be a pit of fire
I think the opposite
For fire is warmth and light

Hell will be cold
Cold on this earth is only
The abscence of heat
Hell will be truly cold

Nothing to warm you
Nothing to give you light
You’ll be frozen in terror
Unable to take flight

Stuck in the moment where you realize
There is no hope here
And you can’t close your eyes
To make it disappear
N Schulte Dec 2020
When we think of grandparents,
We think of smiling faces
Warm hugs
Sometimes slow or in a wheelchair
But they are always there to listen

But one day they won’t listen
They want to but
they can’t
Their ears aren’t working as well anymore
You have to shout when you’re five feet away

They won’t hear your words
But they’ll see your face, the sadness
The frustration
They’ll know that they are getting old
And when they know it, you know it and it hurts
Pt. 2
N Schulte Dec 2020
The day the family leaves the grandparents house.... 14 all the way back down to two

I hate leaving... I hate having to say goodbye. I hate having to drive away and leave people behind. I hate the end of Christmas.... I hate putting away decorations. I hate the end of Christmas break. I hate going back to normal... I hate when Christmas presents aren’t as special as when you first opened them...
N Schulte Oct 2020
You know you’re grown
When your monsters change
They don’t lurk in closets
And hide underneath beds
Now they stand in the hallways
Bunched up, whispering
Now, they point and gossip
Spreading rumors
You’re not afraid to walk
Upstairs at your grandma’s anymore
You’re not afraid to turn off the lights
Instead, you’re afraid of the rush
to get to the classroom
You’re afraid to go to lunch
You’re afraid to talk to them
So, how you know
When you’re grown
Is when your monsters change
Part 1 in my new series, How Do You Know?
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