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N Schulte Apr 6
Gooey remains
Of a genius’ brains
Rot inside my head
I can’t deal with this pain
Make it go away
Or better yet,
Let it stay

Let it rot and stink
While I pour another drink
Fill it up, just a little more
Im almost on the brink
Yes, im on the brink!
Of insanity
Blood and bile dripping in the sink

While I
Give up
N Schulte Apr 6
Teeth marks and cigarette burns on my skin
Ink and alcohol running just below the surface
i just get so angry
N Schulte Apr 6
I’ll smoke cigarettes with a fury that the dead will wonder at
I’ll invite the disease in with a smile and the dinner table full
I’ll drive faster than the shadows
The sun will envy my rage
i just get SO angry
N Schulte Apr 6
Im gonna get tattoos
Im gonna drink
Im gonna be addicted to the stuff that will **** me
I’ll die with gasoline running through my veins and a match in my stomach
i just get so angry
N Schulte Feb 8
I missed out on a chance today
my mom is upset, of course she's upset
I slept in and missed my chance
I was even excited about it
so, of course I'm upset
wouldn't you be?
well, I'm not really...
in fact, I'm more upset that my mom is upset
because I know that I will be in trouble
I'm not as focused on the missed opportunity
rather, now that I don't have a chance
I'm not worried about it.

i think there's something wrong with me
but if I say something, I'll just feel ungrateful
for the chance in the first place
it was a chance to register for a stupid online class for next year... i was really excited about it but whatever, its gone
N Schulte Jan 26
loneliness isnt necessarily
when youre alone.
loneliness is the feeling
that you shouldn't be
even if you are surrounded by people

people are happy alone
until they come to learn
that they are, to society,

the first loneliness is when
you have never not been alone
when you want to be with someone
but you don't know how to get to that point

the loneliness after
is when you have been with someone,
but they left, you left,
or it just didn't work out

people talk about finding love at first sight
but how would you know unless you were looking?

i am finding love at first loneliness.

i look at a stranger
and i envision our lives together
our children
our pets
our house
but then they walk away (literally)

and i am left
with half a dream
that they never knew about
N Schulte Jan 26
i made a friend
in an online chat room
too bad i'll never talk to him again

he said he liked the way
i worded things
he said the way i said 'EPIC'
was adorable... it made me blush...
i don't know why

i laughed at his jokes
as we spoke about ghosts
and the rolling hills of england
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