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Because she cared for me

To me and mommy
He was different
To her thinking space and brain
He held a gun


He lied
He hurt
He screamed
To me,
I loved him though it was
The definition of tough love:
I’ve seen a lot of ‘Can you write a story using simple words of an experience through a child’s eyes that was a heinous act of an adult?’ questions on Quora. Decided to try a poem using the same mindset. Thanks for reading
One day the sky will no longer be blue
One day most life will fade
One day we will stand in cities of ashes
One day we will regret everything that we ever did wrong
One day we will all suffer loss
One day we will see no more in this world

Until that day,
I wait
I hope
I dream
I think
I believe

Some say you must
Do this
Do that
Be that
Think that
Believe that
To survive in the next life

I believe so,
Some believe in
And much more

I believe in the first
You may believe in the second
Or third
Or fourth
Or fifth
Or sixth

I don’t mean to discriminate
Or judge
I am just saying what I believe
Isn’t that what we do everyday?
You believe
I believe
We believe

Even if we are wrong
We will not know
Until our last day
And most everything will become clear
Depending on what you believe

Because of your beliefs and appearance
And my beliefs and appearance
We are treated differently
I believe
We are human

I believe
I know
I am human
You are human
They are human

Whatever goes on in your mind
We are all made up of bones, muscles, flesh, and blood
We all have brains, hearts, lungs
We all have skin, no matter the color

I believe we should treat each other
As we would want to be treated
Because we are all human
No matter of disabilities
No matter of color
No matter of sickness
No matter of belief
Took about 45 minutes of a car ride to write this one. Came out as nonsense, but I coaxed it into a poem form.
From the sky comes rain
'Screech!' calls the bird
Swish goes the snake's tail
Whoosh goes the wind
Rain falls on bowing autumn leaves
leaves fall to the ground
A near silent splash
announces the arrival of rain and leaves
to the watery ground
Challenged to write something with onomatopoeia.
The irony:
The speaking deaf
Are not heard
At vacation with family. Every year we end up in groups. My sis and cousin. My two guy cousins and my sis. My mom, dad, and younger sisters. Then me. I float around in the groups. They either can’t hear me over others or they are ignoring me. It’s easier to believe the latter bc sometimes I know I’m shouting.
Waves washing over
You blocking out all the sound
Floating on the water

Hoping to drown out all of
Reality’s noise
Telling you ‘You’re worth nothing’

Floating on a sea
Of despair, yearning for change
From this way of life
Sorry I haven’t posted as much. I’ve been busy. Thanks for reading!
I'm so tired
Can I just go to sleep?
Just           a      k
          w                   e       up
to a new morn
and new problems
while the old remain undisturbed
Two                      Men
Two                     Sides
One                     Goal
Protect                Home
Screams              Heard
Tears­                    Falling
Men                      Dying
Flags ­                   Waving
The                       Trenches

Bombs                  Exploding
Two                   ­    Men
Have                     Courage
Venturing             Across
No-Man's           Land
Meeting                in
             the middle
               To save
                In need
Walking                 Back
Resuming              War
Their                      Treaty
­Soon                       Forgotten
By                           All
But                          The
Two                         Men
Inspired by the movie 'War Horse.'
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