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Once upon a time
A star fell in love with a star
He could see the other in the distance
But they could never touch
They could only see the other’s light
The first star was not satisfied
He watched the other star from a distance
But he could not get any closer
Then he made a deal with the devil
for a chance to get closer
But he sold his warmth
He sold his own light
And became a planet
The star loved him more for this
But she still could not touch him

So she made a deal with the same devil
To give him some of her light and warmth
And a chance for them to get closer
But this deal came with a price
And the devil doesn’t play very nice
The planet was moved closer
But the devil placed a rock in between
Told them to keep it warm
The star shone bright on one side
The planet reflected the suns rays on the other
The planet was not as cold
But he was lonely
For he could see the sun
But she was just out of reach
And she could see him

The planet in between took pity on the lovers
And made them an offer
That if the once-star would become the planet’s slave
They’d someday have no responsibility
To the him and the beings on it
So He became a moon
Tied to the planet revolving his star
The moon would travel around the rock
To come between his love and his master
And he’d bask in her rays
And theyd be happy for just a moment in time
But eventually
The moon will be called back
To the lonely
Dark place behind his master
Where he can only catch a glimpse of his sun
Around the curves of a rock
sometimes a castle holds a damsel in distress
but this castle holds a fair maiden's heart.
its purpose is to guard it against
the foolishness and destruction of love
but castles are merely stone
and love seeps through the cracks
build up the walls!
for love leaves ruins
were we meant to fit?
love is the pitter-patter of rain
on the old cracked concrete
worn from the feet that
walk upon it
love is the silence of the lightning
and the power of the thunder
the way that for just a moment
the world is silent and then
how the earth quakes!
love is the ferocity of a river
knowing that with every turn
you are closer to a waterfall
and the doom that accompanies you over the edge
love is the comfort of another body
because when simply near another you feel you're
not alone in the dreadful toil of life
that maybe, somehow, it was all worth it
if we cant know pain
what makes our time
on this wonderful, desolate earth
worth it? what makes us
to be better, to do better, to
better? what makes us value the
amidst all the suffering?
like heat and cold
alone they destroy
but together they
are neutralized
July 12, 2020
Based off of Wuthering Heights by Emily Brönte
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