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Running through the jungle
Bounding over fallen trees
Trying to escape

When will we leave them alone?

Staring at the moon
Golden eyes shining
Ears flicking at every unknown sound

When will we leave them alone?

Pacing in a wire trap
Roaring out of pain
Bleeding, just for men's gain

When will we leave them alone?
My friend wanted me to write a poem about tigers.
I would be                     |\/\/|
                                 a Queen
For you

Regal and

Kind and

               but craving of you

I would be
a                    | recluse |
for you

I would live
               behind closed doors with you
                         /   \
                       /       \
we could      /            \
                  [Hide away]

Be ourselves
              with nobody
                          to judge us

I would be
for you

Show you a me
                 that no one has seen before
because no one was looking

Loyal and

But you would have
                      to take the bad
                                  with the good

Selfish and proud

Quiet and LOUD

           and so much more

But believe me
When I say
I would try my BEST
to be what you want me to be
'Cause I would be
                                            Anything For You
Dear My Future Love,
      Just waiting. Will you look for me?
                                                          - Nettie
With a sigh, the sun
Descends below the earth and
Waits for the new morn.
Haiku. Sorry I haven't been posting lately, I have been busy.
There for each other
Thick and thin
They always show up
No matter where you’ve been
They help you when the going gets tough
She is who I look up to
She can always cheer me up
When I’m feeling blue
Built-in best friends
Inspired by my cousin, Hannah. She challenged me to write a poem about her. Thanks for reading!
Happiness is a feeling
Way down deep inside
It can be hard to get
And it's very hard to hide

For some it's hard to grasp
And when asked “Do you have it?” they lie
Some lie to much and get all sick inside
Some may even want to die

Enough of the sad
There is so much good
Would you give it out
If you could?

The world is full of people
Some who won’t share
The world is also full of people
Who care
Thanks for reading!
The robin in the tree
Says with a chirp-cherrie
Spread your wings
And fly young things!
Thanks for reading!
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