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Kaela Sep 15
what do you do when your heart is 1,400 miles away
and you long to be closer?
Kaela Aug 24
always screaming.
always yelling.
always being loud.
you do know that your voice is not the only sound?

i hear the others,
not only yours.
the others in my head,
that pound and pound.
i can hear you,
there is no need to be so loud.

you can be heard
for crying out loud!
you can stop screaming.
you're hurting not only my ears
but also my feelings.

always mad.
always angry.
never at her.
but you should be,
but not at me.
be mad at her.

she's done things wrong,
but no take it out on me.
go ahead, i'm already stressed,
but come on, continue chewing at me.

make sure that your voice
is the only one you hear
make sure i don't make a sound,
why are you coming so near?

"please back up"
"please stop yelling"
"please i'm begging,"
are all things i want to say.
but i can't get a word out
you're too close and in the way.

it wasn't me,
it was her.
but you don't care.
can't you see?
she's got a wicked grin on her face,
because she wanted it to be me.

she isn't being yelled at,
that's not fair.
can't you see her?
she's sitting right there.

but of course not,
it could never be her fault.
just blame the oldest,
she can take it,
she knows how to hide how she feels in the vault.
Kaela Jul 5
You did this,
and you did that.
But silly you,
I didn’t ask.
Kaela Jul 2
I was doing good,
Maybe great even.
I was smiling,
I was happy,
I had a little fun.

Then you said it.
Said that it destroys,
That it breaks,
And compared it to drugs.

You have never truly been in love.
When in love, it doesn’t break,
It doesn’t destroy,
The high you get
Is incomparable to drugs.

You ruined it.
With those words,
With that comparison,
You have ruined my night.

Are you happy now?
I am sad with you,
I am crying with you.
I feel done, all because of you.

You triggered something
that shouldn’t have been.
You started something
That could’ve been avoided.

I am sad with you,
I am crying alongside you,
I am just as done as you.
So let me ask you this:
Are you happy now?
Kaela Jun 21
when i'm with him,
time isn't slow enough.
time runs by and before we know it,
it's time for me to go.
Kaela Jun 21
i've been having dreams,
every one incorporating fire.
whether it be us sitting by the fire,
the flame of a birthday candle,
or the flame lighting the fireworks.

but lately, it seems,
the fires are not as bright.
the fire no longer keeps us warm,
the flame of the birthday candle is blown out,
the flame lights the fireworks putting on a brilliant, beautiful show.

all these are sad at first glance,
but they mean so much more.
after the fire burns out, we go in and go to bed.
after the candle is blown out, the phone is moved from view and the child is smiling with you kissing their head.
after the fireworks go off, we sit there holding hands, about to lean in and kiss on the fourth of july.

fire can be destructive,
it can bring damage that is unrepairable.
fire can be beautiful,
it has so much more meaning than you think.

you light the fire inside of me,
and that is one fire that will never burn out.
Kaela Jun 21
lets go back
to the time when it was easy.
to the time when you had your arms around me,
not really caring what our parents were talking about,
only caring that you were hugging me.

lets go back
to the time when it was loving.
to the time when we were walking through the store,
playfully pushing and pulling and shoving,
and having fun while your mom shopped.

lets go back
to the time when we enjoyed it.
to the time when we were watching the movie,
cuddling on the couch,
not paying any attention to the film, only what we were doing.

lets go back
to the time when we were happy.
to the time when we first hung out,
i stole your hoodie and you kissed me,
and then you asked if you could be with me.

lets go back
to the time when we were together.
to the time when what she said about us, didn't matter.
when we could do whatever,
back when we were together.

can we go back?
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