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James Jan 2017
AM I shadow? Do people just no see me or hear me? Am I even alive? Theses are all great questions but the answer is that, we all have shadows. Some live in them. Some are  Scared of them. Some people in and out of theirs. People may see you but don't want to hear you so they pretend your not there. They may hear you but Instead still doesn't care about you. For the last answer, I think am but some times I feel like I'm empty space.
Shadows can be good or bad it depends on how you look at them
James Jul 2016
My evil side wants me to Burn everything and Lock myself away and never come back to the Life I'm living in.
I will never be the innocent man you know and loved.
James Sep 2016
Is this life even worthing living?

If you have stress each and every day it just keeps building up
Then one day it just stops and becames peaceful
James Jul 2017
I fell that, I am slipping into a imaginary world. A world that will not let me believe it's reality. A world full of hope and dreams that comes true but for me that world does not exist. I only see reality at it's hardest. The way it breaks people or even destroys them. Some can bare the weight but others can't and get smashed by it.
Stay in Imaginary land were it's safe

— The End —