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Wander Mar 8
They're just playing with me,
heart and everything
pulling on strings
they tell me
"gimme more gimme more"
as they brush against my arms
and hold my calves down
while i'm stating
"no more, baby, can't hold on anymore"
they tell me they want me,
but to another when
i can't be there
am i really your love
or just a doll to play with
and pull around
just for fun?
Wander Feb 24
I wear bright colors to feel noticed
I wear clothes to cover up things people don't like
I wear things that I want to wear.
Sheer, ripped and beautiful
Wander Feb 24
what happened to the party
flashing lights and broken glass
we keep it a secret
down the pathways that we came
sparkling dress and dripping chains
nobody knows us
beds empty for the days,
holding onto the velvet bars
clinging on people we know
neon signs light our way
shaking ourselves off every time
when we go home
we feel empty
till the party comes again
Wander Feb 24
I can't hold it together
any longer and i'll break again
i'm gonna fail, we all know
that i'm just a mistake
i'm falling down
into the unknown
as i fall, i see your face
and know its going to be ok
but the stone walls, cave in
and tumble over
down on my knees,
all i can say is
"don't leave me please"
Wander Feb 21
I'm going insane on this
holding in things that i miss
never admitting to anything incriminating
nothing can stop me now
but as i dream on
with a needle in my arm
i'll just focus on you

to bury this love
is to sacrifice
but still i make the choice
to stick in the pain
and the inducing nightmares
take over as i sleep

but it worth it
to do things in the light of moons
and the caves of crystals that i dream of
and the habits that i have
just hold on me

lacing me with poison
do anything to help
but you do nothing
you just look at me

burning symbols into my skin
you left me burning with my life
and i barely did anything while i was alive
just hold onto me
till my last breathe please
Wander Feb 21
in the mid of night
no one says anything
could you pay the price
would you sell anything
to get them back
to where they came
would fly or die
in the wrath of gods
there is no mercy
hide your feelings
hide your friends
hide your family
from everything
around your town
you are leaving
you are fighting
you are losing
everything tonight
Wander Feb 21
sat alone waiting for a sign
holding on to you
simply following along
don't leave me alone too
and you said it,
"Leave me alone, just leave you pest"
and so i stood there
crying in silence
bleeding out feelings
standing down
falling on the floor
giving you all i needed
left here dead
bleed out my heart
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