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Jordan Norwood Oct 2020
When we parted,
you took a piece of me.
A piece I will never get back.
You were more than a friend to me.
You were everything.
We almost lost you to the world,
unable to leave the path of dark desires.
And while you might have left me,
I am unable to let go.
I sit alone and remember us,
remember our long, joyous nights.
So you remember?
Because it seems like a dream now,
a distant memory.
What happened to that happy girl?
Where did I go so wrong
that you fell off the deep end?
Heaven almost gained an angel tonight.
And the world almost lost
My beautiful, broken
The person who was once the closest person to me has now become a stranger and I almost lost her.
Jordan Norwood Sep 2020
Back and forth
like a playground swing.
The continual force of universal power,
keeping you from slipping away.
It's all fun and games
until you fall hard.
What even is love?
Jordan Norwood Sep 2020
Compare me to her pretty mind.
It's like looking into a foggy mirror,
where the only things I see
are the parts you feel don't need improvement.

Compare me to her pretty mind.
Cut me open and rearrange my insides
so that I fit your better mold.

Compare me to her pretty mind.
So the only thoughts that consume me
are "how do I become better than her?"

Compare me to her pretty mind.
Tell me that I need to be strong in who I am,
then list me the reasons as to why
I won't measure up to your relentless expectations.

Compare me to her pretty mind.
Push me over the edge
and assume I'll sit quietly
like your pretty mold.

Compare me to her pretty mind.
So that when the day is done,
and I lay awake at night,
I know my best will never be enough to please you
Why do they compare me to beautiful people, knowing I can't measure up?
Jordan Norwood Sep 2020
Let me catch your tear
like pouring rain.
Lightning dances in your eyes
while thunder rumbles through your mind.
The storm in you
crashes over me.
But I won't leave you caught
in the riptide of your own creation.
I can pull you out,
but I need you to let go.
You'll feel as if you're going to drown,
but I promise I'll catch you.
If you let go.
Let go of the hurricane in your heart.
Let go of the storm in your head.
I'll be here to catch you
and the tears that come along.
Jordan Norwood Sep 2020
actions in bewildered masks
dance to the rhythm of uncertain masquerade.
attempted desires in shadow
lurk in the once-lit facade.
unraveling images in haunting memorabilia
commenced in the deafening sound of silence.
unnerving thoughts in bittersweet content
walk through the cobblestones of deliria.
I can't remember why I stopped writing.
Jordan Norwood Feb 2020
What to do when you're trapped inside your mind.
How to feel when the world keeps asking why.
Turn around, show them your smile.
They won't see your drown, be in denial.
The world will turn it's back if you show your vulnerabilities.
Keep your head up high and accept your insecurities.
When people ask, you're always good.
Be composed and proper like you think you should.
Jordan Norwood Dec 2019
The stars within my mind call out to me,
guiding me through the vast sea of exploration.
Ideas orbit around thoughts
where thoughts revolve around memories.
The way my mind races like a
comet across the galaxy.
The stars within my mind lay down the path
to a new dimension.
our minds are like space, there's still so much to be explored.
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