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slowly drowning
in the empty dark hole
of the sands
of time
Blurry motions
Anger dripping down me
overstimulated breath
The immense pain that consumes my body
increases by the second
You would think somebody had set me on fire
by the way the rage burns throughout
I cry and I cry
but it never seems to fade
I try and I try
but it won't go away
The emptiness I feel consumes me
pulling me farther in darkness
Is this the end?
Is this goodbye?
I cover feeling so often
it's natural
The dying girl you thought you knew
her sadness is now a new
She can't hold back her tears
but she knows she can't stop the fight
She knows she needs help
but doesn't want
She neglects the fact that she's dying inside
As she cries herself to sleep
all she can think about is past memories
And the fact that everything she ever was,
is gone.
Somebody once asked me
What the saddest word in the English language is.
I immediately knew the answer:

They almost made it.
She almost had time.
He almost saved her.
They were almost in love...
so many things almost happened, but they didn't
I feel as if I were hit by a truck.
Joints aching.
Bones creaking.
Slow movement.
Internally suffer
as I pretend it doesn't hurt.
Tight muscles.
Fake smiles.
Can't get up.
Slowly drowning in my own pain.
I woke up this morning and couldn't get out of bed because I hurt so much.
Goodbye my life
You were bittersweet
You brought me down upon my knees
You made me cry
You made try
So now this must be our goodbye
My life was cruel
You made it clear
People like me aren't welcome here
I thought I belonged
Now I see I was wrong
Life doesn't love me
Nobody cares
I cry at night
Scream through the tears
I have no friends
It all sounds like a lie
I've always hated sad goodbyes
But this life wasn't for me
I opened my eyes
And now I see
My last goodbye
I was wrong.

I didn't love you.
I was infatuated by you.

I thought that what I felt
for you could've turned into
But I'm not sure anymore.

Please forgive me.

I want to love you.
But I can't.

It's not right.

Why should I love you,
when there's no chance of you loving me back?
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