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Crown Shyness May 2020
There was this girl
She made decision
After decision
Until she pondered
What had become of her
"she was so good, how did everything turn out bad?"
I want a story following a character who goes through life and in the end becomes the bad guy.  It would end with them realizing this and the readers would also realize at the same time as the character.
Crown Shyness Apr 2020
Some say
She turned to stone
Waiting for her loved one
To come home
"I found a statue under a willow tree in the woods today"
Crown Shyness Mar 2020
I look in the mirror
My hair's a mess
And I hate it
I pull at it
Pulling it out
And breaking off
The parts
I don't like
"my anxiety won't let me be"
Crown Shyness Nov 2019
So crisp are your lies
For they are easily broken
You try to avoid the demise
For what you have stolen
"You know you are guilty"
Crown Shyness Nov 2019
I feel so heavy on this road
The way you hold me so
Just put me on my feet
So you shall be free
"From me"
Crown Shyness Nov 2019
I soar through the sky
Through the clouds and the trees
I lay on the ground
And get stung by the bees
I smell the flowers
And can't help but sneeze
I use charcoal to read the graves
But I can't find your name
"I'm in the sky, you're in the ground"
Crown Shyness Sep 2019
Left, right
Up, down
We're on a mission
To save the crown

Through the woods
Down the path
Creatures in the dark
We pass
"To be continued...!"
I dunno
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