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Sep 2021 · 29
Wahed Sep 2021
To describe your Beauty,
Is to plunge into an art-piece…
Lost in colour,
At the service of The Creator’s brush…
Jun 2020 · 229
Wahed Jun 2020
Wherever you go,
& whatever you may find...
Know that i am with You,
in body, soul and mind...
Jun 2020 · 484
Wahed Jun 2020
Sounds like a battle cry,
Shall i ready the armies,
For battle, then?

This will be an epic, remember.
A battle of fear and desire,
In moonless nights,
In the depths
Of souls of men.

Ready the armies please brother,
Our soldiers filled with love.
This epic, eternally remembered.
Our call coming from up Above...

In the midst of moonless darkness,
Light shall shine from within.
Our desires directed to the Oneness,
Fear cannot remain!
A collaboration with a soul i am yet to meet...
Apr 2020 · 82
Wahed Apr 2020
Eyes closed,
Sounds asunder.
Brimming with God’s breath,
The connection to each other...

Hearts open,
Subtle and true,
The Silent Witness...

We are ready,
For secrets are being unlocked.
The story of who we are,
A path we thought was blocked...

Souls touched,
Seeing what was always there,
Blinded by the branding...

Egos surrender,
Selfish ways are naught.
The only way up,
Is to question all that we have been taught...

For now,
Let us pray.
Allow our inner eye,
To kneel to all of God’s names...

Eyes open,
Windows cleaned.
Sharing in our base frequency,
Love ultimately achieved.
Jan 2020 · 92
Wahed Jan 2020
The universe at our finger tips,
Just beyond the edge of our reach...
What are we waiting for,
When love asks us to breach?

Leave fear behind,
And let us follow.
The messages are there to find,
The Word is no longer hollow!

Hold my hand...
So we may walk upon the night’s floor.
Let us dance between the stars,
And enter through Heaven’s door...

A promise of God,
As we rest in each other’s arms...
Intertwined and connected,
Ever gentle and calm...
Jan 2020 · 164
Wahed Jan 2020
May the truth shine light upon my path,
May gratitude pave my way...

May love be the companion of my journey,
May beauty uphold my grave...
Jan 2020 · 192
For L***
Wahed Jan 2020
A guess,
A hint,
What can be told?

A look,
A gaze,
Will this story ever unfold?

Drawn by you,
Like the planets around the sun..
Your rays shine through,
And my day has finally begun..

A laugh,
A smile,
May we pursue?

A touch,
A feeling,
And allow our hearts to decipher the clue..

Falling for you,
Like a bee with a new found flower...
Your scent so true,
Turning "I" into "our"

A hug,
A kiss,
Perhaps my final one?

A love for you,
Welcomed by God's infinite SuN...
Jan 2020 · 300
Wahed Jan 2020
Sometimes a story,
can be veiled by a single look.
Sometimes one look,
can unravel a story.

Seeking your name,
feels like i'm searching for a rare jewel.
Would you grant me the honor?
Or am i just playing the fool?

Please answer this wish,
or i shall forever dream...
Of sharing but a moment with you,
to know a beauty unseen...
Jan 2020 · 221
Magic is Poetic
Wahed Jan 2020
If love were but a flower
And a flower i became to love,
Would your touch then find me?
Oh, how I long to feel you...

My mind, my eyes are open,
My soul begins to hatch...
What wander will it bestow?
What beauty shall appear?
You are everything to me,
You are everything in me.
May the blessings of old,
Be awakened.

I love, I break... i ignite.
Ever shall you appear!
Stumbling towards you,
Without missing a step.

Your beauty divine,
And a whisper so sweet.
To kiss your very being,
To fall with grace...

Mystifying beauty,
Gloriously divine.
Perfect harmony,
Intertwined evermore...
Jan 2020 · 130
Friend, fear Not
Wahed Jan 2020
As much as we may try,
We lead ourselves astray...
Darkness takes our hand,
Closer than a shadow.

Blinded by confusion,
Warping our reality,
We are guided to dark places,
Bringing our fears into actuality.

As lost as we may be,
There are whispers in the air,
Echoes of wisdom,
Calling with care...

Opened by pain.
Straightened by the truth.
The light is always there,
The light from our youth...

Listen to the melody of these words, friend.
Words which embrace...
A single sentence to change our lives,
As a beautiful moment takes place.

Allow these words to carry you,
Through the halls of the ancients...
We are calling for you,
Waiting in the valleys of greatness...

“Just remember friend, a light shines brightest in complete darkness”
Jan 2020 · 199
Wahed Jan 2020
A glimmer of starlight
And a sparkle of dust.
For me to love you,
It cannot rust.

As the journey continues,
And the clouds form.
My love will rain true,
As per the norm.

Please know this..
Whatever takes place,
We will triumph together...
We will fall with grace...

Kiss me,
Feel me,
We can only be,
Jan 2020 · 139
A Leap of Faith
Wahed Jan 2020
Enveloping darkness,
Mysterious and daunting.
Secrets are covered,
Memories disappearing.

Confusion overwhelms,
Frustrating and painful.
Lies find life,
Shadows follow...

The ledge is near...
Fear leads me,
Can I even jump?
It feels as though the darkness completes me.

Spiraling deeper,
Emotions are out of control.
A whirlwind of pain,
A never ending hole.

Surrender, surrender!
Drop the capital “I”
Break the cycle,
Rip up the box!

The ledge is near...
always within sight,
ever shall it linger,
Until we learn to take up the fight!

The key is gratitude.
The lock is hope.
The doorway can open a new adventure,
But only if you are seeking what is true...

Leave the shadow,
Face the almighty sun!
Let the rays shine brightly,
Let the journey of love start the fun...

The ledge is here...
Now what shall be done?
Jan 2020 · 256
Wahed Jan 2020
Mountains crash.
Waves shake.
The sky trembles.
The ground breaks...

Nothing makes sense,
There’s no logic;
Singing a rhythm,
Humming a click...

When may i meet you,
When may we touch?
May the world flip,
May I leave this crutch?

Forests erupt.
Volcanoes sway.
The butterflies sense you,
The demons dismay.
Dec 2019 · 174
The Mirror
Wahed Dec 2019
A reflection of beauty,
And a wondering smile...
Flawless perfection,
Albeit, only for a while...

A change in our system,
Coded by our fears.
Ignorance is bliss?
Leaving us to only shed tears.

Where are our hearts?
Fueled by logic.
No frequency of love,
This is surely tragic?

The mirror can only reflect,
creations of your making.
The mirror may only show,
Dreams, desires and what you are taking.

Search deeply!
For the answers lay within...
Search truly!
For the entire universe is waiting...

If love is the absence of selfishness,
Act with your inner fiber!
Allow your energy to flow,
So that everyone can become a survivor.

Look further into the mirror,
And you shall see...
We may only look like a drop,
Yet our drop contains all of God’s creativity.

Ride the waves of our hearts,
Let the valleys of joy unfold.
Swim deeply in the pools of bliss,
As we break through all that we’ve been told.

A reflection of sadness,
As a tear tickles our cheek...
Scarred imperfections,
As we finally begin to seek...

Our system reconstructs,
Inspiring new pathways of light.
Brightening up the truth,
Returning us, to our natural might.

Be big,
Be brave,
Be bold...

Serve all,
Serve God,
Serve the young, and the old...

So what do “i” see,
As I ponder on the mirror?
There is immense beauty.
Remember, your soul should be the only filter...

The mirror is you...
The mirror is me.
The mirror contains all...
The mirror cleans selflessly.

Ponder on the mirror,
Let it be a reminder.
What you see does not make you who you are,
So please, be kinder!
Dec 2019 · 118
Wahed Dec 2019
May the Light shine through:
Your wounds. Your pain.

May the darkness forget:
Your troubles. Your fear.

May the world open anew:
Your eyes. Your heart.

Let the sun set,
Let the moon rise;
And your being shall dwell on Thee,
Without compromise.
Dec 2019 · 324
Melodic Harmony
Wahed Dec 2019
If Butterflies could speak,
Would we hear your lullaby?
A tale of a mountain peak,
And roses tumbling from the sky...

If Heaven were a sound,
Would we hear your voice?
Singing out aloud,
Dancing, as we rejoice...

If Angels were to walk this ground,
Would we get to see your face?
Would we finally be found?
To be Blessed with your embrace...

A magnificent glow,
As we Light up the Earth.
Creating a state of flow,
As your presence brings a rebirth...

We are waiting for you,
So we may fall into your love.
We are craving you,
So we may soar up above...
Dec 2019 · 173
Wahed Dec 2019
May love flourish,
For this shall ever be.
The truest form of life..
This is You. This is me.
Dec 2019 · 298
Clouds. Sun. Waves. Moon.
Wahed Dec 2019
To touch a sky of infinite words,
i reach for one that describes you.
To feel a sea of limitless feelings,
i search for one which belongs to you.

As the clouds break,
And the sun shines.
As the waves rise,
And the moon smiles.

The beauty which is you...
The fear which is me...

Together we shall find,
what it means to be alive.
Together we shall destroy,
So that we may take flight...

— The End —