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WL Schuett Apr 2020
As I sit down to
paint an image
That rolls through my eyes
like thunder through the valley.

Music all around
a ripple in the ether.
Used as a cats paw
from the misty East
to the dark veil
of midnight shadows .

Vinegar and honey .
Freedom our glory
entitlement our tragedy.
A broken anvil
of shadow men
to a fearful God .

We met at the twilight
of twilight .
As the waning moon
Floats on the slithering river.

Praying for vengeance
into the décolletage.
Mosaics of pain
and betrayal
inspiring me to create.
WL Schuett Dec 2019
Failing grace ,
vapidlust in a
Vanguard of light .

A tolling bell
filling the hours
with the melody
of the color of art .

Moist green moss
on a deadfall log
jealousy in the age
of marrow.

Floating through the
eye of the wolf
into the farms ,
forests and fields .

Trying to see past
that fog on the mirror
to a beauty most desired.

To kneel in the water
and rise again born
to a new world .

A quickening of the undertow,
happiness as intense as pain
slips beneath the waves .

How do you sleep
when your dreams
cast shadows on
the innocent.

Fewer rewards
than number nine.
Flags in the fields
raised high over
forsaken vows .

The guarded moon
the sliding, sad , singing dunes
and the sorrow filled bell
Tolled and tolled
and tolls still .
WL Schuett Sep 2019
Salt heavy on the wind
of Gods grief.
Death on the tracks
more than a feeling
so vague and ethereal.

My eyes were 
locked and loaded
with steel and gin .
I felt the rattler
stirring in my blood.
The echoes of a
thousand screams
soaked in the skin
of my *****.

Reeds thick in the shallows
wall off the blood
made of darkness.
A pale blue smokey haze
of sadness, strength and grace .

I struck a match
on infinities smile .
Half a hundred candles
burned in prayer .

Floating to the surface
of Artisan Row
to take my dying slowly.
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