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4d · 28
That magic touch,
Mostly made out lust

Inch by inch with a silent hush,  a pleasure where mostly wild emotions crash

Sweet talks with ***** task, such a diffirent form of love.

Beneath the ribs get what's it's really desired, fed by the Thoughs and ***** mind.
Oct 8 · 137
All shapes and sizes
Simply loving her cost me more, more Than i could ever fall.
Simply saying i love you,
I must let you go.
Sep 17 · 26
Bloodyrabbitt Sep 17
Is it suppose to make you happy?
This days aren't inexplicable.

When least expected, clowns should show up anytime right.

But waiting are for nothing aren't they .

Another lonely birthday tho.
Sep 13 · 34
Bloodyrabbitt Sep 13
She always has those killing smile.
With a terrible lying eyes.

She can be tough and rough, but too easy when it comes to love.

Her presence was like a safe haven,
A keeper,.
A savior,
So things won't further fall apart.

She cries and laugh,
to elude the sting and smile like nothings happening.

She lost so much,
But still willing to give more away

Understands that thorns supposed to protect her,
without any complaints on how she is Bruised Every time.
Sep 6 · 29
Lonely leaf,
Swings the pain away.
Dancing with the wind and rain.
Sep 1 · 30
You look fine to them,
a delight,
how long do you have to wear a mask in front of them.
Sep 1 · 27
The more I find personal space
The more I am consumed by loneliness
Aug 31 · 210
Bloodyrabbitt Aug 31
When you leave,
My tears will fall, my dreams will be dull, my heart will blow, my life will crawl;
Aug 31 · 24
Aug 31 · 54
Parallel world
Bloodyrabbitt Aug 31
My thoughts always ask
Why you?

 Cover my face with a pillow then scream why is it you,

I always ask my self?
I wonder, how could we ever be?

You filled my heart with excitement
The passing of every moment seems endless, embrace, laugh, clench and chill

It always makes me smile because,
With every twinkle in my eye and in the blink of an eye you were there

But it seems like something's wrong.

Everything is real for me,
Even if it's just for a moment

And it bothers me a lot,
with each passing sleep is the time only that I can be able to be with you.

It always scares me
That reality will strike me as I wake up

Because no matter what I do, no matter how much effort I put,

I can never call you because the gap between imagination and reality is beyond measure.

Because the word you and I are just a fiction.

And it's my mistake  claiming you without permission.

That I loved so much even though my mind knew it would never happen.
Aug 28 · 441
Bloodyrabbitt Aug 28
Everything is real for me
Even if it's just for a moment

It always scares me
That reality will slap me as I wake up

Because no matter what I do, no matter how much effort I put
I can never call you mine

because the gap between imagination and reality is beyond measure.
Aug 28 · 33
Bloodyrabbitt Aug 28
Don't come back, I ain't buyin anymore.
Aug 28 · 74
Bloodyrabbitt Aug 28
Simply loving her cost me more,
more than I could ever fall.
Simply saying i love you
I must let you go,
Aug 21 · 40
Bloodyrabbitt Aug 21
If only I didn't look at your eyes; It would have been easy.
If only I didn't bask in your warmth; It would have been easy.
If only the heart didn't whisper your name; It would have been easy.
If only I didn't love you too; It would have been easy.
Aug 21 · 26
Bloodyrabbitt Aug 21
The feeling's I knew started to come true,
in every dark corners it brews,

Screaming but the words can't make it through.

A kind of torture where you
Chained the truth,
To create something new.

created a contract where the night will only knew,

Where tears fall to admit it's deepest hue.

May be its the smile,
The maybe's or the joke.

It's getting heavy,
It starts to Conquer me.
Aug 20 · 356
Bloodyrabbitt Aug 20
It was a Graveyard of stars dark yet tragically beautiful,
the moon fits with her smile,

She's like the moon,
doesn't have a light that steals the night that glows for years,
but not everyone sees it.

That she shoot for every moon and would always land on a stars;
Aug 20 · 41
Bloodyrabbitt Aug 20
She was like the moon, every part of her was covered with silked ink.
Still uncovering
those magic mystery smile of hers,
Out of sanity
That glummy smile tells every fearing moment should never unveil.
Cuz every part of her is a mystery full of history;
Aug 15 · 40
Bloodyrabbitt Aug 15
It was the silence that understood my heartbeat, and it has its own life racing like its the last minute.

For quite so long it felt like a ghost, scarry and unseen until love arrive,
Moments likes this never felt the same,  leap through time, and a sip of eternity made it longed for more,
Hoping there would be an exquisite kind of love, without the possibility of shatter,

How it feels to be loved,
Felt it before, and  forgotten how it  feels.

Learned something more valuable that
Love is greater than words, and that is the reason silence is involved.

That not all poems needs to rhyme sometimes all it takes is you.
Aug 15 · 93
Bloodyrabbitt Aug 15
Remembering you is easy.
I do it all the time.
It's always the promise that kept me holding.
Missing you is the  heartache that never goes away.
Bloodyrabbitt Aug 12
-its like drowning, except you can see everyone breathing.
Aug 12 · 437
Bloodyrabbitt Aug 12
One day this pain will make sense to you.
Aug 12 · 32
Bloodyrabbitt Aug 12
She's hurt and she cries
But you cant see the depression in her eyes
Because she simply smiles.
Aug 12 · 26
Bloodyrabbitt Aug 12
When you love someone, you also give them the power to hurt you.
Jul 26 · 34
Bloodyrabbitt Jul 26
Happiness walked out cuz sadness ****** her everytime.
Jul 17 · 86
Bloodyrabbitt Jul 17
Please cant save everybody, so please Make an effort.
Save yourself from drowning
Jul 13 · 33
Madness in me.
Bloodyrabbitt Jul 13
For a long time in my life,
    I have sought comfort in poems and songs.
To heal wounds and hide scars
     feel haven for just a brief moment
Be free of the agony and terror
      brought by a brute reality.

Cold and aching, I hid everything,
    thinking of fooling everybody with a mask so beutifully painted.
But the heart can only take too much...
So there I layed wasted, crumbling to dust.

Endured the raging trials of life, silently breaking.
Smiling so brighly to hide the aching;
I have felt solitude like no other;
I stayed and watched 'till my heart shattered.

Where do our hearts go, when our chest is too cold for it to be called its home? ,
Lost in this loneliness, I wandered alone...where do I find you?
I sought peace as if it was air.
Jul 13 · 276
Bloodyrabbitt Jul 13
comfort in poems and songs.
To heal wounds and hide scars
     feel haven for just a brief moment.
Jul 12 · 105
Bloodyrabbitt Jul 12
Where do our hearts go, when our chest is too cold for it to be called its home?
Jul 9 · 45
How would you tell your lost, when you already Mislay it all.
Jul 9 · 91
The moon was my guide
On a late glum night never let me be swallowed by the dark,
The trees watch as I pass an Unending narrow roads,
The footsteps keeps the silence at bay.
The heart kept me warm and strong
Jul 6 · 77
**** me at my sleep, Sit with me at my wake and forget me at my grave.
Jul 6 · 42
Maybe the stars can unravel all the episodes of the Misfortunes in life,
Jul 6 · 145
being honest is good but it doesn't help sometimes
Jul 1 · 95
I so fear my heart
It so gloom and tired.
It has rife smiles
And deep secrets as well,
It frightens, I feel frightened.
Jun 24 · 105
Bloodyrabbitt Jun 24
The Universe don't Define you, people do.
Jun 23 · 119
Bloodyrabbitt Jun 23
It doesn't mean that it matches it's gonna be Perfectly fit, sometimes it burns Bright.
Jun 18 · 32
Bloodyrabbitt Jun 18
When you notice that you always smile even Though it's too much
When you always say I'm fine when it's breaking,
When you say sorry even Though it still Aches,
When you deny your real self to someones help
When you convert all the frustrations to Madness, So, they won't notice it affects you more,
When you  burst into tears just to feel normal when you drink too much with your friends make them think you're too strong to handle all the liquor but deep inside you drink to Mend all the Heartaches and pain.
Jun 16 · 56
Bloodyrabbitt Jun 16
Can someone save me, Im so sick and this disintegrating  carcass makes it so worst.
Jun 13 · 23
Bloodyrabbitt Jun 13
I told myself that i will be strong and laugh at silly problems but i cant hold on forever, I just feel like everythings falling apart and I myself is the only one keeping it whole.
Jun 2 · 116
Silence and solitude will tell you what how you really are,
May 29 · 26
Bloodyrabbitt May 29
Today my Neverland seems to be dark and cold,
the forest got scarier and all the fireflies been hiding for quite a long time.
But I can do is accept it,
it feels like hell driving your own life to its course, but you have always a choice right?
Either you turn left or right and yet still feel the same.
Telling myself to live life to the fullest, pleasure all the given moments, I think  you call  it being happy,  but all this memento of happiness will just shatter, all it takes is just a single pain maybe its small but grows in a nick of time,
I insured my myself all this tiresome **** will be gone it only needs a rest. Each night would feel a torture thinking all the Stupidest things that I did.
  Just wiping the tears away telling myself I'm strong just like God planned,
  i just woke up feeling that I couldn't handle it anymore, but again i still have a choice it's either be threatened by myself or I could disappoint all my demons.
Each day i  start to seek all my strenght and will to go on, searching  someone to talk maybe have some a little bit of company or rather have someone that can do a little saving.
silly me been  expecting too much from people again.
Cause nowadays people often see you as normal in every aspect happy and Kickin, little do they know I'm broken, too far broken.
May 26 · 81
Bloodyrabbitt May 26
Do you even find yourself, do you even try?
Can even figure it out that you lost every pieces of you?
Stop fooling around, stop saying you lost you instead start finding the way out of the abyss.
May 18 · 90
Bloodyrabbitt May 18
Yung feeling na andito naman sila para sayo, pero hindi mo padin maramdam.
May 16 · 44
Bloodyrabbitt May 16
the Moon bleeds seeing you cry,
the Sun  is dying to see you smile;
May 16 · 41
Bloodyrabbitt May 16
I thought the pain was no more, but seeing you made me unsure.
May 16 · 38
Bloodyrabbitt May 16
It’s not about always taking the risk, it’s about how both parties endure it.
May 16 · 82
Bloodyrabbitt May 16
Single is the whole definition of me.
May 13 · 101
Bloodyrabbitt May 13
Come on, i hate being the part where i alway ask where to set my boundaries.
May 3 · 29
Trust me, when you think the life You own is full of **** Honey, trust me it's not the worst case scenario. It'll twist you inch by inch then ***** the whole ****** You.
Apr 2 · 25
Would you want me to take you?
To be free of sadness and loneliness too?
You precious one. You forgotten how..
How lovely it is to be merry now.

Those dark dull eyes of yours,
How agonizing to gaze at my eyes with no remorse,

Nothing could be reflected at all.
Lifeless.. where you have locked up your soul.
Light will come and find you someday,

You won’t have to struggle to breathe everyday.
Don’t give up the journey called life.
Soon you’ll find the joy of being alive.
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