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Whittney May 26
what’s the fastest lie to come out of your mouth when you’re standing on the edge of a mistake that could catapult you into a crevasse even the most experienced alpine climber couldn’t escape—-and once you’ve gotten stuck, would you cut through the tendons of the lie Or would you continue to dig down deep and end up on a Jules Verne adventure tale fueled by a fib—-maybe it’s a small untruth, like the tiniest microorganisms under the microscope- a micro lie- one that will make you trip over your tongue like a pebble on an otherwise clear path——it makes you fall, maybe scrape a knee or an elbow, then you forget. Until the scabs start to itch, and when you scratch them, they bleed the truth
Whittney May 4
Keep holding your breath
You meet someone who inspires you to breathe.
Let them
Inflate your lungs with their being
Let them
Jump start
your heart
Attach jumper cables To their hands
Let them
Flip the light switch so you can see
Let them
Show you how worthy you are, put you on the King’s throne, and worship you
Whittney Feb 5
Legislate and retaliate
Don’t let the ruling class
Decide your fate
Spread enlightenment
Stop spewing hate
There will come a day
It will be too late
Constantly continue to create
Let your Art  inspire
Not subjugate
Whittney Jan 29
The two most important things you can be are
Intelligent and Kind
Your best weapon against injustice is your mind
Bodies shrink and wither, bones become brittle, beauty is just a trend
But intelligence? That’s forever.
And like a lightning rod, kindness draws positive energy. Kindness is remembered with fondness, and memories are all that’s left after we’re swallowed by the earth. With so much hate and divisiveness in the world, with so much ignorance and laziness- kindness and intelligence are the only way to survive.
Whittney Sep 2018
When I drink you in, I don’t gulp you down quickly. I sip you like hot coffee, always burning the tip of my tongue, preventing me from saying what I want to say.
Whittney Sep 2018
Mental illness
Crippling anxiety,
Being afraid to breathe, but being afraid I’ll stop.
Whittney May 2018
open the door and lift your flip flop over the threshold
One step takes you to where you can’t look back
Snap off the rear view mirror like a pull tab on a soda can
and block out your peripheral vision
So you can’t Contemplate turning around
Or flashing your eyes to the side
The second step is easier as long as you don’t trip over your regrets
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