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Vrushali Jadhav Aug 2018
In stress when you'll be,
Like a bird I'll set you free!
When your tree sheds a leaf,
I'll be your belief!

When the sun will make you burn,
To you, my shadow will turn!
When pain fills your heart,
I’ll become one of its part!

Coldness of this world,
When gives you the shiver!
Warmth of my hug,
Shall stop the quiver!

Strength is your shine,
I’m glad you’re mine !
If pain for love is the deal,
Become blind and put a seal!
Vrushali Jadhav Oct 2017
Where nowhere to go,
But somewhere to be !
My heart seeks for you,
As a bird searches its tree !

Around you I could be me,
As you felt like my home!
You made me a wanderer,
With the courage to roam !

All the pain,
That my heart holds!
Suddenly diminishes,
As your love for me, unfolds!

As I walk with you,
And stand by your side!
I promise to be your half,
Through the storm and the tide!

Shine like a star,
For my vulnerable sky!
As I show you,
How my love gets you high !

Together then we will see,
What feels like a FOREVER!
As you tight my hand,
And I leave you, NEVER
Vrushali Jadhav Jul 2017
Atleast for a while, it was all fine!
Atleast for a while, a bit of you was mine!
I made that bit my home,
I end up at you, after the roam!

Trembles when my heart,
It seeks for you!
My eyes search for your view,
Alone I feel, amongst the few!

Not just a person now,
Emotion you are to me!
No words I need to say,
Just look in my eyes and you'll see!
Vrushali Jadhav Jun 2017
I dwelled so much into you,
that your demons are now mine!
The pane I break,
So you could see the shine!

From a sage to a warrior,
You traveled the land and sea!
In pain I remained,
As your sword was sharpen by me!

Your tears have a colour,
To which the world Is blind!
You're already the strongest,
Since the shield you wear I find!

From where I see you,
You've already conquered all!
Because I've seen you bleed,
And I've seen you fall!

As the world sees you,
At the highest !
Only I will know your battle,
To there from the lowest !

Go ahead and rule,
Whatever that comes your way!
Till the end I remain your shadow,
Even when the lights go away!
Vrushali Jadhav Jun 2017
It's the rains,
The ones those lessen our pains!
Those pains that were raw,
Which only, you saw !

It's the rains,
Who fall on us and clean those stains !
Those stains of sins we commit,
As we accept and not quit!

It's the rains,
Who remind us of the drains!
Those drains of our heart,
When from our loved one, we part!

It's the rains,
Who lessen our strains,
Those strains our eyes had,
When our days, went bad !
Vrushali Jadhav Jun 2017
Give and leave,
But they want you to be!
As you're those roots,
Which supports their tree!

Love and care,
For that's what you can!
Don't worry for return,
Even if they ran!

Help and be good,
For being kind is one of a kind!
Become something so bright,
That a same like you, they won't find !

Pray for them,
Because you can't love,
All you can be is,
Is be that love!
Vrushali Jadhav May 2017
Because that's humble!
And you'll smile a bit more,
When you see your problems fumble!

Because you owe that!
To yourself just not,
But to the world under the hat!

For all that God sent you!
To make people believe,
That kindness is for true!

When you want to cry!
You'll smile one more time,
When you see your enemies sigh!

For the world needs you !
To believe in love,
And all that is true !
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