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Vivek 7d
Empty bed feels so cold!
How a shy girl turned so bold!
I see you got a new hand to hold!
A new shoulder to put your head!
All different stories that I read (red)!
Shore's so empty,
without you by my side!
You didn't even consider,
no matter how hard I tried!
And I didn't realize!
I was the journey not your destination!
I was just a train through those stations!

Vivek Jan 11
She wore a pink dress!
She seems such a mess!
She looks so good even,
Without them filters!
She's so hot even,
Though it's winters!
Those pretty hair highlights!
Her face is so bright!
She steals the light!
She's so wrong yet,
She seems so right!
I am so scared!
What if I try say hi!
And she hits me with a goodbye?

Vivek Jan 1
New Year, New Me!
I can be who I was or who I wanna be!
I can sit in my comfort zone!
Yeah I can be alone!
I can sit back and waste my life away!
On make my mark on this new way!
Oh another new blank slate!
I can't decide my fate!
But I can work hard and try!
I don't wanna do this? No I can't lie!
Two zero one nine!
This year I will be more than just fine!
I will convert my  imagination  to memories!
I will start on this new page a new story!

Vivek Dec 2018
Looking back now all I see..
Many good times and great memories!
Wish i could relive them! Wanna be there again!
Feel those laughs and feel those pain!
Feel those falls and those climb!
Wish I could go back in time!
To the moment When I was free!
As I look at this freakin’ big Sea!
I don't remember my grade!
Wish all these memories never fade!
These are the memories that'll go with me!
As I travel this life's chaotic sea!

Vivek Dec 2018
This isn't me it's someone else!
Someone waiting ringing the bells!
Someone so shy and insecure!
Someone so harsh and impure!
Someone so tiny and little!
Someone so big and brutal!
Someone is laughing,
Someone's crying!
Someone gave up,
someone still trying!
I don't remember their names!
I don't remember their games!
They're all inside me!
They all wanna be free!

Inspired by the movie split-2016
Vivek Dec 2018
I've some scars, it can never be seen!
You can't imagine the places I've been!
All my flaws and insecurities!
Trapped in the big walls of this small city!
I’ve Some big marks! Some small!
Some big wars! Some silly fall!
It’s like My heart isn't beating anymore!
Trying not to imagine how it was before!
I've some stories I can't narrate!
I've some moments none can relate!
I've seen the guy in the mirror cry!
But I still try!
To forget all of it!
But my scars won't let me move a bit!

Vivek Nov 2018
Running with the wind!
Flying with the bird!
Walking on the sky!
That's never the same!
All the clouds saying hi!
Shouting my name!
Floating in the sea!
On flower like the bee!
Swimming in the ocean depth!
Living each breath!
Brightness on the sun!
I am on the run!
Wanna do everything one can!
Wanna be my own fan!
Wanna be in each city and nation!
Tryna live my imagination!

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