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Carlyyyy Dec 2019
It’s easier said than done.
Words that motivate only,
on the surface.
Then what?

It’s easier said than done.
I am not you.
You are not me.
But we stand side by side.

It’s easier said than done.
Speak to me.
Not at me.
Thank you for being you.

It’s easier said than done.
Don’t push me too hard
I just might leave.

I’ll be back....

It’s easier said than done
Carlyyyy Dec 2019
Just staring at this blank page,
Makes my mind crumble.
Just minutes ago I had a novel of why

I have no clue what I’m doing
My heart is fading over myself
I come first. I hope I always will.

These tears are a reminder to keep searching
To keep an opening for something special
To come and make me whole!

Love is a mystery from my mind to my heart.
I’ll be here, fall after fall...
Each rise more forgotten than the last.

I don’t want to be lonely anymore. I want to love myself completely without holes. I want to be happy.

I only cry like this in my own company. After a good bawl, I am okay.
Carlyyyy Dec 2019
My mind is a dying forest
I must nourish it with knowledge
My ancestors live in one hundred feet tall trees

I have rivers
They remind me of time
And how much I have left

My heart belongs to the universe
I must leave it open
Carlyyyy Apr 2019
I refuse to be a person you walk all over
I play roles where I’m speaking my mind
Telling you, “you don’t deserve me.
I don’t deserve you.”
I couldn’t tell you with a clear mind.
I choose to say in forth coming fog,
Thick like your head, heart and skin.
I want to make you feel hurt, my pain.
Will words do that?
Do I want this?
I was everything before you,
Without you again, I’ll be something.
Something I can no longer be afraid to be.
Carlyyyy Jan 2019
I’m not quite myself this night.
Tonight, I’m fleeting.
I’m leaving.

Jk but I want to leave.
I do truly hate all that I am.
Carlyyyy Jan 2019
I hear the cry in your eyes
I feel your longing for peace

Am I as helpless as I fear you think I am?
If three syllables could move this mountain,

I’d scream it out loud,
mending our wounds,

Yours a worried soul,
Mine a unsettled heart.

With a heavy heart, I sit here next to my grandmother, as she doesn’t want to be where she is now.
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