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Carlyyyy Jan 26
I’m not quite myself this night.
Tonight, I’m fleeting.
I’m leaving.

Jk but I want to leave.
I do truly hate all that I am.
  Jan 13 Carlyyyy
Mark S
There I was,
watching the world go by
and not a single person waved
Carlyyyy Jan 13
I hear the cry in your eyes
I feel your longing for peace

Am I as helpless as I fear you think I am?
If three syllables could move this mountain,

I’d scream it out loud,
mending our wounds,

Yours a worried soul,
Mine a unsettled heart.

With a heavy heart, I sit here next to my grandmother, as she doesn’t want to be where she is now.
Carlyyyy Sep 2018
Every day, there is a new revelation,
I understand about myself.

It stings.

This loneliness is for my own good.
I see that,
in this moment.
This emotional roller coaster is
growing out and up.

That is normal.

Let me let out this deep breath.

Let me have this.

And that is good enough for me.
I want a little normal,
to go along with all my weird...
*insert winky face*
  Sep 2018 Carlyyyy
Apporva Arya
My heart stopped at
an early age.
When i started thinking,
What i can be?
Will they like it?
Will they like me?

My own voice got lost,
in the noise of others.
My soul was singing in symphonies,
which my mind cant compose.
No one called out my name.
Neither do I.

It took me a long time ,
to listen to my inner songs,
calling out my name.
It was a moment of epiphany,
Which warmed my cold heart,
Stirred my soul.
And elated me above my fears and scars.

My MISTAKES and ME from my yesterday,
My SCARS and ME from today,
And the WISER ME from tomorrow
are now making up the brightest stars
in the constellation of my life.
Despite of my fears,mistakes and imperfection I am gonna embrace myself as hard i can and i am starting to love myself gradually little by little.
Carlyyyy Sep 2018
I am quiet.
Soft spoken.
A woman of few words.
My voice is still.
My mind is loud.
My thoughts generate words and meanings a million different ways.

“Think before you speak” they say. Probably why I don’t speak much.

If you must label me,
Label me, Me.
I hate labels and the adjectives that usually follow. I may be a quiet person but that doesn’t define me. I am so much mire. I feel so much more.
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